How to use "almost" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "almost" in popular movie and book plots

  • Jenny nurses Garp, observing his infantile state and almost perpetual autonomic sexual arousal.  - The World According to Garp
  • Anna twice almost sends him away for his rudeness and for being broke, before revealing that she appreciates his honesty.  - The Great Ziegfeld
  • Lawrence's scheme is almost derailed when one of Ali's men kills one of Auda's because of a blood feud.  - Lawrence of Arabia (film)
  • The series proper commences almost twenty years later in the Two Rivers, a near-forgotten district of the country of Andor.  - The Wheel of Time
  • David challenges Elijah with an incident from his childhood when he almost drowned.  - Unbreakable (film)
  • His family, many colleagues, and almost all of Kansas City's population are killed.  - The Day After
  • A deadly virus released in 1996 wipes out almost all of humanity, forcing remaining survivors to live underground.  - 12 Monkeys
  • However Nick also has some personality flaws, amounting almost to a deathwish.  - The Shockwave Rider
  • San awakens and almost kills the dying Ashitaka, but hesitates when he tells her that she is beautiful.  - Princess Mononoke
  • The Emperor next expresses his boredom and demands "unusual" entertainment, while the Black Ghoul notes that the night is almost over.  - Orgy of the Dead
  • Queequeg, sweating all day below decks, develops a chill and soon is almost mortally feverish.  - Moby-Dick
  • "Johnson" may have been placed in manacles and hung from the wall, but he was almost certainly subjected to the horrors of the rack.  - Gunpowder Plot
  • The attacks build to a crisis, and the college community of students, dons and servants is almost torn apart by suspicion and fear.  - Gaudy Night
  • Godzilla then counters by relentlessly blasting Ghidorah with its atomic ray, almost decapitating Ghidorah.  - Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
  • Vowels will almost always have four or more distinguishable formants; sometimes there are more than six.  - Formant
  • However, owing to project delays, groundbreaking took place in March 1985, almost two years late.  - Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong)

Meaning of "almost" in English

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