How to use "aesthetic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "aesthetic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Earth rejoices that the aesthetic beauty of the probe is meant as the long awaited peace sign from the Trisolaris fleet.  - The Dark Forest
  • Pepper cuts out his spiel about its aesthetic appeal by accusing him of not considering the ramifications of giving everyone with a smartphone access to Extremis.  - AXIS (comics)
  • First conversation: On a cruise liner, A, an aesthetic young man, is writing.  - A Village Wooing
  • Bruce tells the family that a visitor from the local historical society is coming to see their ornate Victorian home that he has restored, and his wife Helen prepares the house to Bruce's demanding aesthetic standard ("Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue").  - Fun Home (musical)
  • Sorely lacking social skills, self-confidence, fashion sense, and aesthetic polish, she is casually disregarded by her colleagues and knows that her career is going nowhere.  - How to Use Guys with Secret Tips
  • Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer has been described as a "love letter to Troma", featuring much of the campy aesthetic and graphic violence and nudity common of the company's films, as well as including many overt references to Troma movies and a cameo appearance from Troma president Lloyd Kaufman.  - Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer
  • The king is shocked at the loss of his wife and takes refuge in contemplating plants, one of his great sensual and aesthetic pleasures, in his gardener's work area.  - A Little Chaos
  • He is already famous for his aesthetic poetry, and he's also a journalist in Rome.  - D'Annunzio (film)
  • From the very beginning, it is revealed that the narrator is an aesthetic individual, prone to epiphanies.  - Sounds (short story)
  • The aesthetic of the film changes from colorful and whimsical to monochromatic and tragic as the film progresses.  - Mood Indigo (film)
  • The new administrators demanded a more frugal and Japanese aesthetic for the hotel, to make it more affordable.  - The Human Chair
  • The narrator dated Jim in New York and the two’s relationship was based on Jim’s economic power and the narrator’s aesthetic value.  - Gold by the Inch
  • Before long Misha realises that New Zealand is no more receptive to his ideas and aesthetic than Russia.  - Russian Snark
  • Kasun represents upcountry, joins Thurstan College as an AL student in Bio Science, but who has aesthetic senses in Creativity.  - Aadaraneeya Wassaanaya
  • Her life is rather uneventful until various medical cases begin falling into her lap, ranging from resurrection to aesthetic surgery.  - Franken Fran
  • The presence of contrasts, of antithesis and dissimilitude reflects a veritable lack of aesthetic concentration as well as deficient narrative unity deemed necessary in traditional Aristotelean aesthetics.  - La Fábula de Polifemo y Galatea
  • The artist is a burly fellow (Ezra Reuben Baker), recognizably aesthetic in paint-smeared dungarees, scurrilous red sweater and combat boots.  - Day of the Painter
  • Resisting logical resolution, the novel reprises and reworks themes that have recurred throughout the course of the book, creating an aesthetic unity that is emotionally ambivalent: a juxtapostion of the comic tone of Book One with the dark pessimism of Book Two.  - Sputnik Caledonia
  • While ostensibly set in the present day relative to its original serialization, the manga uses a variety of aesthetic tropes that evoke the Taishō period, the relatively liberal period in Japan before the rise of militarism in the Shōwa period.  - Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
  • The film contained a number of aesthetic problems and Hanna’s personal life at times overshadowed and muddled the political aspects of the story.  - Hanna K.
  • In addition to their common homosexuality, Alison and Bruce Bechdel share obsessive-compulsive tendencies and artistic leanings, albeit with opposing aesthetic senses: "I was Spartan to my father's Athenian.  - Fun Home
  • Yet the character of the filmmaker Stet, to whom aesthetic ecstasy remains available throughout his trials, seems to give the reader an alternative to the pessimism of the narrator.  - Stet (novel)
  • Wang manages to defend himself admirably while maintaining the fiction that he is simply having a friendly aesthetic conversation with his opponents.  - Dirty Ho
  • La Mujer De Mi Hermano ( "My Brother's Wife") could be considered in a category of films that critic Alissa Quart calls 'hyperlink movies', in which multiple stories take place, each affecting the other in ways that characters are unaware of, all the while using radically different aesthetic and cinematic techniques to define the mise en scène of each storyline.  - La mujer de mi hermano
  • Certainly not my aesthetic sense.  - Time's Arrow (novel)
  • The 1842 edition was expanded by three chapters and rewritten to include Russian nationalist themes in keeping with the official tsarist ideology at the time, as well as the author's changing political and aesthetic views (later manifested in Dead Souls and Selected Passages from Correspondence with his Friends).  - Taras Bulba
  • Drawing from the theme of Gustave Flaubert's Bouvard et Pécuchet, Des Esseintes decides to spend the rest of his life in intellectual and aesthetic contemplation.  - À rebours
  • She does not respond overtly to his declaration, though she too is deeply drawn to Bazarov while finding his dismissal of feelings and the aesthetic side of existence troublesome.  - Fathers and Sons (novel)
  • He plunges headlong into a passionate exhortation of his own aesthetic ideals, becoming increasingly shrill as he reacts to the derision emanating from the audience.  - Demons (Dostoyevsky novel)
  • Mary is a transform - she has chosen to have her body extensively altered by nanotechnology, both to enhance her abilities as a policewoman and for aesthetic reasons.  - Queen of Angels (novel)
  • The novel is written in the first-person, continuing the aesthetic of Ellis' earlier Less Than Zero, and is told from the points of view of multiple characters.  - The Rules of Attraction
  • The distinctive characteristic of Rice's vampires is that they feel more vividly than they did as humans and can be excessively emotional, sensitive and sensual, being easy prey to intense suffering and aesthetic passions.  - The Vampire Chronicles
  • Objects of aesthetic and historical importance dug up from around the city are stored there.  - We (novel)
  • Sebastian introduces Charles to his eccentric and aesthetic friends, including the haughty and homosexual Anthony Blanche.  - Brideshead Revisited

Example sentences for "aesthetic" in interesting articles

  • Our underwater farms have a low aesthetic impact.  - How an Army of Ocean Farmers Are Starting an Economic Revolution
  • You go to Blu Homes’ website — their design aesthetic perfectly matches yours.  - This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley
  • Besides, they are fastidious.They develop the aesthetic feeling in themselves.  - Chekhov: “Cultured people must, in my opinion, satisfy the following conditions”
  • We wanted a clean, modern aesthetic that communicates credibility, trust, and warmth and meets high standards of visual accessibility.The Design Standards include an extensive color palette.We conducted a branding exercise, auditing dozens of government websites, logos, and brand styles.  - Introducing U.S. Web Design Standards
  • In late September, a Shulgin drug called 2CB, lauded by his testers for its aphrodisiac and aesthetic effects, was modified and made available legally at around $65 a gram.So, how easy is it to design and commission a new legal drug based on a banned one? For the most part you cannot simply tweak cocaine, add a molecule and dodge the law—most countries are wise to this, and their rules are tightly-written, expert affairs focused on well-known narcotics.  - The drug revolution that no one can stop
  • To anyone who’s developed a sense of code aesthetic and has a love of lightness and minimalism in how we work with computers, out-of-fashion languages like Assembly (but also the many flavors of Lisp, Forth) or new contenders like Rust, Pony provide an appealing choice — if not for their speed and elegance, but at the very least for learning purposes and a different glimpse of what programming was like, is (in some fields) and could be (in ours).  - The Jacob’s Ladder of Coding
  • The buildings are often closed for prayers or packed with visitors, so he must time his visits (and the shots themselves) to catch the right light and avoid the throngs.“I have tried to use artistic tools as much as possible to improve the aesthetic of my work.  - The Mesmerizing Architecture of Mosques (2014)
  • The principle of aesthetic integrity advises systematic, thoughtful, and appropriate visual design choices.  - The Post-Mac Interface
  • But I was surprised by another reason: neon — beautiful as it is to those with delicate aesthetic sensibilities — “doesn’t feel cool,” as the manager of the Super Copy print shop told me.  - The Ugliest Sign in America
  • For example: “I’m not looking at resolving the detailed aesthetic of the project just yet, but I am looking for feedback on how I should create a more cohesive experience through animated transitions.”Once the problem statement is made, it’s important to ensure everyone understands it.  - What Working at Facebook Has Taught Me About Design Critique
  • The grid, font, colour, and aesthetic style are irrelevant if the other three layers haven’t been resolved first.  - The Dribbblisation of Design
  • It’s good that we all settle on a standard to maximize communication and efficiency and certain aesthetic judgments.The standardization is a good thing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one standard is objectively better than another.COWEN: Aerobic exercise: underrated or overrated?PINKER: [laughs] Underrated.  - Steven Pinker on Language, Reason, and the Future of Violence
  • But the model would then almost certainly loose the aesthetic quality it captures that is inherent in a single, self contained film.  - Autoencoding Blade Runner: reconstructing films with artificial neural networks
  • Image: Le Minh Truong/Another Vietnam/National Geographic Books I was certainly not taking photos for their aesthetic appeal.  - Another Vietnam – Unseen images of the war from the winning side
  • I had surrendered to an aesthetic that was divorced from that crucial quality of empathy that lets us feel the sufferings of others.  - Why Men Love War (1984)
  • All I did was drool over screenshots of The Pawn and such in most issues (I still had my Apple II+). The Amiga was miles ahead in aesthetic output.  - The 68000 Wars, Part 4: Rock Lobster
  • Others prize their open space and beautiful views, and fear the aesthetic effects of eliminating urban height restrictions.  - San Francisco Progressives Declare War on Affordable Housing
  • Who could be against seniors or safety, or oppose neighbors who want better bike lanes? In the new lane these groups saw an aesthetic calamity that spoiled the grand avenue and made it harder for people crossing the street to see oncoming cars and bikes.  - The Bike Wars Are Over, and the Bikes Won
  • *enthousiastic* No, seriously! This aesthetic sense of the world I have is that communities of people can channel their energy to do great things.  - Startup School 2013 Notes
  • And they gave low moods aesthetic expression - in art, in film, in the enjoyment of cherry blossom and their fleeting beauty.  - How Japan came to believe in depression

Meaning of "aesthetic" in English

  • concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
    - an aesthetic person
    - aesthetic feeling
    - the illustrations made the book an aesthetic success
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • relating to or dealing with the subject of aesthetics
  • (philosophy) a philosophical theory as to what is beautiful

Meaning of "aesthetic" in Hindi

  • सौन्दर्य सम्बन्धी ( Saundary sambandhi, saundary sambandhee)
  • सौंदर्यपरक
  • रसात्मक
  • कलावादी
  • कलापरक
  • सौन्दर्यपरक; सुरूचिपूर्ण

Synonyms of "aesthetic"

  • esthetical
  • aesthetical
  • pleasing
  • esthetic
  • artistic

Antonyms of "aesthetic"

  • inaesthetic
  • unaesthetic

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