Learn 14 new words: Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayega

Example of prodigal youth, Raj

This is the story of Raj (Shahrukh Khan), a fitting example of the prodigal youth of his generation and the son of millionaire Dharamveer Malhotra (Anupam Kher)

prodigal: (adj) wasteful, extravagant; giving abundantly, lavish

Daunting Chaudhry Baldev Singh

Simran (Kajol), a simpleton with a daunting father, Chaudhry Baldev Singh (Amrish Puri)- both of Indian descent living in London.

daunting: seeming difficult to deal with in prospect

Raj's gullible father

Raj smoothly manipulates his gullible father into allowing him to take a trip to Switzerland with his friends despite failing his graduation.

gullible: easily taken in,easily persuaded to believe something

veracious conversation

Simran, on the other hand, prefers a veracious conversation with her father about her dream of traveling for a month with her college friends before getting married to the suitor of his choice. And as fate has it, Baldev Singh agrees!

veracious: speaking or representing the truth

euphoric love story

Raj and Simran meet for the first time on their train to Switzerland where he helps her get on the running train, and thus, begins most euphoric love story ever told.

euphoric: characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness

Raj's ostentatious behavior

Initially, Simran hated Raj for being ostentatious, and Raj picked on Simran for being so uptight.

ostentatious : Pretentious, boastful showiness

travel together

But as the trip progresses and they travel together for 30 days- fighting with each other, missing trains, getting drunk, and singing songs- their feelings towards each other begin to change.

rahul confesses love

By the end of the trip, Raj learns about Simran's impending arranged marriage. Just when they are about to say goodbye, Simran invites Raj for her wedding- an invitation he politely declines, making his feelings for her amply clear.

Audacious Simran for falling in love

Back home, Simar confesses her love for Raj to her mother. Overhearing their conversation, her father is furious at his daughter for being so audacious and breaching his trust.

audacious: (adj) very bold or brave, often in a rude or reckless way; extremely original

moves to india

As a consequence of the night, Baldev Singh immediately moves to India with his family and leaves Simran with no choice but to marry his best friend Ajit's (Satish Shah) son, Kuljeet (Parmeet Sethi).

Rahul dupes Kuljeet

Raj finds out about this arrangement and reaches Punjab with a plan to win Simran back. He dupes Kuljeet into believing that he has taken this trip to set up a new business in India. He soon begins living with Kuljeet's family.

dupe: Cheat

Raj realizes the problematic situation

An awkward encounter with Simran's father and Raj realizes that being with Simran is more problematic than he had imagined.

problematic: constituting or presenting a problem

Raj recalcitrant according to Baldev Singh

He remembers his misbehavior towards Chaudhry Baldev Singh in London and is confident that he despises him for his recalcitrant attitude.

recalcitrant: Not obedient, resisting authority, hard to manage

raj overcomes hurdles

However, Raj overcomes every hurdle standing between him and Simran- one step at a time- but the chances of this alliance still seemed bleak.

Simran and Raj abscond

Simran's mother and sister recognise Raj and suggest that the two lovers abscond,..

abscond: Depart suddenly and secretively

immutable promises of Baldev Singh

... because she knows Simran's father's promises are immutable.

immutable: Unchangeable

perfidious Raj

A dramatic confrontation happens in the climax where Raj's true intent is revealed to everyone. He is beaten black and blue by Kuljeet for being perfidious.

perfidious: (adj) disloyal, treacherous, violating one's trust

litany of requests

Simran reaches the train station where this scene is unfolding and pleads to her father to let her leave with Raj and his father. After Simran's litany of pleas, her father gives the couple his blessings. Raj, once again, helps Simran to get on the running train, and as the story completes a full circle, we realize, 'if it's not happy, it's not the end.'

litany: lengthy recitation; repetitive chant

raj helps simran

Raj once again helps Simran get on a running train. After all, 'If it's not happy, it's not the end