How to use "adoration" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "adoration" in popular movie and book plots

  • But adoration turned to feelings of inadequacy.  - Papa Sartre
  • Decisively winning battle after battle Geary gains the trust and adoration of many of his subordinates, and angers his enemies.  - The Lost Fleet: Dauntless
  • Years later, Rama overhears their hymns of adoration to their father and locates their dwelling.  - Sita Sings the Blues
  • The two quickly become friends, especially bonding over their mutual adoration of the progressive rock band Rush.  - I Love You, Man
  • He reveals his adoration for her and they become close friends.  - The Hunchback (1997 film)
  • Sexilia and Riza mutual adoration has "cured" Riza's compulsive homosexuality and Sexilia's nymphomania.  - Labyrinth of Passion
  • As the novel continues Martha's distaste for her husband grows more pronounced, and with it her adoration for Franz.  - King, Queen, Knave
  • His overcompulsive adoration for his mother lands her in various problems.  - Raam (2005 film)
  • Daffy finally notices the adoration given to Porky, and in vain tries to get their attention ("Gimme the cheers.  - Drip-Along Daffy
  • Timmy, the other handicapped boy in town, becomes incredibly jealous of the adoration given to the new kid.  - Cripple Fight
  • Louis and Julie quickly marry, and his adoration of his new bride makes him overlook inconsistencies with what she wrote in her letters.  - Mississippi Mermaid
  • The extent of Rebeca's fixation and the limitlessness of her adoration are too much for Becky's frail heart and her condition worsens.  - High Heels (film)
  • Colin breaks into her apartment when she refuses to acknowledge his adoration and he apologizes for his transgression.  - Repulsion (film)
  • The adoration represents the time in 1633 when villagers swore their vow before a huge crucifix bearing a twelve-foot-high Jesus.  - Oberammergau Passion Play
  • She reluctantly agrees, and begins to enjoy the designer clothes, dance rehearsals, and adoration from fans.  - The Lizzie McGuire Movie
  • The young girl professes her adoration and begins at once to insinuate herself into Eve's life, offering to pack Eve's trunk for Hollywood.  - All About Eve

Meaning of "adoration" in English

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Meaning of "adoration" in Hindi

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