Essential Words For The Bank PO Exam Part 9

Improve vocabulary bank po


Noun. the quality of being reserved and quiet.

The reticence of his boss made him nervous during his presentation.”

  • Reticence is the quality of remaining silent, and it is an important quality.


Noun. imaginary lines drawn on earth; scope for freedom of action or thought

“The good teacher is someone, who gives latitude to the students to learn and grow.”

  • Apart from being the imaginary horizontal lines on the map of the earth, latitude also means freedom to do something.


Noun. a situation that is perceived to be changing in a series of irreversible steps.

The share prices of Kingfisher’s brand ratchetted down to a new low.”

  • A ratchet is a device that helps you to move something in a specific direction


VERB. Anything that spreads out from some source

River Ganga emanates into distributaries before flowing into the Bay of Bengal.”

  • Light, sound, water, anything that comes out from a source is said to be emanating. So, easy way to remember this word is, emanate=out!


NOUN. a performance or rendition of drama or music

“B.R. Chopra’s rendition of Mahabharata TV series is the most celebrated rendition of the epic.”

  • Rendition comes from the old French word rendre meaning to deliver. Think of rendition as making a new performance of a dramatic piece.


Noun. something that is one’s duty or responsibility.

“The onus of giving income tax to the government entirely lies on every individual who earns.”


  • Have you ever heard of the legal term onus probandi? It means the responsibility of showing proof, which requires the accuser to prove the case against the accused.



VERB. Something that fits together easily and nicely

The cricket match perfectly dovetails with the sunny winter day.”

  • A dovetail is actually a wooden piece with wooden projection that slide perfectly into each other to form a corner. In vocabulary, it refers to things that fit perfectly together. For example, weekend and sleeping dovetail each other!


NOUN. close observation of a person or group usually by police

The police kept a close surveillance of the Talvar family during the investigation of Arushi Talvar murder case.”

  • Cameras in banks means you are under CCTV surveillance, which means everybody is being watched.


ADVERB. With care and persistence.

One must always drive a car assiduously and responsibly on the road.”

  • If someone says you are assiduous, it is a compliment to you. Being assiduous makes you give more attention and care to detail than others.


VERB. Spend anything especially money thoughtlessly and without care

He squandered money in gambling and ended up being bankrupt.”

  • Not just money, you should not squander your time, opportunity and chance for they never come back.


Noun. the official who hold the office

Shri Narendra Modi is the incumbent Prime Minster of India.”

  • Incumbent actually came from the Latin word incumbens meaning, lying in or leaning on. But, now the word is used for someone who sits on the chair of an official position.


Noun. exclusive ownership or control of something

The Government hold the monopoly of railway and atomic energy in our economy.”

  • In economics, there are five types of market: perfect, monopoly, monopolistic, oligopoly, monopsony.


Noun. a huge disaster with great loss

Tsunamis cause huge cataclysm in Japan especially for those living on the coast.”

  • Cataclysm comes from the Greek word kataklysmos which means “a deluge or flood”. But even apart from natural disasters, events like stock market crash, twin tower attack are also cataclysmic events!




Adjective. something that is not needed anymore or seems to be repeated too much

After the popularity of emails and texting, letter writing has become a redundant activity.”

  • For example, in CID as Daya breaks the door and says that there is no one in the room, maybe the criminal has run away. Now that is a redundant inference.


Adjective. narrowly restricted in outlook or scope

In many villages, even today the parochial practice of child marriage takes place.”

  • Originally, the word was used for a Parish, which was under the leadership of a pastor for Christians. It was only in the mid-19th century that parochial got its “narrow” meaning.


Adjective. noble and generous in spirit

Mother Teresa had a magnanimous heart that cared for the poorest of the poor.”

  • Magnanimous comes from the Latin magnus “great” and animus “soul”. So, together magnanimous means a great soul.


Adjective. a name given to someone out of affection

Mahatma Gandhi is affectionately called by his sobriquet, Bapu in the country.”

  • Rajesh Khanna, Sourav Ganguly and R.D Burman were given the sobriquet of Kaka, Dada and Pancham Da, respectively.


Noun. a feeling of fear and nervousness

I opened my class 12 results with much trepidation in front of my parents.”

  • When you feel scared, really scared, do you tremble? Similarly remember this word as, trepidation=trembling with fear.


Adjective. in a confused and flustered state

The nation went into a perturbed condition when the note ban news was announced.”

  • Doesn’t the word perturbed rhyme with another word? Yes, it does, with disturbed! It also has similar meaning. So, perturbed= disturbed.


Noun. a place where things merge or flow together especially rivers

“In Prayag, thousands of people visit to witness the confluence of the Rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarawati.”

  • Sangam is the Sanskrit word for confluence. Triveni sangam means the confluence of three rivers.


Adjective. someone who is lively and high-spirited

Enid Blyton’s children’s book are full of vivacious and funny stories.”

  • Remember Geet from Jab We Met, she is the definition of the word vivacious.


Adjective. marked by disrespect and a snobbish attitude

A person who has an insolent attitude towards elders can never learn anything in life.”


Verb. cancel officially

The United States of America rescinded the Paris Agreement from their side.”

  • If your boss cancels your promotion, you can say that my good (for nothing) boss rescinded my promotion.


Adjective. Full of juice and taste

My mother cooks the most succulent Gulab Jaamun I have ever eaten.”

  • Do you also drool over the food they cook in Master Chef? Of course, you do, they appear so succulent!


Adjective. of great mass; huge and bulky

“The Burj Khalifa is a gargantuan building with 163 floors and a height of 2,217 ft.”

  • The word gargantuan came into English in the 16th century from Gargantua, a character in French novels by the author Francois Rabelais about two giants who were father and son.