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Example sentences for "abject" in popular movie and book plots

  • Naamam (Jai Ganesh) was an union leader respected by the labourers, he lived with his wife Punniyalakshmi (Kavitha) and two children in abject poverty.  - Thuraimugam
  • Suddenly, Fredbear, who was in the middle of singing, forcefully closes his mouth, resulting in the boy's head being crushed while the brother and his friends stand staring in abject horror.  - Five Nights at Freddy's 4
  • Even more stricken, first with anxiety and then with abject self-pity, Nicosia calls on Great Aunt Maria to beg her to remove the curse, which he assumes, is responsible for his misfortune of homosexuality and blood craving.  - Dracula in the Provinces
  • His mission ends in abject failure when Shea breaks the news to Lenny that Major League Baseball has capitulated, and agreed to expansion teams after all, including the National League team that will be named the New York Mets.  - Dissident Gardens
  • The boys are shocked to find mr Gilbert (their old head of sixth form and Will's nemesis) there too, and Will's mother announces that she and Phil are in a relationship, to the abject horror of Will and the amusement of the other three friends.  - The Inbetweeners 2
  • It is a graphic picture of the abject misery of the rural poor.  - Karuvelam Pookkal
  • As he switches bodies, his triumphant glee is soon replaced by abject terror as he realizes he is caged with forty savage cats.  - If I Were You (Hubbard novel)
  • But Kabir also begins discovering a different reality: The abject helplessness of the rural poor, brutally displaced in the name of development, the fruits of which never reach them; their land, their forest, their water snatched by their own government to allow big business to exploit the area and its people further.  - Chakravyuh (2012 film)
  • He wrote that the people of Assam had been "reduced to the most abject and hopeless state of misery from the loss of their fame, honour, rank, caste, employment etc".  - Maniram Dewan
  • It shows the great wealth of the province and the abject poverty of the miners.  - Katanga Business
  • In abject religious terror, Cartman swears to God that if he is spared, he will become Jewish.  - Jewpacabra
  • Alan, who comes from abject poverty often going hungry for days, is caught in the middle of Nottingham stealing a hot beef pie.  - Outlaw (novel)
  • Naná returns to Paris two years later, infected by smallpox and in abject poverty.  - Nana (1985 film)
  • Freddie is enthralled by Dodd, who doesn't flinch from his abject revelations, and Dodd sees something in Freddie.  - The Master (2012 film)
  • Their freedom comes on the heels of the arrest of Cole Peters, and Mags is flung into the fray of Haven as a Heraldic Trainee, with no notion of life outside of abject slavery.  - Foundation (Lackey novel)
  • Julian admits he was wrong but refuses to admit his Melancholia therapy is an abject failure.  - Melancholia (2008 film)
  • In spite of spending the best part of her life amongst people who subjected her to abject destitution and in a country which only served to enhance her feeling of uprootedness, Avanti never gave up on the one thing that eventually made her life turn around — humanness.  - Matti Ki Banno
  • Clemencia tries to inform Luis Francisco about her condition, but his mother Amada, a cold and calculating woman, lies to her that Luis Francisco is in Brazil and wants nothing to do with herWithout any form of income, Clemencia was left in the abject poverty and suffered until one day she woke up in the hospital without her baby with the doctor informing her she cannot have children.  - Sacrificio de mujer
  • Kunjunni dies of cholera in the refugee camp and a pregnant Arthi is left on her own in abject poverty, with two-year-old Damayanti by her side.  - Vasthuhara
  • The Master and Mistress enter Lad in the Westminster Dog Show in New York, much to Lad's abject misery as he dislikes the preparatory bathing and brushing.  - Lad, A Dog
  • His supernatural strength growing thanks to the mystic powers granted to him by Himalayan monks, McIntyre chases the last remaining contestants into the darkened attic of the home as horrified viewers all over campus watch in abject horror.  - Death on Demand
  • After the wedding ceremony, Emily plays the melody to Molly Malone on the piano which seems to send Guy into a state of abject misery, finally causing him to pass out.  - The Premature Burial (film)
  • Adding to his grief at the death of his friend, Desingu is horrified at having killed his brother, and in a moment of abject remorse, kills himself.  - Raja Desingu
  • He behaves badly and is rude and condescending to her, blindly lashing out because he blames himself for his abject failure with the Wheelmen.  - Galactic Patrol (novel)
  • He meets with the local maharaj to seek his help in enlisting work force, but the maharaj openly admits being thoroughly corrupt, diverting the millions of dollars in foreign aid sent to his province; he blatantly declines to help, since it is his people's abject poverty that keeps the aid flowing into his coffers.  - The Treasure of the Ten Avatars
  • She also mentioned that Liam can not possibly understand the options one has when one is living a life of abject poverty.  - Shanghai Kiss
  • Wildly in love with his shallow, narcissistic protégé, Adrien is shrewd enough not to push too hard, but there is an element of masochism in his abject devotion.  - The Witnesses
  • In Vietnam, both Heidi and her family experience culture shock, as Heidi has no knowledge of Vietnamese customs and her family— who lives in abject poverty— has little knowledge of American culture.  - Daughter from Danang
  • He and his friends share a room and they live in abject conditions such as staying hungry for more than a day and wearing torn clothes.  - Aakali Rajyam
  • They carried on like troupers, but afterwards, the sabotaged contestants would either react in abject rage or out of fear.  - Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man
  • Troppmann has to choose between the abject Dirty and her associations of sex, disease, excrement and decay, the politically engaged Lazare, and her ethical values of commitment, resistance and endurance, and Xénie, who has outlived her usefulness.  - Blue of Noon
  • He grows up in abject poverty, he and his mother sharing a single basement room with three other families.  - The Rise of David Levinsky
  • Charity stays on the mountain overnight, where she sees the abject poverty and resolves not to raise her child there.  - Summer (novel)
  • Ti Noel has been won in a card game by a plantation owner based in Santiago, and Lenormand de Mezy dies in abject poverty shortly afterwards.  - The Kingdom of This World
  • The test is an abject failure: the agent, George Gunther, is unexpectedly armed and also demands a countersign upon arriving at his destination.  - The Infinitive of Go
  • In Annar, they encounter economic degradation, often openly in the forms of abject poverty, misery, and child labour.  - The Riddle (novel)
  • By this time, Gersen has rescued two Jheral copies and, along with Drusilla Wayles, they leave no doubt that they find Falushe repellent; the Demon Prince bitterly realizes that his life's work has been an abject failure.  - The Palace of Love
  • The second half of the novel skewers the summer camp scene of the 1920s even as it sets up a succession of abject failures and spectacular successes for Herbie.  - City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder
  • Stephanie finds him in a state of abject depression at his home, but he eludes her and, while searching the house for clues, Stephanie finds a dead body in his shed, an elderly woman named Loretta Ricci, shot multiple times.  - Seven Up (novel)
  • Believing Westley dead, Buttercup sinks into abject despair, declaring, "I will never love again".  - The Princess Bride
  • The Defiant turns the tables and forces abject retreat by the Regent.  - Shattered Mirror (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • He also manages to save and help several of his accomplices along the way, helping them to avoid a death sentence or abject poverty.  - Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes
  • Things go from bad to worse for Joseph as Carmen toys with a young hotel attendant, Fred directs Carmen to tell Joseph it's over, and Joseph forces Carmen into an abject sexual encounter in the shower where he masturbates on her.  - First Name: Carmen
  • Corliss is elated by the total power he holds over the soldier; at the same time, he is disgusted by the man's display of abject terror.  - A Kiss Before Dying (novel)
  • Shyam is unable to get the money, and when he goes to bluff his way through the deal, he discovers that Anuradha is living with her mentally ill mother in abject poverty.  - Hera Pheri (2000 film)
  • Shin-ae moves in with the Yoon family, and Eun-suh moves in with mrs Choi, (her biological father is dead) who operates a small restaurant living in abject poverty.  - Autumn in My Heart
  • The crew members perform their jobs with abject boredom, as the tedium of their tasks over 20 years has driven them "around the bend".  - Dark Star (film)
  • She followed him and waited seven years in abject poverty for his release.  - Under Capricorn
  • She decides to "steal" some food from the pantry and offer it to the family of Daisy, the new parlourmaid, but she is horrified when she discovers Daisy's family live in the kind of abject poverty she has never had to experience.  - Upstairs, Downstairs (1971 TV series)
  • Arthur and Norma Lewis are a couple slowly descending into abject poverty.  - Button, Button (The Twilight Zone)
  • They no longer starve, due to the one-cent charitable meals of congee, but still live in abject poverty.  - The Good Earth
  • Waller was called before the bar of the House in July, and made an abject speech of recantation.  - Edmund Waller
  • She rescues Victor from his life of abject poverty, placing him in a charitable institution.  - L'Argent
  • After two years of abject failure and poverty, he throws his poetic work 'London Pleasures' down a drain, marries Rosemary, resumes his advertising career, and plunges into a campaign to promote a new product to prevent foot odour.  - Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Example sentences for "abject" in interesting articles

Meaning of "abject" in English

  • showing humiliation or submissiveness
  • of the most contemptible kind
    - a low stunt to pull
    - a low-down sneak
    - his miserable treatment of his family
    - You miserable skunk!
    - a scummy rabble
    - a scurvy trick
  • most unfortunate or miserable
    - abject poverty
  • showing utter resignation or hopelessness

Meaning of "abject" in Hindi

  • कमीना ( Kamina, kameenaa)
  • नीच ( Nich, neech)
  • बुरा ( Bura, buraa)
  • अधम ( Adham)
  • पतित ( Patit)
  • घृणा योग्य ( Ghrina yogy, ghrinaa yogy)
  • घृणित ( Ghrinit)
  • निकृष्ट ( Nikrisht)
  • भयानक ( Bhayanak)
  • दयनीय ( Dayaniy, dayaneey)
  • नितान्त ( Nitant)
  • दीन-हीन ( Din-hin, deen-heen)
  • हतोत्साह ( Hatotsah)

Synonyms of "abject"

  • unhopeful
  • low
  • miserable
  • resigned
  • scurvy
  • low down
  • scummy

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