How to use "allay" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "allay" in popular movie and book plots

  • To allay fears all around an innocent German is abducted, beaten and killed then dumped in the Hudson.  - Operation Underworld (novel)
  • He is also being sent "out of town" to allay suspicions that are beginning to arise regarding his loyalty to the Protectorate.  - The Enemy Stars
  • Returning home the Queen finds a distraught Marta who is angry with Tessa that she had nearly been killed and she is too weak to go to Montoya's party, but Tessa insists she has to go to allay suspicions.  - Death to the Queen
  • Continued loss from the Big and Little Laramie district call him hence and, in order to allay suspicion as to his real occupation, he goes in the guise of an Eastern tenderfoot who has purchased a ranch.  - The Man from Painted Post
  • Nina attempts unsuccessfully to allay her fears.  - Wallflower (Fringe)
  • To allay his envy and hatred, Joaquin marries Antonia, not out of love but simply to maintain his competitive standing with Abel.  - Abel Sánchez: The History of a Passion
  • One of them thinks he recognizes Bambino as a wanted horse thief; to allay his suspicions, Trinity repeats that they are federal agents and gives the Ranger the stolen loot.  - Trinity Is Still My Name
  • Nucky tries to allay Margaret's apprehensions about living under guard, promising her that he has the situation well in hand.  - The Emerald City (Boardwalk Empire)
  • As the troops prepare to ship out, Turl Kam voices his innermost concerns to Pahner about the upcoming campaign and Pahner does his best to allay those concerns.  - March to the Sea (novel)
  • Max realizes the oenologue inspection had been a ruse, arranged by Nathalie to allay his suspicions, and they travel to Bordeaux to investigate.  - A Good Year (novel)
  • They fall into a trap, but manage to allay the suspicions of the residents, George (Michael Gambon) and Martha (Frances de la Tour), who invite them in for tea.  - The Book of Eli
  • Master Shifu came to kindly teach her the discipline she desperately needed to control her movements until she could perform delicate tasks with ease enough to allay the concerns of the orphanage and the kids that lived there.  - Secrets of the Furious Five
  • Fear and superstition briefly stop the work, but Chadwick and Dominic arrive to allay the workers' fears and restart the building project.  - Daybreak in Udi
  • With only a brief moment remaining before the truck's departure for the port where the troop ship awaits, he asks Ruth to marry him when he returns and, to allay her fears, says he still has the lucky Roman coin.  - Miracle in the Rain
  • The hermit curses Vasavadatta that her beauty be turned to stone, and that she return to vibrant life only upon receiving the touch of the man who is destined from previous births to be her husband; this husband of many births would control and absorb her siren-like vibes and thus allay the disasters that a loose, beautiful woman visits upon everything that she comes in contact with.  - Vasavadatta
  • After a misadventure when he requests an underage girl from a pimp, Humbert marries an adult woman, Valeria, to allay suspicion.  - Lolita
  • D'Aubigny finds himself in an uncomfortable position, but manages to allay the suspicions of both sides that he has betrayed them.  - Reign of Terror (film)
  • To allay her fears, he tells her that Father Antoine sent him to give her enough money to buy a new dress.  - Joan of Paris
  • Hautry tells Valdar that she had no choice but to make up a story to allay Frank's suspicions.  - British Intelligence (film)
  • Despite possessing a legitimate mining agreement to this effect, Glinn is forced to bribe local Chilean officials for access to Isla Desolación, falsely confessing that they are searching for gold in order to allay any further suspicions.  - The Ice Limit
  • Fortunately Fergus is able to allay his captor’s suspicions, and is even freed and granted a knighthood in return for teaching the Dasht how to play poker.  - The Swords of Zinjaban
  • Trying to allay what he assumes are her suspicions about the arrangement, and unaware Mary is the person with whom he has been sharing the attic loft, Jack strongly denounces his co-tenant to her, until the landlord comes and explains all.  - Rafter Romance
  • With Archie observing through the office peephole and Orrie Cather posing as him, Wolfe tries to allay Nora's suspicions that Jarrell hired Archie to investigate the family.  - If Death Ever Slept
  • To allay her worries, he informs her that he told some of his friends that he didn't like Nick.  - Night Nurse (1931 film)
  • When Elizabeth in Longbourn did not allay Lady Catherine’s concerns, she traveled to London to confront Darcy, who tries to calm his aunt by noting that rumors like this are not unprecedented.  - Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman
  • Annas tries to allay his fears, but he finally sees Caiaphas' point and suggests that he convene the council and explain his fears to them; Caiaphas agrees ("Then We Are Decided").  - Jesus Christ Superstar (film)
  • To allay suspicion, he and Nasako give out that the vanished ruler had absent-mindedly fanned himself.  - The Emperor's Fan
  • Elaine, still pretending to be the janitor in order to allay suspicion, brings the building's trash to the dump in Jerry's car, swerving all over Kramer's luxurious 2-lane highway and unknowingly dropping an old Singer sewing machine on the road, similar to the one over which Kramer ran earlier.  - The Pothole
  • Meanwhile, out on a rowboat in Lyman's lake, Lyman confesses to Sondra that he killed Gibson to stop her blackmailing him, and he used the Tarot Card pattern to allay suspicion, just as Strombel had told Sid.  - Scoop (2006 film)
  • When both men return to the lake at night, Odette is able to allay their suspicions that she is some sort of witch.  - The Black Swan (Lackey novel)
  • Louis's superior coolness of mind permits him to allay Charles's suspicions and to regain his liberty.  - Quentin Durward
  • He suggests Frank and Diane marry, which means they cannot be compelled to testify against one another and tactically allay suspicions as to why Diane and Frank were both packed to leave.  - Angel Face (1953 film)
  • To allay the Prince's suspicions, Percy shows the League how it is a man's duty to dress elegantly and flamboyantly, and they all display the latest fashion ("The Creation of Man").  - The Scarlet Pimpernel (musical)
  • Nora returns to the basement to allay the suspicions of the other thieves and buy time for the rest to get away.  - Number Seventeen
  • Eka grows worried about the lack of phone calls and the lack of money in the letters (as Ada and Marina are in no position to attach any), but the pair includes excuses into the letters, and initially succeed to allay Eka's worries.  - Since Otar Left
  • He sends one of his courtiers, Don Alvarez (Claude Rains), as his ambassador to allay the suspicions of Queen Elizabeth I (Flora Robson) about the great armada he is building to invade England.  - The Sea Hawk (1940 film)
  • Ultimately unsuccessful, she tries to seduce Cath and Don's 12-year-old son Bruce, and when he does not respond she claims to his parents that he repeatedly raped her and to allay any doubts pretends she is pregnant by him.  - Nighty Night
  • Bruce poses as a shallow playboy to allay suspicion.  - Batman Begins
  • She then visits the American consul in Nagasaki, mr Sharpless, in an attempt to allay her fears and ask his help in getting Pinkerton to return.  - Madame Butterfly (short story)
  • To allay Molly's skepticism, Oda Mae relays information that only Sam could know.  - Ghost (1990 film)
  • To allay Renault's suspicions, Rick explains that he and Ilsa will be leaving for America.  - Casablanca (film)

Example sentences for "allay" in interesting articles

  • The deadlines for filing recount petitions are soon — for example, this Friday in Wisconsin (margin 0.7%), Monday in Pennsylvania (margin 1.2%), and the following Wednesday in Michigan (margin 0.3%).Examining the physical evidence in these states — even if it finds nothing amiss — will help allay doubt and give voters justified confidence that the results are accurate.  - To Know If the Election Was Hacked, Look at the Ballots
  • The premier social network underlined London's status as a global technology hub at a British company bosses' summit where Prime Minister Theresa May sought to allay business concerns about Brexit.  - Cloudflare Declares War on a Patent Troll with $50,000 Bounty
  • And even then, in order to allay all fears, we actually made sure that my contract explicitly says that my employment does not mean that the Linux Foundation can tell me what to do.So exactly because I think these kinds of trust issues are so important, I have one of the oddest employment contracts you've ever heard of.  - Linus Torvalds: Linux succeed thanks to selfishness and trust
  • Although the party that stepped forward in negotiations was the FBI instead of NSA, the effect on wiretapping activities was the issue raised. The Clinton administration has struggled for months to allay worries that the NTT purchase of Verio could present a foreign-espionage risk by giving the Japanese-government-controlled company access to U.S.  - Senator Feinstein Admits the NSA Taps the Internet Backbone
  • In response, Senator Dianne Feinstein tried to allay these concerns with an amendment:An authorization to use military force, a declaration of war, or any similar authority shall not authorize the detention without charge or trial of a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States apprehended in the United States, unless an Act of Congress expressly authorizes such detention.You'd think the part about American citizens being protected from indefinite detention would be uncontroversial.  - Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment
  • And pushing new users toward secret accounts that can toggle individual tweets public might even allay some of their fears.  Or maybe nothing can be done.  - The Decay of Twitter
  • Perhaps hoping to allay her frustration, Kanner added that he was beginning to see a picture emerge.  - Autism’s First Child

Meaning of "allay" in English

  • satisfy (thirst)
  • lessen the intensity of or calm
    - still the fears

Meaning of "allay" in Hindi

  • दबाना ( Dabana, dabanaa)
  • कम करना ( Kam karana, kam karanaa)
  • घटाना ( Ghatana, ghatanaa)
  • बुना
  • हलका करना ( Halaka karana, halakaa karanaa)
  • शान्त करना ( Shant karana, shant karanaa)
  • दूर करना ( Dur karana, door karanaa)
  • मिटाना ( Mitana, mitanaa)
  • बुना ( Buna, bunaa)

Synonyms of "allay"

  • still
  • relieve
  • assuage
  • slake
  • ease
  • quench

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