How to use "ambivalence" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "ambivalence" in popular movie and book plots

  • In it, she is finally able to admit her ambivalence towards her family at the exact moment they disappeared, which had been a troubling source of guilt and anger.  - The Leftovers (novel)
  • However when Mitsuru asks Makoto to accompany them, Yukari grows frustrated at his ambivalence and he excludes himself from the mission.  - Persona 3 The Movie: No. 1, Spring of Birth
  • Jed quickly falls in love with mrs Marston, sensing her ambivalence about her husband; when the colonel returns, he is revealed to be an unmitigated tyrant.  - The Last Frontier (1955 film)
  • Dissension among the gang and Bradfield's ambivalence complicate the plot, as Belle demonstrates her prowess with shootin' irons, horses, and as a saloon entertainer.  - Montana Belle
  • Her love of life leads to an ambivalence about her age; her unique moral code leads to her playing cupid for her friend and nurse Anna (Dobrowolska) and Anna’s married lover (Gray); her worrisome son (Haywood) wants her to move into a home; her neighbour Billy (Kaye) has dementia.  - A Woman's Tale
  • Despite Briggs' criticism of her own aristocratic background, Prudence tolerates Briggs' cynical nature and his ambivalence about fighting to retain the English class system that supports the rich and privileged.  - This Above All (film)
  • Josef protests his innocence and invites them to meet David as proof of his ambivalence towards the Jews, in exchange for a chance to find the Nazi doctor to deliver Marie's baby.  - Divided We Fall (film)
  • Tommy, who despite having the youngest human body is actually the oldest of the aliens, has feigned ambivalence about the mission's end but when left alone in the kitchen he loses his normally cool demeanor and breaks down into uncontrollable sobbing over the team's pending departure.  - The Thing That Wouldn't Die
  • Lange (1982, ix) has written that a "simple summary becomes entirely inadequate when we attempt to interpret the intricate texture of ambivalence and illusion that [The Golden Pot] spreads lavishly before the reader".  - The Golden Pot
  • Four survivors of a doomed platoon—Michael Poole (a pediatrician plagued by grief over the death of his young son from cancer and ambivalence about his marriage), Tina Pumo (owner of a Vietnamese restaurant), Conor Linklater (a journeyman construction worker) and Harry Beevers (an opportunistic lawyer)-- gather to discuss the Koko killings.  - Koko (novel)
  • Ella notices Vanessa's ambivalence over her husband's dilemma, and chastises her for her negligence as a wife and mother, insisting that a real woman takes care of her man, cooks him breakfast, irons his clothes, and doesn't trifle with school, though Vanessa's counter to this is to remind Ella of her current single relationship status.  - Madea Goes to Jail (play)
  • Bilal more or less accepts Sami’s ambivalence and they restart their affair.  - Changing Times (film)
  • This bit of feeling slightly estranged from Steve, because of her dead mother and Steve's ambivalence about talking to her about her mother, led Leslie to be open to romance to Ed, despite his soon to be turn towards alcoholism.  - Guiding Light (1960–69)
  • Lisa and her actress mother have a rocky relationship, with sporadic fighting and Lisa expressing ambivalence toward her mother's boyfriend Ramon.  - Margaret (2011 film)
  • This note of ambivalence towards the freedom movement may be due to Narayan's needing to reassure his mainly British audience.  - Waiting for the Mahatma
  • His ambivalence towards morals and indifference to life has brought him to the state of being "a man without qualities", depending on the outer world to form his character.  - The Man Without Qualities
  • Between hits, the often-reluctant assassins argue about the morality and logistics of their mission, expressing fear about their individual lack of experience, as well as ambivalence about accidentally killing innocent bystanders.  - Munich (film)
  • After sleeping with Mona, the narrator informs her of his ambivalence towards his girlfriend, and his decision to leave the next day: Her impending death reminds him too much of his own mortality, and the prospect of being around to witness it is too frightening.  - The Informers
  • Sensing Billy's ambivalence towards her treatment by Schultz, Drew seduces him and gains his confidence.  - Billy Bathgate
  • Paul Groves (Peter Fonda), a television commercial director, takes his first dose of LSD while experiencing the heartbreak and ambivalence of divorce from his beautiful but adulterous wife (Susan Strasberg).  - The Trip (1967 film)
  • The couple argue over their ambivalence about the child and Francee's desire to have an abortion, leading Francee to turn to Baron's wife first, and then Baron for advice.  - The Beat Generation
  • The problem of Te Kooti is not resolved, except in the brief epilogue, further revealing the depths of Fairweather’s (and Shadbolt’s) ambivalence about the historical figure of Te Kooti, Fairweather’s hated and admired nemesis and one-time friend.  - Season of the Jew
  • Jules recites the biblical passage, expresses ambivalence about his life of crime, and allows the robbers to take his own cash and leave.  - Pulp Fiction

Example sentences for "ambivalence" in interesting articles

  • The JSF is the embodiment of ambivalence — a reflection of the government and Lockheed’s inability to say that some things could not or should not be done.  - How the U.S. and Its Allies Got Stuck with the Worlds Worst New Warplane
  • People just watched it and didn’t do anything.” Another time, Bryant watched as a local official groveled in his own grave before being ecuted by two Taliban insurgents.In the early months Bryant had found himself swept up by the Big Game excitement when someone in his squadron made “mind-blowingly awesome shots, situations where these guys were bad guys and needed to be taken out.” But a deep ambivalence about his work crept in.  - Confessions of a Drone Warrior
  • It captured my attention because, after the better part of a decade of C’s ambivalence towards types, I was ready for a language to enforce strong typing. You see, I had learned my lesson.  - Type Wars
  • New Humanitarian remains there, and Bogin’s inability to renovate the building or find a bigger one reflects to some extent the establishment’s ambivalence toward his brilliance as an educational provocateur.  - My Familys Experiment in Extreme Schooling
  • But at every turn his reluctance and ambivalence was apparent: he was the ninety-ninth person in, warily eying the rock.  - Thresholds of Violence: How School Shootings Spread
  • From that ambivalence springs the aggressive, hostile, and humiliating components of male sexual arousal.  - Hard Core: What Porn's Ubiquity Says About Men and Women
  • Maybe an ambivalence over whether someone feels like an adult is partially an ambivalence over whether they even want to be an adult.Williams Brown breaks down the lessons she’s learned about adulthood into three categories: “taking care of people, taking care of things, and taking care of yourself.” There’s an exhausting element to that: “If I do not buy toilet paper, then I will not have toilet paper,” she says.  - When Are You Really an Adult?
  • Some are unable to fit into South Korean society, and their ambivalence about their new home comes through in their comments—itself evidence of their newfound freedom of speech.  - North Korea's Digital Underground
  • My friend Gabe points out that this allows men to be the true romantics; when a man breaks up with a perfectly acceptable woman because he’s “just not feeling it,” there’s none of the ambivalence a woman with a deadline feels.  - Marry Him: The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough
  • The ambivalence is not so much a matter of policy disputes—though, in both cases, they are so great as to constitute a difference of kind, not degree—but of the patience required to accommodate the nervous tic of the political radical, the inevitable tendency to make the good the enemy of the perfect.When I told a cousin who works for a libertarian think tank about attending an Objectivist conference, he rolled his eyes and muttered, “The Bible.” He was referring, of course, to Atlas Shrugged, the nearly 1,100-page tome that William F.  - Meeting Ayn Rand on the Las Vegas Strip
  • There also needs to be some sort of acknowledgement that not everyone should parent -- when parenting is a given, it's not fully considered or thought out, and it gives way too easily to parental ambivalence and unhappiness.Take Trinity, one of the mothers who commented on the Secret Confessions board about hating parenthood.  - Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal
  • And I think the reason why ambivalence is just downplayed in general, is because we don’t like ambiguity.  - The Benefits of Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty
  • We read excerpts of Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy and Roland Barthes' The Pleasure of the Text (which students tend not to find all the pleasurable) to get a taste of the more blissful, hedonistic, and Dionysian features of pleasure that can also mark many instances of hacking and especially transgression.Week Eleven: Anarchism and the Politically Minded Hacker Many hackers express some degree of ambivalence over the politics of hacking as Patrice Riemens has argued and as hackers themselves have raised.  - The Anthropology of Hackers

Meaning of "ambivalence" in English

  • mixed feelings or emotions

Meaning of "ambivalence" in Hindi

  • उभयवृत्तिता
  • द्वैधवृत्ति
  • उभयभाविता

Synonyms of "ambivalence"

  • ambivalency

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