Verbs exercise

Fill in the blanks using the suitable form of the verbs given in the brackets:

  1. The scrutiny __________ (file) on him by the bank was plausible as he didn’t pay the money.
  2. The police suspected him that he had criminal intent as he didn’t _____________ (answer) any questions.
  3. He has graduated from college and now he has decided to ___________ (write) books.
  4. The celebrity walked into the college and ____________ (move) towards the function.
  5. The scar on his neck ____________ (heal) pretty quickly after the throat surgery.
  6. I am _________ (help) John in his backyard to build his science project.
  7. The pedlar showed us all product which were already _________ (use).
  8. He started ___________ (write) his new novel but before that he told us the whole plotline.
  9. I met with an accident yesterday, although I was safe but other guy got severely injured and I ___________ (have) to pay all the reimbursement.
  10. Yesterday I __________ (watched) a movie “The Man from Earth” and it is one of the best movie in drama genre.
  11. Quentin Tarantino has ____________ (direct) such movies which are still one of the best cult classics till date.
  12. I bought some fruits from the fruit-seller and none of them ___________ (taste) good.
  13. He should stop obsessing over such petty stuffs or he may _________ (turn) into a maniac.
  14. He had had a very hectic schedule since long that’s why he always _________ (appear) tired.
  15. We ____________ (wait) for the train for quite a long time but it was an hour late.
  16. The tree house that I _____________ (build) broke down immediately. It was a complete bummer for me.
  17. Ranbeer Singh’s ______________ (act) has showed the youth that hard work brings success definitely.
  18. Even if we _____________ (start) returning home as soon as possible, it’ll be still late for our son’s parent – teacher meeting.
  19. He legitimately started ___________ (instruct) the bikers as he knew that although it was just a mere fault but it could result in severe consequences.
  20. Leopard __________ (climb) up the electric pole and got electrocuted.


  1. Filed
  2. Answer
  3. Write
  4. Moved
  5. Healed
  6. Helping
  7. Used
  8. Writing
  9. Had
  10. Watched
  11. Directed
  12. Tastes
  13. Turn
  14. Appears
  15. Were waiting
  16. Was building
  17. Acting
  18. Started
  19. Instructing
  20. Climbed