How to use "analgesic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "analgesic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Rob learns to perform a medical history and medical examination including pulse diagnosis, the leech treatment, the use of opium, including the analgesic effect, and surgical procedures.  - The Physician (2013 film)
  • The film does not deal with a pivotal episode in the novel, wherein a distraught Paul ends his mother's suffering by giving her a massive overdose of morphia, a potent opiate analgesic drug.  - Sons and Lovers (film)
  • The painkillers he has been prescribed are ineffective, and his use of alcohol as an analgesic has led to his alcoholism.  - The Small Back Room
  • In the course of torturing him, Szell offers him the analgesic clove oil as inducement to cooperate.  - Marathon Man (novel)

Example sentences for "analgesic" in interesting articles

  • But if you can give synthesis route, it will be very good for us and we can save some time for this project.”I replied, “We are doing basic animal research into the compound’s putative analgesic properties.  - The drug revolution that no one can stop
  • It appears from the available classical Indian medical literature that opium was first used as an aphrodisiac, then as anti-diarrhoeal and thereafter as an analgesic and sleep-inducer. It was used in wide and various ways by the people, depending on their means and tastes.  - Opium, Empire, and India
  • He discovered that along with reorienting the patient’s relationship to death, the psychedelic had an analgesic effect resulting from an “attenuation of anticipation.” Following their LSD treatments, Kast wrote, subjects developed “a peculiar disregard for the gravity of their situations and talked freely about their impending death with an affect considered inappropriate in our Western civilization but most beneficial to their psychic states.”A former graduate student of Tim Leary’s named Walter Pahnke picked up Kast’s work in 1968 at Spring Grove Hospital in Baltimore.  - Psilocybin shows success in medical trials

Meaning of "analgesic" in English

  • capable of relieving pain
    - an analgesic effect
  • a medicine used to relieve pain

Meaning of "analgesic" in Hindi

  • पीड़ानाशक
  • पीडा हटाने वाला
  • पीडाहार

Synonyms of "analgesic"

  • pain pill
  • painkiller
  • anodyne
  • analgetic

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