Arrange Words To Form Meaningful Sentence


  1.  its best,  is simply , sense at,  science, the common
  2.  The spider, he, shoe,killed, his, with.
  3. The work, can, like, no one, did, do,he
  4. Once,  she, recognized, at, him
  5. Conduct, he, his, for, apologized.
  6. Well, really, sings, Supriya
  7. Bank, my, a, at, works, mother
  8. Know, answer, the, I.
  9. Leave, I, to, want, now.
  10. Parents, my, sister, my, with, lives
  11. Gave, glass, he, milk, of, me,a
  12. Morning, arrived, they, the, in
  13. Day, the, finished, contractor, work, the, in, one
  14. Everyday, my, temple, mother, grandmother , go, and, the,to
  15. Knit, how, she, knows, to
  16. Movie, her , the, performance,won, hearts, in,many
  17. Me, dared, to, challenge, he
  18. Mother, calls, he, his, everyday.
  19. Writes, my, short,friend, stories.
  20. Promised, pay, they, to, wages, higher
  21. Milk, gave, glass, me, he, of ,a
  22. Movie, we, for, a ,went, lunch, after
  23. Will, day, when, a, come, sun, shine, a , like, will,she
  24. Cooked, spices, a lot, she, of, with, biryani, of
  25. Marched, very, he, well, the, in.


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