How to use "amenity" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "amenity" in popular movie and book plots

  • Longshore tries to encourage Chuck that things aren't going to be so bad in government custody - he'll have every amenity he needs, and will be allowed outside in controlled locations.  - Chuck Versus the Marlin

Example sentences for "amenity" in interesting articles

  • The way to preserve property values is to recognize that a house is part of a community, not an isolated object, and to make sure that the community maintains high standards of civic amenity in the form of walkable streets and easy access to shops, recreation, culture, and public beauty.Towns built before the Second World War contain more-desirable and less-desirable residential streets, but even the best can have income-integrated housing.  - "Americans sense that something is wrong with the places where we live and work"

Meaning of "amenity" in English

  • pleasantness resulting from agreeable conditions
    - he discovered the amenities of reading at an early age

Meaning of "amenity" in Hindi

  • मनोहरता ( Manoharata, manoharataa)
  • सुहावनापन ( Suhavanapan, suhaavanaapan, suhawanapan)
  • रमणीयता
  • नरमी ( Narami, naramee)
  • सज्जनता ( Sajjanata, sajjanataa, sazzanata)
  • नम्रता ( Namrata, namrataa)
  • सुविधा ( Suvidha, suvidhaa, suwidha)
  • सुख सुविधा ( Sukh suvidha, sukh suvidhaa, sukh suwidha)

Synonyms of "amenity"

  • agreeableness

Antonyms of "amenity"

  • disagreeableness

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