Essential Words For The Bank PO Exam Part 6

bank po,ssc,cgl,civil services,gre,gmat


Adjective. Something that is unable to explain

“Certain events or phenomena are inexplicable to science.”

  • The prefix of in in inexplicable means “not”. So, inexplicable=not explainable. Think about ghosts, or souls or aliens, they are inexplicable!


Verb. To give up rights or property or position

“Raghuram Rajan, the former governor of RBI relinquished his position as Governor in June,2016.”

  • Relinquish is often used in official document such as “relinquishing the right to claim the property”. It means to give up rights over something.  


Noun. A particular point in time, event or place

“In class 10, students are at a juncture to select which stream they wish to study and build their careers on.”

  • Ever been at crossroads, where you have to choose between four roads? Juncture is a place, where you have to make a decision or take an important step. Choose wisely!


Adjective. Strange and frightening.

“As the door creaked open in the old mansion, Sanjana felt an eerie feeling about the house.”

  • When you see a horror film alone, at night, do you sometimes feel the ghost might just be standing right behind you? Isn’t that eerie?


Adjective. A strong feeling about something being true with any real reasoning

“Mothers have strong intuitive feelings about their children at all times.”

  • Do you sometimes feel that you know something, but can’t really explain it? Best way to understand this word, Intuitive=inner feeling.


Adjective. Important and famous.

“Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a prominent face on the Cannes Red carpet.”

  • For instance, the Law of Demand is a very prominent theory in Economics.


Noun. A fear that something bad will happen

“Due to the recession, people are apprehensive about their job security.”

  • For instance, if you haven’t submitted the report at work, you might be apprehensive about facing your boss.


Verb. Make an action easy or easier

“Mediators act as an objective third party to negotiate fair settlement.”

  • Facilitate comes from the Latin word facilis meaning, for easy use. Just like BuildMyVocab App facilitates making vocabulary learning fun and easy!


Verb. Impose tax, fee or fine

“All taxes levied on goods and services in different forms are called indirect tax.”

  • The best way to remember the word Levy is to think of taxes, direct and indirect taxes. Taxes are levied.


Adjective. Something that can cause harm

“Cigarette smoking is detrimental to health and can cause lung disorders.”

  • Instead of saying gluten is bad for your diet, say gluten is detrimental for your diet, or tax evasion is detrimental for the economy.


Verb. Accept, admit or recognize something as true

“We must acknowledge all that our freedom fighters have done for this country”

  • Acknowledgement is very important in official documents such as, thesis paper where theories must be acknowledged, if borrowed from someone.


Verb. To cut something short

“The outdoor celebration had to be curtailed due to the unexpected rain.”

  • Think of it this way, curtail=cut the tail, so to cut something short!


Verb. a stock or store of money or valued objects, one that is secret 

“Demonetization revealed the large of amount of black money that people hoard in their house.”

  • Did you know Hoarding is also a mental disorder, where people collect material and refuse to discard them away? Check it out!


Verb. Very skilled at something

“Saina Nehwal is adept in the sport of badminton.”

  • In Latin, an adeptus was a person who had learned the secrets of alchemy. Now, being adept means highly expert at something


Noun. a sum of money sent in payment or as a gift.

Remittances from abroad are an important part of our country’s national income.”

  • According to statistics, India receives the highest remittance from UAE.


Adjective. Something that is sleeping or inactive

“The Indian Kabaddi team was dormant, until the Pro-Kabaddi league gave it new life.”

  • What is the best you like doing on Sunday morning? Of course, Sleep! Dormant comes from the French word dormir meaning, to sleep. So, dormant=Favorite hobby in the world, sleep!


Adjective. Showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.

Unscrupulous politicians can resort to all forms of corruption to gain power.”

  • Unscrupulous is the opposite of the word Scrupulous. The word Scruple means, to hesitate before doing anything wrong.


Verb. exchange goods or services for other goods or services without using money.

“Before money was invented, people bartered goods in exchange of other goods.”

  • Actually, we should give credit to Barter system for inventing money. So instead of exchanging a cow for rice, we now simply purchase it with money.


Noun. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

“The terrorist cell was arrested for thee conspiracy to kill the MP.”

  • Conspiracy comes from the Latin word cōnspīrāre meaning “to agree or plot together.”


Verb. Spread an information widely

“Tsunami warnings were disseminated in Chennai on seeing the climatic condition in the coast.”

  • The word disseminate is almost always used when spreading an important information about a warning such as, tsunami, earthquake, curfew, attack.


Noun. evidence which confirms a statement, theory, or finding

“The witness corroborated the testimony of the defendant.”

  • It is a legal word and the best way to remember this word, corroboration=medical certificate to prove you were really sick!


Adjective. Spending too much money on buying expensive things

“She always spends extravagantly on clothes.”

  • Remember Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, she is the definition of extravagant!


Noun. Nearness or closeness to something or someone

“The proximity of Christmas and New Year makes December such an exciting month.”

  • Proximus is the Latin word from where Proximity is derived, meaning nearness. For example, the proximity of the moon to the earth is greater than the sun to the earth.


Adjective. Constantly determined to do something

“The villagers in the Chipko Movement were tenacious to hold on to the trees to save them.”

  • You have to be tenacious if you want to achieve your goal!


Noun. Where something originated from or came from.

“English Language had its provenance in Latin, Greek, French and Sanskrit.”

  • For instance, Pasta has its provenance from Italy,  just like Bollywood has its provenance in Mumbai!