How to use "akin" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "akin" in popular movie and book plots

  • After turning down honorable suicide, he is made ilin, an exiled, clanless warrior akin to the Japanese ronin.  - Gate of Ivrel
  • Upon the course of distracting the boss, White dives underwater, which causes the thermometer to display a reading akin to death.  - OnEscapee
  • Lightning's legs, tail, and head pop out akin to a turtle.  - Mucho Mouse
  • Crasswell attempts to stop Bolt with a steam shovel, to which Bolt fights Crasswell in another steam shovel akin to "dinosaur fights".  - Life Stinks
  • Sahud is the Asian mish-mash country, and would be suitable for a wuxia style game, or even something akin to Legend of the Five Rings.  - GURPS Banestorm
  • Having located Lyndall, he attempts to strike up a conversation, akin to the discourses that Lyndall and Waldo would share.  - The Story of an African Farm
  • Willie says his women are akin to 'animals of the jungle,' having the need to 'roam free,' and 'conquer all that can be controlled.  - Willie Dynamite
  • Its basic meaning is somewhat akin to "cool" or "hip".  - Tass Times in Tonetown
  • Anaïs Nin describes the process as akin to being "[e]jected from a paradise of soundlessness.  - House of Incest
  • Winlett's blood is found to contain no blood platelets, but instead has schizophytes – microscopic organisms akin to plant bacteria.  - The Seeds of Doom
  • Jessica's behavior towards Helen is more akin to that of a best friend rather than a sexual partner.  - Kissing Jessica Stein
  • ), a quest to reshoot a lost episode, and even a journey into Shin-Goji's urinary tract to destroy his kidney stones akin to Fantastic Voyage.  - Twisted Kaiju Theater
  • Frank goes home to contemplate his next move, gradually sinking into a hardened apathy akin to his prison days.  - Thief (film)
  • These two thus play a role akin to the three witches in the original play.  - Maqbool
  • Additionally, the act of feeding is an intense and erotic experience for both vampire and victim, akin to both lovemaking and orgasm.  - The Vampire Chronicles
  • When Nomi tells Cristal she dances at Cheetah's Topless Club, Cristal derisively tells her that what she does is akin to prostitution.  - Showgirls

Meaning of "akin" in English

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