Adverbs Exercise

Fill in each of the blank with suitable Adverbs to make a meaningful sentence:

  1. After the sudden demise of her husband, she has not been herself ___________.
  2. Monsoon was expected to start around 15th June but it hasn’t started raining ___________.
  3. There was a seminar for all the students to describe the importance of technology, _____________ for the collegiate.  
  4. The masked vigilante was caught by the police. They claimed that nobody is _________ the law.
  5. Children were asked to play __________ because of the heavy rain.
  6. All the religious books claim the same thing that God is _________________.
  7. The Kennedy assassination was performed very ____________. No clues were left behind.
  8. Waiter and the manager ___________ asked the man to leave who was making a scene in the restaurant.
  9. Handicapped individuals get reservation, but _____________ not all of them are able to avail it.
  10. I was not able to focus on my studies as my neighbors were playing music __________.
  11. During the reign of Adolf Hitler, ______________ 60,000 Jews were lynched by the Germans.
  12. I am __________ excited for the sequel of the famous “The Man from Earth” movie.
  13. Due to heavy rain today ______________ 20 students came to the school.
  14. I have ______________ completed my project. It will be done by tomorrow morning.
  15. My friend always has ketchup with noodles, you know; old habits ____________ die.
  16. I ___________ take a walk after dinner, it is considered good for health.
  17. ______________ there is a discount of 30% on weekends in the restaurant, but I can’t tell about the weekdays.
  18. A vicious man came_________ house and threatened to kill all the members, but police arrived on time.
  19. As soon as I saw accident on the road, I __________ called ambulance and Police for help.
  20. _______________ there are a lot of reports of  incidents of lynching by the mob. Police should take stringent steps for this.



  1. Lately
  2. Yet
  3. Usually
  4. Above
  5. Inside
  6. Everywhere
  7. Neatly
  8. Politely
  9. Sadly
  10. Loudly
  11. Nearly
  12. So
  13. Hardly
  14. Almost
  15. Seldom
  16. Usually
  17. Normally
  18. Into
  19. Quickly
  20. Recently