How to use "aptly" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "aptly" in popular movie and book plots

  • One critic aptly called the short film "dadaesque absurdity combine[d] with clownesque slapstick".  - Mysteries of a Barbershop
  • The leader comes up with a brilliant idea: retain the services of the aptly named "Speedy Gonzales".  - Speedy Gonzales (film)
  • Betty has planned the party at a medieval-themed restaurant, aptly called The Middle Ages.  - Secretaries' Day (Ugly Betty)
  • She also meets Chinook Chief Toke, his wife Suis, and their daughter Sootie, as well as another Chinook aptly called Handsome Jim.  - Boston Jane
  • The other section of the school, aptly named the magic section, was founded in order to train mages in the art of using magic.  - Happiness! (visual novel)
  • Sarah aptly names him Arizona Pie (combining the name of his sire and Sarah's home state).  - International Velvet (film)
  • Upon reaching this strange new world, Kaito discovers a boy known as the "navigator", aptly dubbed "Nata".  - Gamerz Heaven
  • Kirby follows, eventually encountering and fighting Daroach, now aptly named Dark Daroach, for the second time at the end of World 8.  - Kirby: Squeak Squad
  • This statement aptly describes Bridget's pursuit of Eric, despite the fact that flings between coaches and campers are forbidden.  - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (film)
  • The Schwartzes live their ordinary lives in the aptly named (and fictional) small town of Bellwether, Connecticut.  - The Sleeping Father
  • As they make their way to the only house on the island, they meet the aptly named dr Shrinker and his assistant, Hugo (Billy Barty).  - Dr. Shrinker
  • She encounters the aptly named Stoney (Jack Nicholson) and his hippie band "Mumblin' Jim" in a coffee shop.  - Psych-Out
  • She is living in the village, outside the school, that is aptly named South End.  - Geneforge 3
  • The aptly named owl uses his head as a battering ram to fling the hapless weasels over the treetops.  - Mariel of Redwall
  • The novel starts with Felix and his company assaulting an inhospitable planet aptly named "Banshee".  - Armor (novel)
  • Little Red (Rochelle Gadd) goes out on Christmas Eve to buy some drugs on the dangerous streets, aptly named "The Forest".  - Black XXX-Mas

Meaning of "aptly" in English

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Meaning of "aptly" in Hindi

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