How to use "allure" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "allure" in popular movie and book plots

  • Mitha enticed by the allure of escaping reality turns to drugs leading to addiction and massive debt.  - Virgin 2 (film)
  • Though she is shocked and leaves, the allure of Stanislas and of his pornographic image works in her mind until one day she asks him if she can sit in on a photo session.  - La prisonnière (film)
  • College football hero Gary King's life changes for the worse when the allure of money results in a business arrangement with untrustworthy Willie Walsh and a romance with heiress Gloria Neuchard, changing all his previous plans.  - The All American (1932 film)
  • When a rival nightclub makes a tempting offer the allure of success threatens to destroy everything he's worked for.  - Knight Club
  • Saigal plays a cinema crazy young man obsessed with the allure of motion pictures.  - Karodpati
  • A young Albanian emigrant is precariously caught in Amsterdam among the promise and allure of the rich city, threats of ruthless Albanian drug dealers & sex traffickers and his white marriage with a Dutch girl.  - Amsterdam Express
  • The result is The Pandit and the Englishman, a film that mirrors the vocabulary of Abani's life, hinting at the dangers of pretence and turning away, the virtues of lying and self-deception, the deranging allure of fame and impossible affections.  - The Bioscope Man
  • The allure of forbidden love becomes irresistible, and an intense love triangle is ignited.  - Obsession (1997 film)
  • The enthralled Adriana is offered a job designing ballet costumes, and proposes to Gil that they stay, but Gil, upon observing that different people long for different "golden ages", has an epiphany, and realizes that despite the allure of nostalgia, any time can eventually become a dull "present", so embrace your actual present.  - Midnight in Paris
  • In the end the only relationship that fails is the priest and the allure girl as she believes herself unworthy of his love and rejects him.  - Marry Me! (1949 film)
  • Seeing that this is not the type of life he wants to live, the boy -- aware of the excitement and allure of the big city nightlife -- resolves that when he is old enough to do so, he will leave the farm and his family.  - I Never Picked Cotton
  • When the scepter fails to do so, the mummy attempts to control Mil's mind by exploiting the hallucinogenic effects of Aztec magic mushrooms and the allure of identical twin seductresses.  - Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy
  • Dipak sidesteps Gita’s advances but is all the same smitten by the allure of something much larger than himself.  - Mask of Desire
  • This leads her into the world of the Japanese Mafia, where she uses her sexual allure and newfound knowledge of the Japanese language to search the tattooed men for the same blue tiger bearer that killed her son.  - Blue Tiger (film)
  • Benjie is a 13-year-old, living in the urban ghetto of the 1970s, who succumbs to the allure of heroin.  - A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich
  • Philipp's character develops and the audience often questions his sexuality and witnesses his allure to both sexes, first when a girl, possibly a student, though it is never said turns down the advances of another man and immediately flirts with Philipp in a theatre by putting her hand on his leg.  - Coming Out (1989 film)
  • She also falls under the allure of drugs to escape her doomed relationship with cad Lyon (Burke), who has an affair with her erstwhile friend, Neely.  - Valley of the Dolls (film)
  • Chase and Cameron visit Fran's house to search for clues, but are distracted by the allure of an empty bed.  - Airborne (House)
  • The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa describes the decadent allure of this entertainment district, where beggars and teenage prostitutes mixed with revue dancers and famous authors.  - The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa
  • The woman's allure is strong enough that, after showing him two prisoners awaiting execution and kept in narrow cages which force them to stand, Dorothy convinces Michael to have sex with her in front of them as a form of torture.  - Twilight Children
  • In ten days, Siegel does a reasonable job by conditioning Jones using whiskey and the allure of sex in Hollywood.  - Don't Go Near the Water (novel)
  • They also learn that the crystals usually repel monsters, but when taken in by the allure of the moon they attract monsters, and make them vicious.  - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
  • She used her sexual allure to keep the club from going under financially, but she later resorted to blackmail, because she knew the secrets of many of Gotham's most wanted criminals.  - Batman: Nine Lives
  • Others because they fear he has inherited his mother's irresistible allure - and her dangerous gifts.  - Kushiel's Scion
  • Marian eagerly accepts this task, having already succumbed to the allure of the ornate house and its period decor.  - Burnt Offerings (film)
  • Once they arrive, the women execute "Operation Smooch", using their beauty and sexual allure to distract, seduce, and subdue the male guards.  - In Like Flint
  • In this way Ames sees the allure in both the ordinary and mundane as well as the tragic.  - Gilead (novel)
  • In making the film, Pushpa becomes ensnared by the sexy allure of an Indian co-star, the famous D-grade actress Aishwarya, who exposes him to the self-obsessed and indulgent lifestyle of Bollywood stars.  - Colombo Dreams
  • She breaks off their engagement immediately, accuses Bertie of having caved to the allure of his uncle's money, and informs him that his Aunt Agatha was right all along about his spinelessness.  - Jeeves Takes Charge
  • The adult Li'l Bit breaks the memory to explain that she would go on to have a one-night stand with a seventeen-year-old boy while she was twenty seven, experiencing the allure of young flesh that her Uncle once felt.  - How I Learned to Drive
  • In the relatively simple plot, she naively endures an escalating series of situations in which her oblivious allure triggers satirical porn-film-like encounters.  - Candy (1968 film)
  • Frederick discovers the allure of escorting young upper-class women to balls and other functions and ultimately leaves service.  - Upstairs, Downstairs (1971 TV series)
  • When Lennie calls her "purty", George, aware that Curley's wife will bring trouble upon the men due to her sexual allure and persistent flirting, strenuously disagrees with Lennie, and calls her a "rat-trap".  - Of Mice and Men (1992 film)
  • Due to the allure of the transcendent states achievable through drugs and because of Kesey's ability to preach and captivate listeners, he begins to form a band of close followers.  - The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
  • He has to struggle to get dressed and converse with others, because of the allure of his daydream about snow.  - Silent Snow, Secret Snow

Example sentences for "allure" in interesting articles

  • Perhaps there is a good reason related to certain milestones your company must reach before going public? Alternatively, it may seem like the allure of less scrutiny is driving decisions (red alert!).  - Don’t Get Trampled: The Puzzle for “Unicorn” Employees
  • If you Google “false allure of group selection” or “Pinker group selection,” you’ll see that I have pretty strong opinions on that.  - Steven Pinker on Language, Reason, and the Future of Violence
  • Many recent Windows laptops can do so as well.So why do so many workers demand multiple monitors? I believe it’s a case of the illogical allure of extremes.Too much of anything becomes its opposite . — Tim FerrissToo much monitor becomes a distraction.  - Why I Stopped Using Multiple Monitors
  • If Silicon Valley loses its allure for those people — if the quality of public schools declines so that their children cannot receive good educations, if housing prices remain so astronomical that fewer than half of first-time buyers can afford the median-priced home, or if immigration policy makes it difficult for high-skilled immigrants who want to stay here to do so — the Valley’s status, and that of the United States economy, will be threatened.  - Silicon Valley Then and Now
  • At the T’ang court, Sanskrit poetry exercised its allure on the imperial poets.  - The Great and Beautiful Lost Kingdoms of India
  • The PBS documentary, like so many accounts of War of the Worlds before it, can’t resist the allure of the myth. Advertisement * * * Why is this myth so alluring—why does it persist? The answer is complicated, most likely reflecting everything from the structure of our commercial broadcasting system and of our federal regulation, as well as our culture’s skepticism about the mass audience and the fear that always accompanies the excitement of new media.  - The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic
  • The combined allure of Google's free suite of productivity tools and cheap laptops that use the company's Web-based ChromeOS operating system have made Google's products a popular choice at schools around the country. And the company's growing dominance is raising concern from some privacy advocates who allege it is using some student data for its own benefit.  - Google, a ‘school official?’ A regulatory quirk can leave parents in the dark
  • The real story doesn't fit the drop-out founder image promoted by Hollywood and the press. Zuck also brought up that he can't relate to the allure of starting a company for the sake of starting a company.  - Startup School And Survivor Bias
  • Let’s be honest–I like the allure of the title and respect that comes with being an MD.  - Be a nurse or P.A. instead of a doctor: the underrated perils of medical school
  • And while the dot com bubble has already burst, Aboujaoude fears that – like a patient with bipolar disorder – more manic episodes are beginning to erupt due to the allure of success that plagues almost all corners of the internet. Narcissism Narcissism is a kind of excessive self-love, and another common byproduct of developing our e-personality or digital self.  - How the Internet Changes Our Thoughts and Behaviors for the Worse (2011)

Meaning of "allure" in English

  • the power to entice or attract through personal charm
  • dispose or incline or entice to

Meaning of "allure" in Hindi

  • आकर्षण ( Aakarshan)
  • लुभाना ( Lubhana, lubhanaa)
  • रिझाना ( Rijhana, rijhanaa, rizhana)
  • फुसलाना ( Phusalana, phusalanaa, fusalana)
  • मोहना ( Mohana, mohanaa)
  • ललचाना ( Lalachana, lalachanaa)

Synonyms of "allure"

  • allurement
  • temptingness
  • tempt

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