Essential Words For The Bank PO Exam Part 9


Noun :  the loss of hope or confidence

“When my husband died, i lived in a state of despondency for over a year.”


Noun : state of being unable to pay your debts

“The bank charges interest on the insolvency of an account holder.”


Adjective : experienced rather than being gone through something

“John experienced vicarious pain as his wife gave  birth to their first child.”

Know more: It comes from the latin word ‘vicarius’ which means substitute.


Adjective : something, which spreads so quickly through close contact

“The swine flu is an example of an infectious disease.”


Noun : very small

“The court gave me a nominal award that didn’t cover the cost of my car repairs.”

. When you see the word think of small or school libraries and other organizations makes you to make small donations more often.


Verb : to remove support as a form of complaint

“During the boycott, the store had it’s lowest sales figures it’s forty year history.”

. It comes from the name of Charles C.  Boycott, an english land agent who refused to reduce rents for his tenants farmers.


Adjective :  angry or resentful due to unjust treatment

“When the teacher accussed the wrong student of throwing the wad of paper, the aggrieved student’s face grew red with anger.”


Noun : the nearness of one thing or person to another

“Because of the town’s proximity to the airport, its property values are really low.”

. It comes from the latin word ‘proximus’ “nearest” which also gives us approximate, “close to the actual”.


Noun : an unintelligent or foolish person

“The simpleton was so clueless, he didn’t realize that paper was made out of wood.”

. A simpleton is the exact opposite of a genius so think of any stupid person in your life.


Verb : to trigger hostility or fear or anger

“If you antagonize the dog, he will bite you.”

. It shares the same greek roots with the the word ‘agony’, so think about how much agony you cause your siblings when you tease and irritate them into get angry.


Verb : to prevent the flow of oxygen or to kill somebody

“Taking a pillow to smother the victim by holding it firmly on top of her face is one way to cause the victim to die since she can’t breathe.”

. It literally means to deprive of oxygen so think of a suffocated room without any oxygen which can lead to your death.


Noun : a group of unrelated things

“My grandmother decided to open a sundry store where people could buy an assortment of goods.”

. Think of the collection of all the clothes, sunglasses, pair of shoes that you have at your home when you see this word.


Verb : to be or become weak or dull, lose strength, fail to make progress

“Away from the sunlight, the plant will languish and eventually die.”

. It comes from the latin word ‘languere’ which means “be weak or faint” .


Noun : adversity or difficulty

“The orphan’s  difficult childhood was characterized by hardship.”

. The word hard simply indicates towards it’s meaning ” something that is a hardship that is hard”.


Verb : a means or attempt to hide something or being disguised

“The robbers wore large coats to camouflage their weapons from the securiety guards.”

. It comes from the french word ‘camoufler’, which was slang for ” to disguis”.


Noun : a fun visit or outing

“We took a one day excursion to sunside beach only took us about four hour to get there.”

. The latin root for excursion is ‘excurrere’ meaning “to run out” means you runout for a bit to get some fresh air.


Verb : to grow quickly to a large size or to progress rapidly

“The mushroom development of technology will pave the way for improving our economy.”

. Think of the growth of mushrooms which is very fast when you see this word.


Adjective : unreasonably high amount of something, too much

“Even though i really need a laon, i can’t pay those exorbitant interest rates.”

.  Think of inflation which is growing day by day.


Adjective : imposingly fashionable and elegant or clothes – conscious, luxurious

“Shreya caught a cab across town and arrived at the swanky hotel in the south of the city.”

.  Think of any highly decorated thing like christmas tree or a bride when you see this word.


Noun : difference in opinions

“The union is going through dissension on the issue of management’s offer of a small pay increase.”

. It comes from the french which means disaggrement or difference of opinions.


Noun : the predicted or forseen outcome of a situation

“The infant was given an excellent prognosis after having heart surgery.”

. It comes from the greek word pro “before” and gnosis “knowledge” which means to know before hand.


Adjective : tempting or something that attracts

“Low indoor lightning combined with candle  and seductive music set the mood for a romantic weekend.”

. It comes from the latin word ‘seducere’ meaning “draw aside”.


Verb : to destroy or greatly decrease in size or number

“A nuclear bomb will decimate most of the population in the region.”

. Think of blast in herosima which cost a lot of distruction.


Noun : the act of reduction in degree or intensity

“I hope this medicine will result in the abatement of the pain in my leg.”

. It comes from the french word for batter but does not usually have negative sense.


Adjective : an enthusiastic and lively personality

“The teacher called her personality effervescent because she was extremely bubbly.”

. It comes from the latin word ‘effervescere’ the orignal meaning was more boiling than bubbly, thanks to the ferv  part which means “hot” so someone who is bubbly is effervescent.