How to use "ardor" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "ardor" in popular movie and book plots

  • She is furious at his waning ardor and considers herself practically jilted as she plots revenge on him.  - Alimony (1917 film)
  • Fritz hopes to live off Sally's earnings as a film star but his ardor quickly cools at the sight of her fiancé Pierre, with whom she plans to leave for Paris that night.  - I Am a Camera (film)
  • Things turn out the way she had hoped: John and Lady Sybil's ardor does not survive having to spend an entire month together.  - What Every Woman Knows (1934 film)
  • Emily's kitchen work is suffering as a result of her ardor for William, (in this episode she is also pulling double duty as under-house parlourmaid, which allows her to work with Rose) and she is receiving a great deal more verbal lashings from mrs Bridges.  - I Dies from Love
  • Comic complications ensue when Basil postpones their latest marriage plans in order to attempt to diminish the ardor of star-struck heiress Marcia West at the request of her fiancé Henry Grant.  - It's Love I'm After
  • The knight breaks off his ardor by disgustedly stating that Luther issued a plea for the extermination of the rebels, his Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants.  - Luther (1973 film)
  • Instead of the longed for son and heir, Anne delivers a daughter, Elizabeth, and Henry's ardor cools towards her, even more so when he meets the sister of two of his courtiers, Jane Seymour.  - Henry VIII (TV serial)
  • They are strongly attracted to each other, but Moreau's ardor suddenly cools when he learns that she is his half-sister.  - Scaramouche (1952 film)
  • The ardor is one-sided at first, but Carmela is a determined young woman, willing to scale and conquer any obstacle in pursuing her heart's desire.  - Two Cents Worth of Hope
  • When Royle stops a runaway carriage bearing Margaret, she gives him a cool reception, but his ardor remains undiminished.  - Bright Leaf
  • Valerie frees Orlík and takes him to her house, while keeping the boy's own ardor at bay by blindfolding him, since she now thinks they're siblings.  - Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (film)
  • Though she later informs him that she is an Austrian spy (as is Fedelmann), Spain is neutral and his ardor is undiminished.  - Mare Nostrum (film)
  • While Hans is swept along by Chuck’s magnetic ardor for the American dream, Rachel moves back to London under the pretense of safety for their young son and ideological indignation over the American fixation on economic oppression.  - Netherland (novel)
  • Instead, they discuss his first wife (Carol Kane), whose ardor gave him no pleasure.  - Annie Hall

Example sentences for "ardor" in interesting articles

  • And whether or just how much his boss, motivated by his ardor for Phills’s wife, had it in for him surely mattered.  - Inside Stanford Business School’s Spiraling Sex Scandal
  • For given how closely connected the two appetites appear to be, it would be natural to expect that people would do the same kinds of things with both appetites — that they would pursue both with equal ardor when finally allowed to do so, for example, or with equal abandon for consequence; or conversely, with similar degrees of discipline in the consumption of each. In fact, though, evidence from the advanced West suggests that nearly the opposite seems to be true.  - Is Food the New Sex? (2009)
  • And whether or just how much his boss, motivated by his ardor for Phills’s wife, had it in for him surely mattered.  - Inside Stanford Business School’s Spiraling Sex Scandal

Meaning of "ardor" in English

  • feelings of great warmth and intensity
  • intense feeling of love
  • a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)
    - he felt a kind of religious zeal

Meaning of "ardor" in Hindi

  • जोश ( Josh, zosh)
  • उत्साह ( Utsah)
  • उत्सुकता ( Utsukata, utsukataa)
  • उत्साह

Synonyms of "ardor"

  • fervidness
  • fervency
  • fire
  • elan
  • zeal
  • ardour
  • fervor
  • fervour

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