May 30, 2017 at 20:00

10 modern words added to the dictionary you didn't know about!

by Indira Dasan

"Dwelling in the epoch of metamorphosis wherein you are scrutinized in each utterance of a syllable with a farrago of twittering commentary, you are gamboled in a cadence!"

Confused? Well, we all are, when we hear something we don't understand. But this happens to a lot of us- and more often than not! What an exciting time to live in! sigh However, the English language is 1,600 years old this year (yay to that) and is constantly evolving to make your our lives easier.

A ton of new words are added to the dictionary every year, but we can't know them all, can we? So here we get the 10 latest additions of 2017 that should become a part of your vocabulary too.

1. Ab Aeterno 

Adverb. From an infinitely remote point of time in the past

  • Interestingly, "Ab Aeterno" is the ninth television episode of the sixth season of the American drama series Lost.

2. Buggerlugging

Verb. to waste time on trivial activities

  • Something we all do the entire day on Sunday and then crib about it at 8p.m at night.


3. Canadianizing 

 Transitive verb. To assimilate a lifestyle that is distinct to the culture and style of Canada.

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the political heartthrob must be the reason for the addition of this word.


4. Hate-mongering

   Noun. the act or practice of stirring up hatred or enmity in others.

  • It can very well be understood as the evil twin of the word “throwing shade”.


5. Nowhere Ville

Noun. a place or state denoting failure or relative obscurity

  • For instance “My exams this semester are going nowhere ville to be honest.”


6.  Pogonophobia

   Noun. extreme dislike of beards.

  • It comes from the greek word “Pogon” meaning beard and “phobos” meaning fear. Fun fact: the opposite of pogonophobia is “Pogonophilia”, the love for beards!


7. Prosopagnosia

Noun. Medical. A cognitive disorder characterised by the inability to recognize faces.

  • It is from Greek prósōpon “face, mask, person” + Greek anagnorisis “ignorance”


8. Supercentenarian 

   Noun. a person who is 110 years old or older

  • P.S. No, they are not vampires, we checked.


9. Arancini

 Noun. Culinary. rounded balls of cooked rice with savoury fillings (such as   mozzarella cheese) that are coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

  • An easy way to remember: Italian version of Pakora.


10. Pareidolia

Noun. Medical. the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful, image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. For example. Seeing faces in clouds, an old witch in a full moon.

  • Psychologists say that having facial pareidolia, is in fact a sign of a well-wired brain, high on cognition and creativity. So go ahead, the world is your spectacle!

Lit AF, huh? Which one’s your favorite?