Phrasal Verb Exercise – 2

1. The famous actor died after suffering from cancer since 2015.

i. Passed away  ii. Passed out  iii. Hanged up iv. Passed in

2 . Where are you going to live after you this city?

i. Put on  ii. Put up  iii. Put back  iv. Put in

3 . I asked my mother if I can stay at my friend’s house but she said straight no.

i. Sleep over ii. Sleep on  iii. Sleep at iv. Sleep in

4 . People can never continue with their long term plans because a lot of variables come into play.

i. Stick on ii. Stick to  iii. Stick at  iv. Stick in

5 . We should always live our life to the fullest so we can remember the old memories later on

i. Think at  ii. Think back  iii. Think on  iv. Think in

6 . Volume of speakers should be put down after midnight so that others might not get disturbed.

i. Turn up  ii. Turn down  iii. Turn under iv. Turn in

7 . The players always prepare their body before playing the match and it’s important too.

i. Warm up  ii. Warm at  iii. Warm on  iv. Warm in

8 . I tested all the t-shirts but none of them fitted me well.

i. Tried out  ii. Tried in  iii. Tried on  iv. Tried upon

9 . I am going to exercise now as I have grown fat and gained a lot of weight.

i. Work in  ii. Work out  iii. Work upon  iv. Work at

10 . Everybody was requested to remove their shoes before entering the computer lab.

i. Take in ii. Take on  iii. Take off iv. Take back


  1. Passsed away
  2. Put up
  3. Sleep over
  4. Stick to
  5. Think back
  6. Turn down
  7. Warm up
  8. Think back
  9. Work out
  10. Take off