How to use "apropos" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "apropos" in popular movie and book plots

  • Just as Tom declared himself "the Lord's messenger" in a 1988 police interrogation video after murdering Sarah's parents (seen in Episode 1), he believes in the present day that the new Executioner has become a self-appointed deliverer of "Biblical" punishment towards those he or she believes have committed one of the seven deadly sins in their past, employing methods that are apropos to the individual natures of the deadly sins.  - Slasher (TV series)
  • In crowd going round carol-singing the smith again meets Oksana who repeats the promise apropos the cherevichks.  - The Night Before Christmas (1951 film)
  • Several seconds later, it bursts free with the crew giving an apropos "Yeeha.  - Gunmen of the Apocalypse
  • After picking up his daughter Cécile from soccer practice (where Paul, seemingly apropos of nothing, asks the soccer coach if he has ever felt like feeling up his own daughter or "fucking her up the ass") the filmmaker fulfills his favor to Denise by picking up Marguerite Duras from a local college.  - Every Man for Himself (1980 film)

Example sentences for "apropos" in interesting articles

  • When I reflect on this apropos of the roiling, seething mass that is software, it’s pretty amazing.This transformation is the main process by which we mitigate harm arising from the inherent risks of development.  - So you want to write a package manager
  • Thus, it commits the third worst sin—requiring more work from us than is necessary. In the Guild Wars example, points two and three aren’t particularly apropos because deleting a character is an infrequent action.  - Never Use a Warning When you Mean Undo
  • any MBA that thinks they are fully prepared for their next job is just deluding themselves. — Bcd Interesting post, and very apropos for me as I have a startup but am headed to business school this year.  - Beware of MBAs: The business school curriculum teaches how to suck at startups

Meaning of "apropos" in English

  • of an appropriate or pertinent nature
  • introducing a different topic; in point of fact
  • at an opportune time

Meaning of "apropos" in Hindi

  • के संदर्भ में ( Ke sandarbh men)
  • यथावसर ( Yathavasar, yathaavasar, yathawasar)
  • प्रसंगानुकूल ( Prasanganukul, prasanganukool)
  • प्रसंगोचित ( Prasangochit)

Synonyms of "apropos"

  • incidentally
  • seasonably
  • timely

Antonyms of "apropos"

  • malapropos

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