Essential Words For The Bank PO Exam Part 10


Adjective : capable of growing crops (agricultural fields)

“The soil in the front yard is arable and perfect for planting a rose garden.”

. The word comes from the latin root ‘arare’ which means to plow.


Noun : the absence of of disturbance ; peacefulness

“Since we were the ones on the beach, we enjoyed a lot of tranquility.”

. Think of you sitting at the shore of quiet lake or inside a beautiful cathedral.


Adjective : incredible, overwhelming, amazing

“The army suffered a staggering defeat.”

. Think of some situations like if the president gets shoot or if there is a major earthquake.


Adjective : widspread or dominant in a particular area

“Kangaroos are endemic to austrelia.”

. Endemic meaning often describes a plant, an animal or a disease.


Adjective : very large or huge or tremendous

“That man was a leviathan! he took up a whole row of seats at the theatre.”

. Think of some really big creatures like whale or dianosaures or creation like titanic.


Noun : abruptly hard or severe measure or increased enforcement

“The crime crackdown is an attempt to divert attention from social problems.”

. Think of a large truck driven carelessly therefore crushing a number of people walking on the road resulting into a severe harm.


Noun : a course of violent, frenzied action

“Shoppers went on a rampage through the mall, knocking over racks and pushing each other.’

. Think of salman khan fans running towards him to get a glimpse of him which creates a lot of panic and crowd.


Noun : a system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority

“In regards to political decisions, the prime minister sits at the top of the british hierarchy.”

. Think of your family structure which runs from elders like your grand parents to the younger ones who are their grand childrens.


Verb : to cause, to fail or to leave hopelessly or puzzled or confused

“My rival did everything she could to stymie my efforts to become home coming queen.”

.   Constantly texting with your friends will stymie your effort to finish your homework.


Adjective : uncorrectable or defective

Incorrigible kids sometimes become adults in prison.”

. Corrigible meaning that can be improved so in + corrigible meaning that cannot be improved.


Adjective : stubborn, not able to be managed or contolled

“Additional police officers were called to scene when the crowd become intractable.”

. Think of your stubborn little brother or two year old hungry child who are not manageable at all.


Adjective : unwillingness to obey authority or unwilling to cooperate socially

“The recalcitrant teenager gets into trouble everyday.”

. It is from latin word calcitrare meaning to kick so someone who is recalcitrant is kicking back against what is wanted of them.


Adjective : exceedingly philosophicalor idealistic

“Although jack’s plan for killing the giant was quixotic, it was the village’s only hope.”

. It comes from the spanish word “Don quixote” who’s title character is given to the unrealistic schemes and great chivalry.


Adjective : flashy,flowery or showy and complex and beautiful

“During the baroque period in europe, an individual wasn’t considered fashionable unless his house was elaborately decorated.”

. It has roots in the portuguese word ‘barroco’ meaning imperfect pearl/ not everything is imperfect.


Noun : great ability in some specified field or art of magical power

“The lord of the ring’s is a story of monsters, heroes and wizardry.”

. Think of a magician, class clown, wizard or any person who has special ability in something


Adjective : being everywhere at once

“To hindus, muslims and christian god is ubiquitious.”

. It comes from the latin word ‘ubique’ meaning everywhere or think of your wifi connection which you want to be everywhere.


Adjective : of or ppertaining to a norm or standard

“Whether subsidies are positive or negative is typically a normative judgement.”

. ‘Norm’ and ‘Normal’ are related to this word which comes from the french ‘normatif’ which means accepted standards and notions.


Noun : a continous extent

“The space time continuum was studied by those interested in time travel.”

. The students who are learning algebra then advancing to geometry, trigonometry and calculus is an example of continuum.


Noun : language characteristic of a particular group or speech or language that is unintelligable or ununderstandable to others

“At the dinner, the waitresses use an unusual jargon when calling out the food orders to the cook.”

. It comes from the middle  english word refered to chattering so it’s origin echoes the sound of chatter or meaningless words.


Noun : straightness or the fact or quality of being right or correct

“Sheila’s sense of rectitude kept her from keeping the lost hundred doller bil.”

. If you have refused to be involved with a plan that some kids in your class have to cheat in a test but you deny than you showed rectitude.


Noun : flattery or fulsesome praise

“The adulation and applause from the crowd made the former president smile.”

. It comes from the latin word ‘adulatio’ which means flattery.


Adjective : dangerously insecure or unstable

“The economy is looking precarious as our currency becomes less valuable.”

. The latin root of precarious means obtained by asking or praying which implies that help is needed desperately.


Noun : the qualityof being useless

“TIt appears that filling out job applications in the troubled economy is just a futility.”

. It comes from the latin word ‘futilis’ which means leaky so think of you pouring lemonade into a cup without a bottom is the futility.


Noun : the act of embodying a deity or spirit

“Lord karishna is the incarnation of vishnu.”

. Think of you as a garbage collector in your lifeb who might become a royality in the next incarnation which is a new life.


Verb : to investigate something or a problem using brainstorm

“Wesely is talking to various housing agencies, brainstorm solutions.”

. People brainstorm when they need a new idea a scientist might have a brainstorm for a new project in the shower.