How to use "angelic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "angelic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Anna surmises that Castiel and Uriel have been ordered to kill her as punishment for the serious angelic crime of falling.  - Anna Milton
  • With Morvran dead and his protective powers no longer in force around the Tower, it was rendered open to angelic interference.  - Defoe (comics)
  • Klaus then appeared to Peregrine, now angelic in nature, and took Luthor's body with him back to his home.  - The Superman Monster
  • Gillie's angelic face hides the fact that she is a habitual liar.  - Tiger Bay (1959 film)
  • During a battle, the angels phase into and out of their angelic forms.  - Shattered Angels
  • This is not to be the overly diligent or angelic girl of so many other books, Sal is a real child figure.  - Blueberries for Sal
  • The Devas were angelic spirit beings that materialized into human form.  - Seola
  • KOS-MOS' and chaos's combined powers form angelic wings to prevent the Elsa from being destroyed.  - Xenosaga Episode I
  • Bethrezen, striving to impress the Highfather, created a new world and named it Nevendaar in the angelic tongue.  - Disciples II: Dark Prophecy
  • Inside, they find angelic script and experience together a terrible vision of the angelic war.  - The Prophecy
  • Finding its only weak spot to be its angelic like wings, Natoe destroys them, then is able to attack its vulnerable body.  - Seven Samurai 20XX
  • To Anthony Greville, Natalia is an angelic figure who also symbolizes a diametrical opposite, specifically demonic.  - Natalie Natalia
  • Bob and Rose find happiness and Carl gets an angelic dream date.  - Bob & Rose
  • Next, a floating, angelic figure with long flowing hair passes through a cathedral-like arched crystal tunnel.  - The Black Hole
  • Satan is followed by an angelic Chaser (Dana Ashbrook), who is intent on capturing her once and for all.  - Girlfriend from Hell
  • Suddenly, angelic ghost-like beings emerge from the Ark.  - Raiders of the Lost Ark

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