How to use "ameliorate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "ameliorate" in popular movie and book plots

  • The pair hangs out a few times to ameliorate their loneliness, but just before their relationship develops, He Jialing comes back to Beijing and moves in with Lang Zhuo.  - No Lonely Angels
  • The agent then talks with the player, informing them that the CSR Classics league unanimously elected Marco to become the new leader of the league, vowing to ameliorate it.  - CSR Classics
  • Murase, who is completely in the dark concerning his having fallen out of favor with Sekiuchi, tries to ameliorate the situation by relying on his former prison friendship with Ikemoto, not knowing that Ikemoto is under orders to terminate his gang.  - Outrage (2010 film)
  • To ameliorate their problems, government allocates Rs.  - Chanakya (film)
  • Her dream is mostly a fantasy she has in order to ameliorate the stress of surviving during Argentina's economic troubles.  - A Lucky Day
  • His ultimate goal was to use his position to ameliorate some of the suffering being caused by war on Earth, and is surprised by Satan's encouragement.  - Wielding a Red Sword
  • He then attempts to ameliorate mrs Lockhart's disappointment by rubbing her back with his foot and saying "Love you.  - Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High
  • Once back inA, the airline dictates that Buddy run a series of innocuous ads to ameliorate the tragic consequences of the crash, even winning a Clio award.  - Bounce (film)
  • However, Miss Lonelyheart's efforts do not seem to ameliorate his situation.  - Miss Lonelyhearts

Example sentences for "ameliorate" in interesting articles

  • Chan, who is the CEO of The Primary School as well as a practicing pediatrician, was first inspired to ameliorate the challenges of poverty while she was an undergraduate at Harvard, where she tutored children in inner-city Boston.  - Zuckerbergs' New “Primary School”: Private but Free
  • To ameliorate distortions, reduce inequality.  - Are Ivy League schools overrated?
  • This new kind of carbon sequestration could ameliorate some of the long-term environmental damage that widespread global use of cheap natural gas from methane hydrate will do.  - What If We Never Run Out of Oil?
  • This new kind of carbon sequestration could ameliorate some of the long-term environmental damage that widespread global use of cheap natural gas from methane hydrate will do.  - What if we never run out of oil? (2013)
  • That sort of bargaining is commonplace in health: Last month in The Lancet, researchers tested whether any amount of exercise could ameliorate the risk of premature death that comes with sitting for eight hours a day.  - Excerise cannot undo effects of prolonged sitting
  • Olshansky points out that female obesity and drug abuse have risen dramatically over the past two decades, and may also play a role in mortality rates.Researchers are hopeful that the expansion of health-care coverage under the Affordable Care Act will help ameliorate some of the health risks for poor and uneducated women.  - U.S. Women Are Dying Younger Than Their Mothers, and No One Knows Why
  • That market, however, proved hard to crack—the carriers seem satisfied with overprovisioning, as well as techniques like traffic caching and compression, which ameliorate congestion without addressing the roots of the problem.  - A Radical New Router
  • If certain types of social concepts are altered in autism, it may be possible to (a) detect the alterations and possibly interpret them as diagnostic of autism; and (b) understand the biological and psychological nature of the alterations in terms of the underlying dimensions of neural representation; and (c) make use of the understanding to develop therapies that ameliorate the alteration.  - Identifying Autism from Neural Representations of Social Interactions
  • In the BBS paper we offer a variety of specific recommendations for what can be done to ameliorate the problem.  - A review paper on the lack of political diversity in social psychology

Meaning of "ameliorate" in English

  • get better
  • to make better

Meaning of "ameliorate" in Hindi

  • सुधारना ( Sudharana, sudhaaranaa)
  • सुधरना ( Sudharana, sudharanaa)
  • सुधारना
  • अच्छा बनाना ( Achchha banana, achchhaa bananaa)

Synonyms of "ameliorate"

  • meliorate
  • better
  • improve
  • amend

Antonyms of "ameliorate"

  • exacerbate
  • exasperate
  • decline
  • aggravate
  • worsen

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