How to use "amenable" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "amenable" in popular movie and book plots

  • Saul is more amenable to Keane's point of view.  - Fair Game (Homeland)
  • During intercourse, she admonishes Tomalin to slow down and sets a rhythm more amenable to her own sexual gratification.  - The Choice of Valentines
  • Nazir seems amenable but tells Brody that he must eliminate the "wild card".  - Marine One (Homeland)
  • Things get momentarily worse for Kit as Jamie's estranged wife Linda (Sellars) turns up, hoping for reconciliation, but although Kit is wary of another unwanted guest at first, Linda is far more amenable than Jamie, whose attention has been diverted away by Betty (Morris), a single woman in the village whom he starts an affair with.  - Guilt Is My Shadow
  • But Saraswatichandra is not amenable to argument, and he leaves, thus not only renouncing home and wealth, but also leaving young Kumud in the lurch.  - Saraswatichandra (novel)
  • Sir Baldwin suspects this might be the reason why his wife was so amenable to leaving London, even though he doesn’t want to believe her capable of such duplicity.  - Meadowsweet (novel)
  • They have approached Vinson and found that Marlo may be amenable to a truce if he can keep his territory.  - Reformation (The Wire)
  • Finding a more amenable bride there, he eventually returns to Zurshnitt to find Yvette much reduced in circumstances.  - The Pixilated Peeress
  • Niles is amenable to offering Norman work, a gesture for which Vicki is grateful, thinking this may be just the boost her husband needs.  - A Star Is Born (1954 film)
  • Though Thelma is amenable to the idea, Frank, who, until then, was rather mute about everything, firmly refuses, rightfully pointing out that Deenie would want to not wear the brace for every special occasion thereafter if he gave in that night.  - Deenie
  • The photino birds do not just exist in our sun but every sun, helioforming them to an amenable habitat.  - Ring (Baxter novel)
  • The Soviets kill the Communist fifth column members who had secretly aided the invasion to prevent them from organizing against the new government, but are otherwise relatively peaceful and amenable to the black market.  - Not This August
  • In those days, it was possible for two people to marry by declaring themselves married before a priest and in the presence of two amenable witnesses.  - The Betrothed (Manzoni novel)
  • They are not amenable to rational argument so Dikaiopolis grabs a hostage and a sword and demands the old men leave him alone.  - The Acharnians
  • Johor is one such emissary, who takes on the form of a Native and begins identifying those individuals who have not degenerated too far and are amenable to his corrective instructions.  - Shikasta
  • Still, being very amenable and wanting to please Tom, Grace agrees.  - Dogville

Example sentences for "amenable" in interesting articles

  • Was I really out here, on my own, risking a helluva lot just to share? With a nation whose border patrol is looking for any excuse to put me through the ringer? I thought, what the hell am I doing with my life?“We will have to send you back because of this.”Now that I knew the verdict, I immediately sought an amenable solution: was there any kind of visa I could get, currently or in the future, that would let me do what I came to do?“No.”How about if I agreed to do it for free? I was already there.  - A deportation at the UK border
  • This often shows up as feedback like “this component is hard to use” — which typically means that it is not effectively hiding the internal complexity or did not pick a functional boundary that was amenable to hiding that complexity.Layering and ComponentizationIt is the fundamental role of a system designer to determine how to break down a system into components and layers; to make decisions about what to build and what to pick up from elsewhere.  - Education of a Programmer
  • On the surface, it seems like a purely technical problem, amenable to purely technical solutions.  - So you want to write a package manager
  • Third, Google requested that Apple slightly modify the protective order governing confidentiality of Google�s highly confidential source code, as Apple and Google have done in other actions. Apple initially appeared amenable to negotiation, but then turned on a dime, declared it was filing a motion to compel, and refused to narrow a single request in either subpoena.  - The Next Step in Apple's Thermonuclear War Against Android
  • Or that teaching techniques are amenable to scientific study—meaning actual teaching research that can be applied to developing best practices .  - Universities can’t fulfil the myth, but can’t become vocational schools either
  • "The mid-range of objects between 5cm and 10cm are very amenable to moving around with light, and they present 90% of the threat for satellites." EOS has attracted US aerospace contractor Lockheed Martin for the object-logging phase, signing a deal in August to build a new tracking station in Western Australia.  - Australians lead efforts to move space junk with lasers
  • And has been pointed out befor "keeping the key secret" is a form of "obscurity". But before you can make the expression amenable to analysis you need to give a definition to "obscurity" that is actually constrained in some way to make it of use. Z.Lozinski • September 9, 2013 5:51 AM @Buck, Is there any actual math/science/theory behind the "fact" that security through obscurity is useless? It seems more likely to me that this is simply a commandment handed down in InfoSec191. Have a look at Kerckhoff's 6 principles on the design of military ciphers from 1883.  - The NSA Is Breaking Most Encryption on the Internet
  • This approach is much more amenable to automation and is considerably less error prone. Automating administration of a service after design and deployment can be very difficult.  - On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services
  • "If the medical community refused to perform terminal abortions and would only perform evacuation abortions," he remarks, "Then the abortion debate as we know it today would be over." So, would artificial wombs spell the end of disagreement about abortion? Along with Kaczor, pro-life advocates might look forward to the prospect of a solution amenable to everyone (although they might also harbour some reservations  - the prospect does, after all, involve one of the social conservative’s pet hates, new reproductive technologies).  - Bad predictions about the internet

Meaning of "amenable" in English

  • disposed or willing to comply
  • liable to answer to a higher authority
  • open to being acted upon in a certain way
    - the tumor was not amenable to surgical treatment
  • readily reacting to suggestions and influences

Meaning of "amenable" in Hindi

  • सहज अनुगामी ( Sahaj anugami, sahaj anugaamee, sahaz anugami)
  • वश्य ( Vashy, washy)
  • अधीन ( Adhin, adheen)
  • आज्ञा कर ( Aagya kar, aagyaa kar)
  • सुवश्य
  • उत्तरदायी ( Uttaradayi, uttaradaayee)
  • जिम्मेदार ( Jimmedar, jimmedaar, zimmedar)

Synonyms of "amenable"

  • conformable
  • responsive
  • tractable

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