How to use "anomalous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "anomalous" in popular movie and book plots

  • Everyone has a secret to hide, and after certain anomalous happenings in the school it caused the students to believe that the school has its own mysteries and they are convinced it involves Dean Hwang, who is an enigma to begin with.  - Moorim School
  • Perrault’s letter has authorized this clandestine group because certain anomalous events noticed over the previous century indicate that the Martians are still present, hiding in their impenetrably sealed cities.  - The Secret of the Martian Moons
  • The wild revelers do not notice brief, anomalous phenomena that occur during the blackout, such as a mirror image out of sync, but a drug dealer's girlfriend outside the party becomes spooked.  - +1 (film)
  • New Orleans, still raw from Hurricane Katrina years back, flees its path, but the world is soon startled to discover that this anomalous hypercane is not moving, taking up an apparently stable position in the Gulf.  - Nine Kinds of Naked
  • The game revolves around the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to containing anomalous artifacts, entities and locations that threaten the normality of the world.  - SCP – Containment Breach
  • Given the long series of anomalous circumstances (immediately after the dramatic events of 1688, with no financial security and sitting on a still shaky throne, William negotiates the purchase of an immensely expensive art collection in the remote and hostile capital of Catholicism), Monaldi & Sorti suspect that Christina´s famous collection comes into possession of Livio Odescalchi but is in fact paid by William “through some discreet intermediary”, in order to repay the old loan of the Odescalchi family.  - Imprimatur (novel)
  • Rodan is forced to fight back with his swords, various weaponry and telekinetic powers granted by the Zone's anomalous power.  - Collapse (2008 video game)
  • Along the way encountering dozens of colorful characters, each with their own anomalous perspective on Leo's larger than life personality and style, and each with their own excuse for why they cannot help out.  - Fix (film)
  • But Pandora's anomalous existence within Romana's first incarnation is fracturing her mind.  - Gallifrey: Warfare
  • Because her survival is deeply anomalous and inexplicable, Alicia is held in Fleet custody during her convalescence, and eventually handed over to personnel from the Imperial Cadre (the Emperor's elite special forces popularly known as "drop commandos"), which Alicia is legally still part of.  - Path of the Fury
  • Fully excavated, the kiva reveals itself as anomalous in having no sipapu but rather a blind window made out of a curious gray substance.  - Haunted Mesa
  • As the anomalous formation approaches Japan, a team of scientists led by Naoya Kusanagi (Akira Onodera) discover orihalcum amulets and a stone slab covered in Etrurian runes on the atoll.  - Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
  • He wants to tell her his feelings, but an anomalous phenomenon keeps them apart.  - The Invention of Morel
  • T'Pol traces the anomalous reading to Launch Bay 2, to a device tapped into internal sensors and comm channels.  - Silent Enemy (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Janeway detects Seven's anomalous presence just as Seven locates the bomb.  - Relativity (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • In Decay, players assume the roles of Colette Green and Gina Cross, two doctors who work in the same labs as Freeman, analyzing anomalous materials and specimens retrieved from Xen in prior teleportation experiments.  - Half-Life: Decay
  • Meanwhile, in the Sickbay, dr McCoy notices an anomalous reaction on his diagnostic display when Ruth walks in front of its sensor.  - Mudd's Women
  • The second thread is set in the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), in La Jolla, California, in 1962 where a young scientist, Gordon Bernstein, discovers anomalous noise in a physics experiment relating to spontaneous resonance and indium antimonide.  - Timescape
  • Glyneth has been installed at court with the anomalous title "Princess" and Shimrod is a frequent guest.  - Lyonesse Trilogy
  • Scans of the planet reveal a small anomalous area capable of supporting human life, so Commander Riker, lt Worf, and lt Commander Data beam down to investigate, and find a revolving door.  - The Royale
  • Called "the Swede" because of his anomalous blond hair, blue eyes and Nordic good looks, Seymour is a star athlete in high school; a two-year veteran of the Marine Corps; and the narrator Nathan Zuckerman's idol and hero.  - American Pastoral
  • On occasion, however, mischievous Company employees will attempt to place anomalous objects in the strata as practical jokes, like running shoes or other out-of-place artefacts, hoping to cause confusion among future archaeologists when the planets' beginnings have been long forgotten.  - Strata (novel)

Example sentences for "anomalous" in interesting articles

  • When faced with anomalous data like that, it’s good practice to weed out data error before jumping to conclusions about cheating taxi drivers.  - Lessons from NYC’s improperly anonymized taxi logs
  • We can also use it to programmatically extract the anomalous indices.Since we’re expecting values to be 0.01666666667 or multiples of that number, we’re bound to encounter some floating point rounding issues, and precision issues in comparing the values, so we simplify the math a bit by multiplying everything by 60, rounding to the nearest integer, and then casting to int.  - Exploring Apple's 3D Touch
  • But does the Gmail-related anomalous IP message have any relationship to, or is it indicative of, the same problems flagged by this new message i.e.  - Gmail security warnings for suspected state-sponsored attacks
  • Quite an anomalous spike!,” Labe wrote.  - The North Pole is 36 degrees warmer than normal
  • This causes tension and eventually cracking.Experts at EDF maintain that the new cracks are from an anomalous group of bricks and that the reactors are well within the safety case, which allows for the general cracking of up to 300 bricks (10%) before the limit is breached.  - New cracks in Hunterston reactor
  • Today, the preponderance of domestic migration is from areas with high and rapidly growing incomes to relatively poorer areas where incomes are growing at a slower pace, if at all.What accounts for these anomalous and unpredicted trends? The first explanation many people cite is the decline of the Rust Belt, and certainly that played a role.  - Why the Economic Fates of America’s Cities Diverged
  • We wanted to be able to inspect and understand as much of the system and its components as we could, so if we came across bugs or other anomalous behavior, we could rely on our wits to figure it out, rather than on the profit-motivated (and often empty) promises of a vendor‘s sales team.  - Novena: A Laptop with No Secrets
  • It is programmed to report anomalous activity on its own, in the form of error or failure reports.  - The Athens Affair – The most audacious cell-network break-in (2007)
  • It is programmed to report anomalous activity on its own, in the form of error or failure reports.  - The Athens Affair

Meaning of "anomalous" in English

  • deviating from the general or common order or type

Meaning of "anomalous" in Hindi

  • नियम विरुद्ध ( Niyam viruddh, niyam wiruddh)
  • विधि से बाहर ( Vidhi se bahar, widhi se bahar)
  • अविधि ( Avidhi, awidhi)
  • विषम ( Visham, wisham)
  • अनियमित ( Aniyamit)
  • असामान्य ( Asamany, asaamany)

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