How to use "adrenaline" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "adrenaline" in popular movie and book plots

  • Samuel then wakes up Hugo with a shot of adrenaline and guides him outside while holding the cop's gun.  - Point Blank (2010 film)
  • Meanwhile, Frank discovers Fauxlivia is pregnant; the adrenaline had induced morning sickness symptoms.  - Immortality (Fringe)
  • "Love is an adrenaline and feeling in which the world disappears when you cling to a woman who loves and hates with the force of a volcano.  - Mi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán
  • Gaurav is nice hearted, but always high on adrenaline because of his influential father.  - Fugly (film)
  • After being kicked by Chuck, Lester begins to hold stage fights in the Buy More storage cage for the same adrenaline rush.  - Chuck Versus Operation Awesome
  • Max admits she loves him in order to try to wake him up before stabbing his heart with an adrenaline shot and revives him.  - Maximum Ride
  • Quentin takes Nancy to the hospital for cuts on her arm; there, he steals some adrenaline and a syringe to help them stay awake.  - A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 film)
  • She finally stabs a needle of adrenaline into his chest and after a few moments, Fang is brought back to life.  - Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel
  • Aldous attempts to help Aaron by giving him an adrenaline shot.  - Get Him to the Greek
  • He then reveals that he secretly injected Briareos with nanites designed to take control of his body when his adrenaline heats up.  - Appleseed Ex Machina
  • With adrenaline rushing through him, he makes out with Lucy.  - The Linguini Incident
  • As the race draws nearer, Quenton fights to keep control of his adrenaline and anxiety, waiting until the race starts so he can unleash them.  - Once a Runner
  • Afterwards, Doctor Phlox determines that the Orions are producing pheromones, causing the crew's adrenaline levels to spike.  - Bound (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Only repeated injections of adrenaline prevent the dog from dying on the operating table.  - Heart of a Dog
  • The "cure" turned out to be a sedative, which triggered the change; and adrenaline has the opposite effect.  - An American Werewolf in Paris
  • Vincent rushes her to Lance's house, where they revive her with an adrenaline shot to her heart.  - Pulp Fiction

Meaning of "adrenaline" in English

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