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Example sentences for "abdicate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Thence, to compensate for the damage they have caused, Mortadelo and Filemón are forced to abdicate their entire salary payments - up to the end of their lives.  - El circo (comics)
  • Ultimately, Charles is forced to abdicate in favour of William, who plans to sign the press bill and restore the status quo between king and Parliament.  - King Charles III (play)
  • They order that Fiona abdicate her Supremacy, and the Council will rule until the new Supreme reveals herself.  - Burn, Witch. Burn! (American Horror Story)
  • Ridenow demands that Regis abdicate in favor of Rinaldo.  - Hastur Lord
  • The surrounding nations, seeing Alexander's ruthlessness in victory, fear a similar defeat, and some of their leaders choose to abdicate power to Alexander rather than face him in battle.  - The Sands of Ammon
  • The point of departure occurs in November 1936 when King Edward VIII refuses to abdicate and refuses to end his relationship with Wallis Simpson, instead notifying Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin that he will marry mrs Simpson and continue to reign as the Sovereign.  - The Leader (novel)
  • This is because of the family quorum law which means that if Jill were to die Vasilisa would have no family left and would have to abdicate the throne.  - Bloodlines (Mead novel)
  • The Film starts with Wilhelm I about to abdicate due to being unable to control the parliament, which crown prince and his English wife want to install a British style, which would undermine German unity.  - Bismarck (film)
  • The government of Great Britain and the Dominions refuse to recognize the relationship of Edward and Wallis, since she is a divorcee and so on the night of December 11, 1936, Edward makes a broadcast to the nation and the Empire, explaining his decision to abdicate the throne to his brother Bertie (Laurence Fox).  - W.E.
  • When King Edward decides to abdicate in order to marry Simpson, Albert reluctantly succeeds him as King George VI.  - The King's Speech
  • A happy ending for all ensues, however, when his date turns out to be Maria, who is willing to marry Kenneth and abdicate her royal title.  - Call Me Madam (film)
  • At the palace, the king decides to abdicate in favour of Veerasimhan.  - Chandralekha (1948 film)
  • Realizing that Jimmy has given up what he believed to be his crown in order to be with the woman he loves, Veronica is inspired to abdicate her throne and return to Paul, the man she loves.  - Her Highness and the Bellboy
  • Dyan wants to resolve the Alton succession by having Lew abdicate in favor of a mysterious Alton child that he knows about (see Exile's Song).  - Sharra's Exile
  • Thus, he plans to force Louis to abdicate his claim to the throne, accept exile, and never marry.  - The Repairer of Reputations
  • Thus does Nippur become king of Lagash, but he chooses to abdicate and comes back to travel.  - Nippur de Lagash
  • Just weeks before their wedding, newly crowned King Edvard of Denmark (Luke Mably) and his American fiancée Paige Morgan (Kam Heskin) find their relationship in jeopardy when an old law is brought to light, one that requires a Danish king to be married to a princess, or be forced to abdicate and relinquish the crown.  - The Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding
  • On Netaia, Queen Carradee's rule and reforms are seen as ineffectual and even harmful to the ruling class, who force her to abdicate after her chambers are bombed, almost resulting in the death of Prince Consort Daithi Drake-Angelo.  - Fusion Fire
  • Torn between Tina and his life as a racer, Steve must choose to either remain King, or abdicate and leave so that he can start over in "real life".  - King of the Mountain (film)
  • In 1917, with Russia on the verge of collapse due to the war, Nicholas is forced to abdicate as Tsar and is sent into exile with his family.  - Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny
  • Historically speaking, Mary was captured, imprisoned, and forced to abdicate the Scottish throne in July 1567, but in the novel, Malcolm receives word of Mary's capture in the Fall.  - Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
  • After trying to assert his new-found authority, conservatives led by Cabinet Secretary Sir Godwin Rodd (known as "Sir God"), "suggest" that he abdicate his throne.  - Headlong (Williams novel)
  • Promising to make Peter a general in his army, Ruggedo returns to the Gnome Kingdom and forces the current king, Kaliko, to abdicate in his favor.  - The Gnome King of Oz
  • Princess Yasmin of Lugash (Debrah Farentino) is abducted in French territorial waters off the coast of Nice by terrorists led by a mercenary named Hans (Robert Davi) in order to force her father to abdicate and allow her disgraced stepmother's lover, a military general with terrorist ties to an unfriendly neighboring kingdom, to claim the throne.  - Son of the Pink Panther
  • Maximilian decides to abdicate his throne but is deterred from doing so by Carlotta.  - Juarez (film)
  • Marie is outraged, but d'Orleans tells the royal couple to abdicate the throne in favor of the Dauphin under the regency of d'Orleans.  - Marie Antoinette (1938 film)
  • It begins with his career as a General in Takshashila (modern-day Punjab) and ends with the bloody conquest of the Kalinga country (modern day Odisha State) Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, grandfather of Asoka, of the Maurya empire, has decided to embrace Jainism and abdicate the throne of the empire in favour of his son Bindusara.  - Aśoka (film)
  • All Warriors abdicate their kakugane.  - Buso Renkin
  • The fourth chapter opens with the dream of fourteen-year-old Victor Wind, who envisions a King of a foreign land who refuses to abdicate and is exiled (foreshadowing the still unwritten Pale Fire).  - Pnin
  • When a power struggle emerges in Egypt, Mark Antony is sent to force Cleopatra (Amanda Barrie) to abdicate in favour of Ptolemy.  - Carry On Cleo
  • With English knowing their plans, Sauvage scraps the fake Archbishop and instead sends his minions to force Queen Elizabeth II to abdicate by threatening her corgis, causing the entire line of succession to be swept clean for Sauvage to become king.  - Johnny English
  • Nicholas decides to return to Tsarskoye Selo too late and is forced to abdicate in his train at Mogilev.  - Nicholas and Alexandra
  • Akeem offers to formally abdicate if she doesn't want a life like this, but Lisa playfully declines and decides to become royalty instead.  - Coming to America

Example sentences for "abdicate" in interesting articles

Meaning of "abdicate" in English

  • give up, such as power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations

Meaning of "abdicate" in Hindi

  • स्वेच्छा से छोडना ( Svechchha se chhodana, svechchhaa se chhodanaa, swechchha se chhodana)
  • त्याग करना ( Tyag karana, tyaag karanaa)
  • तजना ( Tajana, tajanaa, tazana)
  • पद त्याग करना ( Pad tyag karana, pad tyaag karanaa)
  • छोड़ देना ( Chhod dena, chhod denaa)
  • स्वेच्छा से छोड़ना ( Svechchha se chhodana, svechchhaa se chhodanaa, swechchha se chhodana)
  • गद्दी छोड़ देना ( Gaddi chhod dena, gaddee chhod denaa)
  • पद छोड़ना ( Pad chhodana, pad chhodanaa)
  • गद्दी छोड़ना ( Gaddi chhodana, gaddee chhodanaa)
  • राज्य त्याग करना ( Rajy tyag karana, raajy tyaag karanaa, razy tyag karana)
  • राज्यत्यजन ( Rajyatyajan, raajyatyajan, razyatyazan)
  • अपत्यजन ( Apatyajan, apatyazan)

Synonyms of "abdicate"

  • renounce

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