Phrasal Verb Exercise – 1

1. You need to relax and take as much time as you need to think about the matter.

i. Calm up   ii. Calm into  iii. Calm down  iv. Calm on

2. I have had a huge crush on a girl in my class but I always hesitate to invite her.

i. Ask on  ii. Ask in  iii. Ask out  iv. Ask up

3. There was a report from the bank about the robbery. Few men entered forcibly into the bank.

i. Break down ii. Break up iii. Break on  iv. Break in

4. I was invited to a huge party and I wanted to look nicely.

i. Dress up ii. Dress down  iii. Dress down  iv. Dress at

5. I was not in the normal condition to visit to my friend’s place.

i. Go over  ii. Go into  Go on  iv. Go at

6. You should be careful about the thieves and robbery in this area

i. Look out for ii. Look in for  iii. Look from iv. Look on

7. I was surprised to see my friend working such horrible conditions.

i. Taken on ii. Taken aback iii. Taken from iv. Took it

8. I told my friend my to wait for a while until I finish the work, then I’ll talk to him.

i. Hang on ii. Hold on  iii. Hold back  iv. Hang in

9. You should grab on to something stable when you’re climbing uphill.

i. Hold in  ii. Hold back  iii. Hang in  iv. Hold on

10. We should always roam around with friends after a long hectic week. It refreshes us.

i. Hang on  ii. Hang out  iii. Hang with iv. Hold on

Answers :

  1. Calm down
  2. Ask out
  3. Break in
  4. Dress up
  5. Go over
  6. Look out for
  7. Taken aback
  8. Hang on
  9. Hold on
  10. Hang out