Change the following sentences to passive voice

  1. My mother cooks food everyday.
  2. Other kids bully the new kid at the school.
  3. My friend is releasing his new rendition.
  4. He wore a fancy shirt as he was going to a party.
  5. My neighbors are playing loud music and it is irking me.
  6. I finished my job as soon as possible.
  7. I am going to host the annual college festivals.
  8. The new chef at the restaurant makes delicious food.
  9. The principal will give me an award for best performance in class.
  10. My sister is buying a flat soon after her marriage.
  11. Geeta, Bible and Quran, all teach the same thing.
  12. My friend loves his cat, Cleo.
  13. The owner punished his servant brutally.
  14. The actor is signing a 3 movie contract.
  15. The Christians worship Jesus.
  16. Most of the world’s population follow Christianity.
  17. The guard dog attacked the thief.
  18. I am going to practice math problems for exams.
  19. My sister gifted me a beautiful shirt.
  20. My mother does yoga everyday in the morning.



  1. Food is cooked by my mother everyday.
  2. The new kid is bullied by the other kids at the school.
  3. A new rendition is being released by my friend.
  4. A fancy shirt was worn by him as he was going to the party.
  5. Loud music is being played by my neighbors and it is irking me.
  6. The job was finished by me as soon as possible.
  7. The annual college festivals are going to be hosted by me.
  8. Delicious food is made by the new chef at the restaurant.
  9. I will be awarded for the best performance in class by my principal.
  10. A flat is going to be bought by my sister soon after her marriage.
  11. The same thing is taught by Geeta, Bible and Quran.
  12. The pet cat cleo is loved by my friend.
  13. The servant was brutally punished by his owner.
  14. A 3 movie contract is being signed by the actor.
  15. Jesus is worshipped by the Christians.
  16. Christianity is followed by most of the world’s population.
  17. The thief was attacked by the guard dog.
  18. Math problems will be practised by me, for the exams.
  19. A beautiful shirt was gifted to me by my sister.
  20. Yoga is done by my mother everyday in the morning.