How to use "audacious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "audacious" in popular movie and book plots

  • American viewers who aren’t Sino-cinema buffs might balk, but Snow Zou’s directorial debut does have a few noteworthy attributes: attractive stars, sun-dappled cinematography and an audacious payoff.  - But Always
  • Rallying a boyhood dream and his own teenage obsession, 35-year-old Teddy leads his very ordinary cricket team into the extraordinary heart of India, on an audacious three match tour and a mission to meet cricketing legend, Sachin Tendulkar.  - Save Your Legs!
  • Eventually, Badger’s keen observation leads them to realise the truth, and they must now rescue the real Toad before the weasels put an even more audacious plan into action and Toad becomes the weasel's slave forever.  - A Tale of Two Toads
  • The stakes could not be higher as they plan an audacious heist in Berlin.  - St George's Day (film)
  • Mandel steals the diamond in an audacious smash-and-grab raid but the crime is witnessed by Starr and Lady Susan, who happen to be passing at the time.  - The Star Reporter
  • Canadian Commando Major Jamie Wilson (Lloyd Bridges), plans an audacious Combined Operations raid on the Axis held French port of Le Clare; if destroyed, the Germans would be stripped of the only dry dock capable of servicing their large battleships.  - Attack on the Iron Coast
  • Aside from the breakneck pace and a playful, audacious style, the novel's strength (as many critics have observed) is the characterisation of the principals: Ax Preston, Sage Pender, and especially Fiorinda (real name, Frances), the teenage "rock and roll princess" with a hideous past.  - Bold as Love (novel)
  • Devoid of hope, he makes an audacious decision to turn to seemingly the last person who can help, an old man (Louis Rolston) that he meets in the public toilets.  - James (2008 film)
  • Luis's character and his audacious deception operation was closely modeled on that of Juan Pujol García, code-named GARBO by the British, and ARABEL by the Germans.  - The Eldorado Network
  • Faced by stringent public criticism for their failure to tackle the audacious crimes, Sub-Inspector Arumugam arrives in Vijayapuram.  - Malaikkallan
  • Dick vows revenge on the King for all this, and begins to gather his friends to attempt an audacious robbery on the king's treasury beneath Westminster Abbey.  - Heist (2008 film)
  • Using an audacious and violent dash across the only bridge, most of the circus safely escape only to be told that Cernik has paid with his life.  - Man on a Tightrope
  • They make audacious robberies of the rich people and distribute the loot to the poor.  - Cartouche (film)
  • In 1792, at the bloody height of the French Revolution's Reign of Terror, vengeful French mobs are outraged when again and again French aristocrats are saved from death by the audacious "Band of the Scarlet Pimpernel", a secret society of 20 English noblemen, "one to command, and nineteen to obey".  - The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934 film)
  • On his way out, Norman helps Miss Bacon (Margaret Rutherford) carry her bulging suitcases, unaware that she is an audacious shoplifter.  - Trouble in Store
  • Meanwhile, an audacious gang is robbing payrolls.  - Gideon's Day (film)
  • Humans do not possess faster-than-light ships, but in order to survive as a species have taken the audacious tactic of using generational starships, in the hopes that their descendants will one day arrive at a new planet.  - Rescue Party
  • This project is an audacious and desperate mission to sail a spaceship carved out of a piece of the moon herself out through the spheres, to catch a piece of the sun and bring it back to earth to annihilate the Middler capital city.  - Celestial Matters
  • Bougainville and her grandson, Lee Tong, have entered into an audacious plan with the Soviet Union to engineer the kidnapping of the President of the United States, the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore of the Senate, the next three men in the line of succession to the presidency, as part of a project code-named Huckleberry Finn.  - Deep Six (novel)
  • Along with clues he had left, the previous encounters between the two men in the Army had convinced Gruen that only Meade could have pulled off the audacious hijacking.  - The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper
  • Bonanno's audacious goal was to take over the National Crime Syndicate and make Magliocco his right hand man.  - Joseph Magliocco
  • In the end, at the successful conclusion of her incredibly audacious scheme to unite Cecelia and Charlbury and free Rivenhall from his obligations to his fiancée, Rivenhall proposes, with Sophy accepting.  - The Grand Sophy
  • Desperate to find any solution that can save the nation from national bankruptcy, the President of the United States looks to Dirk Pitt and NUMA to pull off an audacious double salvage operation.  - Night Probe!
  • Abbershaw reveals that he has burned their document, the plans for an audacious crime, and the party is locked upstairs, while the gang prepare to leave the house, leaving it on fire with the guests trapped inside.  - The Crime at Black Dudley
  • After a series of setbacks, including losing his aircraft in a crash and seeing the qualification requirements include a college degree beyond his means, Doug begins to plan an audacious feat, flying across the Atlantic just like Charles Lindbergh (who also did not have a college education), to prove his exceptional ability.  - The Flying Irishman
  • William is shocked by Nick's audacious behavior and threatens to sue him for statutory rape.  - Twisted Desire
  • A powerful wizard named Thugra Khotan is awoken from his three-thousand year sleep by an audacious yet unlucky Zamoran thief named Shevatas (he does not survive the experience).  - Black Colossus
  • After discovering that the Titanic is intact they set out on audacious plan to patch all of the holes and then raise the wreck using compressed air.  - Raise the Titanic!
  • Pyetr is one of the town's audacious young men, and one day he is attacked and wounded by old Yurishev for having a liaison with his young wife.  - Rusalka (book)
  • He has summoned a band of ramshackle space pirates called Gaztaks to help him in an audacious plan, and their leaders Grugger and Brotadac are greedy enough to try.  - Meglos
  • Poole's audacious plan succeeds, but with an unexpected side effect.  - Timelike Infinity
  • They recruit four more women with special skills and connections to help them carry out their audacious goal.  - Angels Revenge
  • He is rewarded when the signal noise is also observed in a laboratory at Columbia University (a nod "Tachyons were the sort of audacious idea that comes to young minds used to roving over the horizon of conventional thought.  - Timescape
  • Simultaneously with the reversal in the Atlantic, the SACEUR, a renowned poker player, makes an audacious gamble in the face of a final Soviet offensive that pushes NATO ground forces to the breaking point, launching an unexpected flanking manoeuvre that places heavy NATO forces in the rear of the Soviet spearhead, cutting their last Category A regular army units off behind two different rivers and interdicting their supplies.  - Red Storm Rising
  • The audacious play, a shockingly straightforward parallel of the good doctor's own misogynist domination of his virginal bride, is titled "The Crimes of Love".  - Quills
  • The audacious Zorba tries to persuade Basil into making a move on the much older Madame Hortense, but when he is understandably reluctant, Zorba seizes the opportunity, and they form a relationship.  - Zorba the Greek (film)

Example sentences for "audacious" in interesting articles

  • The network was created by India's retail banks and backed by India's central bank—and they're confident it will work because it's built on top of an even more audacious project: India's biometrics-enabled national ID system, called Aadhaar after the Hindi word for foundation.So far, India's attempt to assign every citizen a unique 12-digit number associated with a person's unique iris, fingerprint or facial features, is succeeding—just last week, Aadhaar reached its milestone of registering 1 billion people.  - India's Plan to Bring Digital Banking to 1.2B People
  • Wartime CEO neither indulges consensus-building nor tolerates disagreements. Peacetime CEO sets big, hairy audacious goals.  - Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO
  • The attack was one of war's few unalloyed successes.Again, the idea for these huge multiple blows came from John Norton-Griffiths, who first put forward the audacious proposal two years earlier in 1915.When the war ended, 12 of the 18 original Manchester Moles had survived.Barton believes WWI was truly a war of engineers.  - The sewer men who changed the war
  • Sometimes, they’re audacious enough to arrive with a barge and crane and bring up heavier pieces.  - Thieves Who Steal Sunken Warships, Right Down to the Bolts
  • It was an audacious idea in the early 1970s, when the ability to read brain signals was crude at best.  - The Bunny, the Witch, and the War Room
  • Why not do the right thing?” So began one of the nation’s most audacious exercises in education reform.  - A Test for School Reform in Newark
  • It was an audacious federal intrusion into education policy.  - The Myth of Chinese Super Schools
  • The government managed to plan this audacious policy, printing billions of new notes without anyone letting slip what was happening.Reportedly, even senior members of the cabinet were not told what was being planned, for fear that if word got out the entire policy would be undermined.  - Why India wiped out 86% of its cash overnight
  • Net Authority would never soar to the same heights of popularity in its new incarnation, but it still managed to snag a little taste of infamy from time to time. —Clip from The Now Show, BBC, 13 July 2007 Thinking back on those times and browsing through my old Perl code surfaces feelings of amusement, but also a bit of horror at just how audacious I was.  - Trolling the Entire Internet
  • And at this meeting, Chehade engaged in some audacious private Internet diplomacy.  - The core Internet institutions abandon the US Government
  • It has brought together an improbable alliance of diplomats and military engineers, young programmers and dissidents from at least a dozen countries, many of whom variously describe the new approach as more audacious and clever and, yes, cooler. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Sometimes the State Department is simply taking advantage of enterprising dissidents who have found ways to get around government censorship.  - U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

Meaning of "audacious" in English

  • disposed to venture or take risks
    - an audacious interpretation of two Jacobean dramas
    - the most daring of contemporary fiction writers
    - a venturesome investor
    - a venturous spirit
  • unrestrained by convention or propriety
    - a barefaced hypocrite
    - the most bodacious display of tourism this side of Anaheim
    - bald-faced lies
    - brazen arrogance
    - the modern world with its quick material successes and insolent belief in the boundless possibilities of progress
  • invulnerable to fear or intimidation
    - fearless reporters and photographers
    - intrepid pioneers

Meaning of "audacious" in Hindi

  • ढीठ ( Dhith, dheeth)
  • धृष्ट ( Dhrisht)
  • अक्खड ( Akkhad)
  • उजड्ड ( Ujadd, uzadd)
  • साहसी ( Sahasi, sahasee)
  • निडर ( Nidar)
  • अक्खड़ ( Akkhad)

Synonyms of "audacious"

  • brave
  • intrepid
  • venturous
  • fearless
  • barefaced
  • dauntless
  • venturesome
  • unfearing
  • bald faced
  • bodacious
  • brazen faced
  • brassy
  • insolent
  • brazen
  • daring

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