Essential Words For The Bank PO Exam Part 2

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Adjective. Very intense and great in amount.

“The public had an overwhelming response about the demonetization scheme introduced by the  government.”

  • Think of all the things that you feel strongly about, like an overwhelming need to laugh at your friend’s joke, overwhelming amount of home works or overwhelming amount of syllabus to cover!


Noun. peak of popularity or success.

“Amitabh Bachchan was in his heydays, when he did movies like Zanjeer and Deewar.”

  • Every person or organization have their heyday, when everything just goes perfect. The good news is as long as you work hard, your heyday might just be a few days away!


Noun. official permission or approval for an action.

“After going through my credentials, the bank has sanctioned my home loan.”

  • Any notice of agreeing to an application is a sanction, such as sanction for making a new road, sanction for completing Ph.D. Keep in mind to keep the sanction letter safely!


Noun. an enemy or opponent.

“North Korea and South Korea are foe sand are always at the brink of war.”

  • Any two opposing concepts are foe to each other such as development and tax evasion, dieting and chocolate, exams and Facebook!


Verb. When someone or something falls, or crumbles

“The Mughal empire collapsed, after the Britishers started to take control of the country.”

  • It comes from the latin word collapsus meaning “fall together”. So, dynasties collapse, companies collapse, people collapse, if they faint.


Noun. The act of joining or uniting something as one

“The annexation of Awadh into United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh) helped Britishers get a lot of revenue.”

  • It is a political act of joining two territories. In Latin ad means “to” and nexus means “joining”. There have been many national and international annexations in the world. Check them out!


Noun. The act of coming in between something or someone

“The RBI intervenes whenever the banks are having a financial crisis.”

  • Intervention can take place when a country comes to help another country or when a mother mediates fight between siblings.


Noun. the ruling government of a country; a system of doing things

“India follows a mixed-economy regime, where the market and the government function together.”

  • Regime applies to anything that rules for the time being like the Queen, the government, economy or even you diet regime or mother’s regime at home!


Adverb. in a way that is neatly skilful and quick in movement.

“The driver deftly overtook the van in front of him on the road.”


Noun. A difficult, confusing, and unpleasant situation.

“Think of my predicament after I tell my parents my low marks.”

  • Board exam results are a predicament for all students, especially when relatives enquire about their marks!


Verb. to openly refuse to do something

“One should not defy the laws of the country, as it may land them in trouble in court.”

  • Defy comes from the Latin word disfidare which means to “let go of one’s faith”.


Noun. The feeling that a person or thing is worthless.

“Racists have a contempt towards people of different color.”

  • The term “contempt of court” refers to the act of disrespecting the proceedings of the court.


Noun. The act of submitting or acting according to certain accepted standards.

Compliance with government authority can help you to get your work done.”

  • Remember compliance is exactly the opposite of complain.


Noun. The plan for getting a particular goal

“Studying daily is the best tactic to do well in your academics.”

  • We are sure you must have your own tactics for cracking the entrance exam!


Noun. the right or condition of self-government

“Every person needs autonomy as they grow up.”

  • Autonomy comes from the greek word auto meaning self and nomos meaning law. So remember how you want to be the master of yourself, that is autonomy.


Noun. Something that is about to happen

“If the price of a commodity decreases, the imminent result would be an increase in demand.”

  • It comes from the Latin word imminere which means to overhang. For example due to the pollution there is an imminent danger of global warming.


Noun. the action of providing or supplying something for use.

“The government has introduced the Jan dhan Yojana provision to ensure financial services to the poor in an affordable manner.”

  • For instance, banking provides the provision of deposition, withdrawal, loans etc.


Noun. a place or scene of activity

“The parliament house is an arena for debating about the decisions of the government.”

  • Interestingly the word arena comes from the Roman word harena which is a kind of sand used on the floor to soak blood when warriors fought.


Noun. A minor change or addition designed to improve a government text.

“The Finance Bill, 2017 which was presented by the Finance Minister has gone through an amendment by the Lok Sabha.

  •  As of September 2016, there have been 101 amendments to the Constitution of India since 1950.


Noun. something is missing, and the situation is serious.

“Rajasthan goes through a deprivation of water, at least once a year.”

  • Best way to remember: without water plants will die, so dried up plants means deprivation of water.


Noun. strong and deep in tone, having a lasting effect.

“The dialogues of Deewar have strong resonance in the audience even after the film ends.”

  • Think about Amitabh Bachchan’s deep voice, his mind-blowing dialogues, don’t they have resonance? Exactly.


Noun. A slight difference in meaning or opinion or feeling.

“Bharat natyam and Kathak, these two dance forms have artistic nuances between them.”

  • The word interestingly comes from the latin word nubes meaning a “clouds”. Do you see how clouds have different shape and size and color? They are nuanced.


Noun. Something or someone who can cause harm or danger

“Mosquitoes are a menace in rainy seasons.”

  • Remember the famous comic Dennis the Menace, where Dennis was a menace because of his naughtiness?


Noun. An act that breaks a law or is punishable under law

  • “Drinking and driving is a punishable offence, that can land the driver in jail.”


Noun. Unwilling to do something

“Kangana Ranaut’s reluctance to give up on her dreams made her an amazing actress.”

  • Always be reluctant to give up your dreams! And be willing to work hard for it.