How to use "appellation" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "appellation" in popular movie and book plots

  • Gibbie, with a drunkard father and a start in poverty and literal rags, at one point in childhood finds himself in murderous company—the "wee Sir Gibbie" is an appellation of affection given the character, by his compatriots, emphasizing the distinctiveness of his character, in particular in relation to his course surroundings.  - Sir Gibbie
  • While informing Duflot of the pending estate sale, Max learns that the mysterious expensive Le Coin Perdu was made by Henry and Duflot with "illegal vines" from the estate, bypassing wine classification and appellation laws.  - A Good Year

Example sentences for "appellation" in interesting articles

  • They could both be Law and Order characters.The judge is genial and fair, but I’m already starting to hate the appellation “your honor.” Judges are glorified fact-checkers.  - Jury Duty
  • So circuitry must refresh the charge state of each of these memory cells many times each second—hence the appellation “dynamic.” Although having to include refresh circuitry complicates the construction of memory modules, the advantage of DRAM is that the capacitors for the memory cells can be made exceedingly small, which allows for billions of bits on a single chip.  - DRAM chip failures reveal surprising hardware vulnerabilities
  • The biography on his site notes, “I facilitate, justify, and advise parties to M&A transactions, when I am not advising against them.” In March, 2008, when some analysts were suggesting that the demise of Bear Stearns would lead to a change of attitudes on Wall Street, TED—the shorthand appellation the author uses—wrote, “I, for one, think these bankers will be even more motivated to rape and pillage the financial system in order to rebuild their ill-gotten gains.” Seven months later, on the eve of the bank bailout, TED opined, “Let hundreds of banks fail.  - Much of what investment bankers do is socially worthless (2010)

Meaning of "appellation" in English

  • identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

Meaning of "appellation" in Hindi

  • पदवी ( Padavi, padavee, padawi)
  • नाम ( Nam, naam)
  • उपपद ( Upapad)
  • पदवी/नाम/उपाधि
  • उपाधि ( Upadhi, upaadhi)

Synonyms of "appellation"

  • appellative
  • designation
  • denomination

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