How to use "abscond" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "abscond" in popular movie and book plots

  • After a number of transformations and a visit to an institution dedicated to grotesque occupational disorders Jimmy and his girlfriend abscond to a remote island where his tax consultant alter-ego cannot pester people.  - I Was a Teenage Tax Consultant
  • They scheme to stage a scam public wedding, with Flip as the bride, Nick as the groom, and The Deacon as the judge, but the con men abscond with the gate receipts.  - Public Wedding
  • Carson resolves to abscond with Mickey's dirty-secrets political file right under Mickey's eyes, in order to let himself make his own exonerating plea deal for himself.  - China Doll (play)
  • At this time, Jin plans to abscond with money abroad and Yun, while attempting to apprehend Jin, was injured when Ma's wife ignited gasoline on her.  - Caught in Trap
  • The act opens with Bloodgood preparing to abscond to England.  - The Poor of New York
  • With that plan spoiled, the two con-men turn to plan "B", deciding to abscond with Norma's jewels.  - White Shoulders
  • Farnes detests violence, and as usual plans to release Maisie after they are able to abscond with the money.  - Undercover Maisie
  • The player is given a choice: they can either link the fire, restarting the Age of Fire, and repeating the cycle; or the player can abscond the throne, resisting the effects of Hollowing and following their own unknown path beyond light or dark.  - Dark Souls II
  • He offers her an alternative with a much bigger heist, suggesting she pose as Marcel's personal dominatrix, Raven (Alexandra Elle), and once he's tied up, abscond with the briefcase of cash he carries with him.  - Clutch (web series)
  • Cyril refuses and when the phone is disconnected he bites a carer then runs from the director's office, attempting to abscond by climbing over a fence with two carers on his heels.  - The Kid with a Bike
  • Sarah and Nicki finally make the decision to abscond together rather than face the prospect of being sent to borstal.  - The Smashing Bird I Used to Know
  • Amy's arrival, her healing abilities, Teacher's death and inner-colony friction (caused by Babcock's mental influence over several Colony figures) force several of the colony dwellers to abscond with Amy and seek out another military site in Colorado - from where Michael has been receiving faint radio signals.  - The Passage (Cronin novel)
  • After the outlaws abscond with the money, Judge Harmon hands saloon owner Jim Pendergast a letter from his recently deceased brother Joe, asking Jim to take care of Joe's progeny Bill.  - Go West, Young Lady
  • Somewhere in the United States Enos Colvin schemes to defraud his investors and abscond with the assets of his company that are in the form of bonds.  - Caryl of the Mountains
  • Doc is about to abscond with the chapel money, when Robert tells him he proposed to Helen, but was turned down because she loves Doc.  - The Miracle Man (1932 film)
  • The owner of a chit fund company ('Nizhalgal' Ravi) hires James to 'steal' a bag of money from himself so he could abscond with the money.  - James Pandu
  • Bob tries to rush their marriage plans so that he can take her away from her mother's deception without Val discovering the truth, but when she resists, he tells her the truth about her mother and implores her to forget about her and her friends and abscond with him.  - This Modern Age
  • Yet rather than resume his previous life, Henry has chosen to abscond to Israel and live in a West Bank settlement.  - The Counterlife
  • Despite Bugs' scolding him for berating Playboy Penguin, Daffy still acts snobbish and tries to abscond with the money Priscilla Pig, Egghead Jr, Henery Hawk and Barnyard Dawg Jr.  - Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas
  • Ultimately the forgers manage to substitute fake five-pound notes for the real ones that Flakers keeps in his suitcase, but before they can abscond with the money one of the girls is given cash by Flakers to buy some cigarettes, and accused of passing false currency when the forgery is detected.  - Penny Points to Paradise
  • They then abscond with drugs brought by Compton, which he had taken from the drug dealer, as well as Joe's and Compton's wallets.  - Joe (1970 film)
  • As he prepares to surrender the serum to waiting military officers, a small group of criminals ambush the center; all but one are killed, and the surviving criminal manages to abscond with Death One.  - Zombi 3
  • He is assisted by Peregrine Upjohn (John Williams), who is secretly a con artist who plans to abscond with the funds.  - Dear Brigitte
  • During his absence Lys disappears and the Germans abscond with the submarine.  - The Land That Time Forgot (novel)
  • Stride has been tracking and killing the seven men who performed the robbery, and Masters intends to abscond with the $20,000 dollars in gold they stole once Stride has accomplished his task.  - Seven Men from Now
  • They abscond with Arthur's camera one afternoon to take pictures of the fairies, hoping to give Polly something to believe in.  - FairyTale: A True Story
  • In the meantime, the mayor is in debt and decides to hire a Mexican bandit to help him rob the bank, so that he can abscond the town with a ton of cash.  - Once Upon a Time in China and America
  • Suddenly, Scotty wakes up back in Miami on the night he and Lorna are supposed to abscond to Havana.  - The Chase (1946 film)
  • Identifying with the plight of the horse and disillusioned with the present state of his life, Sonny decides to abscond with Rising Star and travel cross-country in order to release him in a remote canyon where herds of wild horses roam.  - The Electric Horseman
  • Before the two men can abscond to another country, Lomart gets word that his wife Pat has been having an affair with another man and has become pregnant.  - Sitting Target
  • Richard, Lamar's failed artist cell mate, a timid man imprisoned for the gruesome murder of his own mother, joins Lamar as he uses his quick wit and unrestrained capacity for violence to abscond "the Mac" with Odell.  - Dirty White Boys
  • The ghost of dr Jameson, generations later, seeks an artifact in one of the crates at Creature Tech, the authentic Shroud of Turin, and released the slug-beast in order to distract the facility staff to abscond with the shroud.  - Creature Tech
  • She secretly planned to abscond from the house with her son.  - The Woman in Black
  • His wife and Nono, reckoning that he is going to abscond with Rose and the money, storm round there and in self defence Rose shoots both dead.  - Coup de Torchon
  • When Candice returns to school, two dwarf children attack and kill Ruth in front of her class, and abscond with Candice to Somafree.  - The Brood
  • The Thodays abscond to London.  - The Nine Tailors

Example sentences for "abscond" in interesting articles

  • Losses in low-trust situations are bounded and quantifiable; the worst a merchant server can do to a client using micropayment channels is to abscond with an initial transaction of 3000 satoshis without delivering a digital good.  - True Micropayments with Bitcoin

Meaning of "abscond" in English

  • run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along
    - the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe

Meaning of "abscond" in Hindi

  • फ़रार हो जाना ( Farar ho jana, faraar ho janaa, pharar ho zana)

Synonyms of "abscond"

  • make off
  • go off
  • run off
  • decamp
  • absquatulate
  • bolt

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