How to use "area" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "area" in popular movie and book plots

  • This area turns out to have a binary star system.  - Foundation and Earth
  • A malfunction threatens the ship with destruction, and Rhysling enters an irradiated area to perform repairs.  - The Green Hills of Earth
  • Weird starts out in the Ferguslie Park area of Paisley in a very underprivileged Catholic family.  - Espedair Street
  • Eight months later, Lockwood returns to the area by chance.  - Wuthering Heights
  • The Nazis take Indy and Marion to an area where the Ark will be opened and tie them to a post to observe.  - Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • They use a cleared area in a military weapons test range in the desert for their work, despite prying and sabotage attempts by unknown agents.  - Rocket Ship Galileo
  • Prince Eddy had visited the area under an assumed name and Annie is unaware of her husband's royal position.  - From Hell
  • SEN eventually escapes to an area reserved for the monks of OMM, where a lone monk notices that SEN has no identification badge.  - THX 1138
  • Watson tracks the second man he saw in the area and discovers it to be Holmes, investigating independently in hopes of a faster resolution.  - The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • A frightened Sloane seizes the captain but he gains her trust, and they escape the Borg-infested area of the ship by using the holodeck.  - Star Trek: First Contact
  • He takes some photos of the area and the strange plateau on the southern end of Rama's landmass.  - Rendezvous with Rama
  • The Ringworld has a habitable, flat inner surface equivalent in area to approximately three million Earth-sized planets.  - Ringworld
  • A few days later, reporter Goro Maki is sailing in the area and finds the vessel intact but deserted.  - The Return of Godzilla
  • The party is joined by Baron Vordenburg, the descendant of the hero who rid the area of vampires long ago.  - Carmilla
  • The following day, Craig and his partner drive to the area around Lake Marsh.  - Bride of the Monster
  • Once developed, gross floor area was expected to be 100,000 m².  - Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong)

Meaning of "area" in English

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