How to use "alight" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "alight" in popular movie and book plots

  • On his last action, Josh smashes an oil lamp, setting himself alight and causing a fire in the shelter.  - The Divide (2011 film)
  • As they fly over the secret enclave, it is destroyed in a fireball resulting from a burning drapery that Peter had set alight with a candle.  - The Splendid Source
  • But an accident with a spirit stove causes the surrounding area to catch alight and a bushfire ensues.  - Ash Road
  • The crew battles some of the galleon's crew and use the Phosphor B explosives to set alight the galleon and the seaweed.  - The Lost Continent (1968 film)
  • Fireworks are set alight as midnight approaches; the group watches, and Eve and Alice return to the cabin.  - Helena from the Wedding
  • Stan's attempts at hospitality backfire when Nikki's shirt catches alight over a dinner of fondue.  - Kiss or Kill (film)
  • Back at the home Roy tells Sadie how he became a religious man and then sets her alight with gasoline, claiming that he is doing God's will.  - From Within (film)
  • He tells the boy that his idea of peace was like a candle in the wind, which he kept alight only with an effort.  - The Candle in the Wind
  • However, Green throws a can of rocket fuel in his face, causing him to lose control and set himself alight outside.  - Fire (The X-Files)
  • As dr Kersh leads Dora and Anton from the tomb, he and the villagers set the ruins alight with torches, ending the curse.  - Vampire Circus
  • All make it across the continent and duly alight in Los Angeles.  - Under the Rainbow
  • Upon this discovery, Ludmilla goes on a rampage through Moscow, setting many buildings alight with her newly acquired fire breath ability.  - Bartok the Magnificent
  • Along his search he also trails people alight with the glow of White Imagination, knowing that Alyss would most likely glow the brightest.  - The Looking Glass Wars
  • The ship is set alight and the party withdraws, watching as the ship sinks.  - The Sea Wolves
  • Suddenly, the dark courtroom comes alight with Adam Grant being sentenced for the crime of murder in the first degree.  - Shadow Play (1986 The Twilight Zone episode)
  • He and Watson alight at Canterbury, making a change to their planned route.  - The Final Problem

Meaning of "alight" in English

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Meaning of "alight" in Hindi

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