How to use "analogous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "analogous" in popular movie and book plots

  • There they raised the humanoid natives out of the wild state and led them to develop a civilization analogous to that of Medieval Europe.  - Star Gate (novel)
  • The Calradian Empire and its downfall are analogous to the Roman Empire's fall and the formation of the early Middle Eastern, North African, and European kingdoms.  - Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • According to archaeologist Thomas Webster, the plot of Odysseus Acanthoplex had a diptych form,e, in two parts, analogous to Sophocles' extant Ajax, Trachiniae and Antigone.  - Odysseus Acanthoplex
  • The first two seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise depict the human exploration of interstellar space by the crew of an Earth ship able to go farther and faster than any humans had previously gone, due to the breaking of the warp barrier, analogous to the Bell X-1 breaking the sound barrier.  - Star Trek: Enterprise (season 1)
  • Arthur's trauma is analogous to the event that turned Dexter and his brother into killers.  - Dexter (season 4)
  • Though analogous to the Internet, the Computer One of the novel assumes a far greater unity of purpose and truth.  - Computer One
  • In October, Verita - the only one of the Amistad group to survive the fighting - has been sentenced to death by a military tribunal, analogous to the case of Mary Surratt in our timeline.  - Gray Victory
  • It takes farmer's daughter Fawn and Lakewalker maverick Dag back to her home farm as a first step on their 'honeymoon trip' to the Southern Sea, which is analogous to the Gulf of Mexico in The Sharing Knife series' alternate-world setting.  - Passage (Bujold novel)
  • The Farthing Set, so named for their association with the country house of that name (and analogous to the real-life Cliveden set) were prominent supporters of appeasement before the war, a policy vindicated by the outcome of the war.  - Farthing (novel)
  • Before finding Laura, Betsy is frustrated by not knowing enough and resolves to read the Book of the Dead, a holy relic for vampires analogous to the Bible.  - Undead and Unappreciated
  • Matt attempts to read his mind; Peter unwittingly begins to mimic Matt's power, causing something analogous to acoustic feedback.  - Fallout (Heroes)
  • Since then, she has been able to master her life astonishingly well: she has acquired an academic degree and teaches at a school for the deaf in San Roque, likely analogous to Santa Barbara, California.  - Talk Talk (novel)
  • DQ8 and DQ25 have many analogous functional similarities, and this first settler bias may be a reason for the similarity.  - HLA-DQ8
  • Nita ask the Hesper to make a choice to fight the Lone Power, but before she can choose, they are captured by the Lone Power, who suppresses all wizardry in the area — roughly analogous to cutting a Jedi off from the The Force.  - Wizards at War
  • As for the shapes in the fog, Burlingame thinks they are analogous to honeyguides, and that they lead the segment-creature to its prey.  - The Planet of Doubt
  • The Rosses are having an anniversary and begin the ride with romantic feelings toward each other; but the plan falls apart when neither Kramer nor Susan's parents can bear the horse's extreme flatulence after Kramer had fed it an entire can of "Beef-A-Reeno", a fictional beef and pasta concoction analogous to the real life canned pasta and beef dish Beef-A-Roni.  - The Rye
  • Once inside the windmill’s creepy tower room, the alien reveals itself from the adjacent pond, at first through sounds analogous to church bells and then an entrancing display of dancing colors and exploding lights.  - Cold Fire (Koontz novel)
  • The legendary king Vikramāditya (Vikrama) promises a vamachari (a tantric sorcerer) that he will capture a vetala (or Baital), a celestial spirit Pishacha, celestial spirit analogous to a vampire in Western literature who hangs from a tree and inhabits and animates dead bodies.  - Baital Pachisi
  • To solve the bloodshed, the sapient races agree to a competition: Every race would dispatch a Rocket Ship with a pre-determined size, mass and equipment, stocked with materials, personnel and equipment to create a city analogous of modern Earth technology and infrastructure.  - Enemy Nations
  • "Blodland" is analogous to England, while "Norland" is roughly parallel to Scotland.  - The Gate of Time
  • The defeat is bitter and costly for the Confederates, as the United States forced punitive terms on the South, analogous to our history's Treaty of Versailles - which the USA considers long-overdue payback for its humiliation in the Second Mexican War, and in the War of Secession before that.  - The Great War: Breakthroughs
  • There is a war raging between the polytheistic Manis (who worship "many" gods) and the monotheistic Unis (who follow a religion analogous to Puritan Christianity).  - Orcs: First Blood
  • Hence, in the subtitle, Amis indicates that this cessation of John Self's existence is analogous to suicide, which of course, results in the death of the self.  - Money (novel)
  • His syphilis gives him skin lesions and the play hints that they are analogous to Kaposi's sarcoma of the modern day.  - Elizabeth Rex
  • Bod is analogous to God, hence the commonly used phrase "Oh my Bod.  - Nebulous
  • They are analogous to hard drugs and enable users to temporarily escape their harsh lives through images like movies being played in their heads.  - The Last Book in the Universe
  • It has been suggested by a modern critic that the book may have carried a political message, analogous to Jean de La Fontaine's or Ivan Krylov's work.  - Maya the Bee
  • The relationship between the two planets is analogous to the situation between European imperial powers and their colonies during the 19th century, where the Florinians are forced to work in kyrt fields and are treated as an inferior race by the Sarkites.  - The Currents of Space
  • But the energy it generates, analogous to nuclear power, is now used to power vehicles and accelerate the country's Industrial Revolution—much to the chagrin of perennial rivals France and a yet-to-be-united Germany.  - Anti-Ice
  • In a pattern analogous to the infinite monkey theorem, all texts are reproduced in a vast library only because complete randomness eventually reproduces all possible combinations of letters.  - Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote
  • The disfiguration starts at Sandoz' wrists, and with which he cannot even feed himself (a mutilation analogous to the practice of foot binding).  - The Sparrow (novel)
  • At the very end of the story, Kin comes to suspect that the builders of the flat world in fact constructed the universe as a whole, with the evidence of previous races being hoaxes and the flat world being an inside joke, analogous to the false strata Kin and the Company themselves manufacture, and the occasional hoaxes put in these strata by rebellious employees.  - Strata (novel)
  • In a scene analogous to many of Pamela's refusals of Mr B in Richardson's novel, however, Lady Booby finds that Joseph's Christian commitment to chastity before marriage is unwavering.  - Joseph Andrews

Example sentences for "analogous" in interesting articles

  • Whose ownership rights are being violated here? In my view, this is analogous to some cases in the United States, where local authorities stop children from selling lemonade on their street corner because they didn’t get the proper “permits”.  - India Sues Monsanto for . . . Biopiracy?
  • It's arguably more analogous to the address books and pagers the courts have already said the police can search.  - Obama administration asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone searches
  • Imagination has already released their high-end P56xx series and low-end M51xx series. The most analogous ARM core to the I6400 appears to be the ARM Cortex-A53, but I6400 has some interesting features we haven’t seen in this market before and MIPS estimates it will deliver higher performance.  - MIPS Strikes Back: 64-bit Warrior I6400 Arrives
  • If heat from sunlight falling onto Venus is analogous to Earth then why is there virtually no temperature difference on the day side surface of Venus than the night side even despite its very slow surface wind speeds and incredibly slow turn rate? If the weather effects are supposed to be analogous then how is the near complete lack of convection churning in Venus' atmosphere supposed to translate to Earth's very dynamic convection components?We don't know.  - Global warming caused by chlorofluorocarbons, not carbon dioxide, new study says
  • This is somewhat analogous to broadcasting where it takes the same amount of energy to broadcast over a given distance, regardless of the number of people that lie within the broadcast range. O(log n): This complexity is the same as O(1) except that it's just a little bit worse.  - Plain english explanation of Big O
  • This is somewhat analogous to broadcasting where it takes the same amount of energy to broadcast over a given distance, regardless of the number of people that lie within the broadcast range. O(log n): This complexity is the same as O(1) except that it's just a little bit worse.  - Plain English explanation of Big O? (2009)
  • It may be helpful to think about the �creativity� involved in choosing parameter names 19 (and other named elements in an API) as analogous to the creation of a recipe.  - Google's expert report in Oracle case explains complexities in plain English
  • This is somewhat analogous to broadcasting where it takes the same amount of energy to broadcast over a given distance, regardless of the number of people that lie within the broadcast range. O(log n): This complexity is the same as O(1) except that it's just a little bit worse.  - Plain English explanation of Big O
  • It is completely analogous to the search result case from the previous paragraph--we can see anonymous product info such that we cannot tie them to any particular person (or even tie multiple purchases together).  - DuckDuckGo's new privacy policy tried to explain why you should care
  • It is analogous to putting a band aid over a fresh gunshot wound.  - Paly student tells of school stress
  • Math for example, didn’t (at least at that time) cover calculus at an analogous to AP manner, (it did add statistics) and there was no way to take the senior year program earlier.  - Jumping the gap between a US and UK high school education
  • We conduct an analogous analysis of high-school entry, taking advantage of the different grade configurations of the schools students attended in 6th grade. Because we compare the achievement of individual students to themselves over time, our analysis takes into account all student characteristics (both observed and unobserved) that do not change over time.  - The Middle School Plunge
  • Aereo then tried to argue in a Manhattan federal court it should be seen as analogous to cable, eligible for a compulsory license.  - U.S. judge says Internet streaming service should be treated like cable
  • Sending a packet through the Internet is analogous to releasing a forager ant into the wild.  - What the Internet has in common with an ant colony

Meaning of "analogous" in English

  • corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin
  • similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar
    - salmon roe is marketed as analogous to caviar

Meaning of "analogous" in Hindi

  • अनुरूपता ( Anurupata, anuroopataa)
  • अनुरूप ( Anurup, anuroop)
  • समान ( Saman)
  • सदृश ( Sadrish)

Synonyms of "analogous"

  • correspondent

Antonyms of "analogous"

  • heterologic
  • heterologous
  • heterological
  • homologous

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