How to use "aura" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "aura" in popular movie and book plots

  • Her strong aura causes all around her in Obernewtyn to experience nightmares.  - The Keeping Place
  • While driving he sees his own aura in the rear view mirror.  - White Noise: The Light
  • Berem was overcome with greed and proceeded to pry one of the emeralds loose but Jasla sensed the sacred aura of the place.  - Dragons of Spring Dawning
  • Her green eyes, black hair, pale skin, and vampiric traces in her aura were all from him and Jazlyn could not look at her.  - Demon in My View
  • It still, however, retains an aura of great respect for both Alexander and Philip as the birthplace of Greece's high culture.  - Fire from Heaven
  • Kit is making a spell intended to surround him with an aura of fearlessness.  - So You Want to Be a Wizard
  • Ash, surrounded by a glowing aura from the newly rebuilt Sea Crown, pursues Phantom and retrieves Manaphy.  - Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
  • Which type of power they can use depends on their aura and what they are taught.  - Psychic Academy
  • Witnesses say that when Miss Arundell spoke, a luminous aura came from her mouth, billowing like a spirit.  - Dumb Witness
  • Quark shows an interest in Luna as well, remarking that she has a familiar aura about her.  - Lunar: The Silver Star
  • As the bulldozer is electrified, the alien entity emerges as an aura around the machine, then finally fades.  - Killdozer! (film)
  • As the two aliens fight, their innate powers radiate, cloaking them with an energy aura that threatens to damage the ship.  - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
  • However, an ominous black aura fills the skies as a dark creature, named Nightmare, emerges from the fountain.  - Kirby's Adventure
  • There is a dim aura of good if detected for.  - Tomb of Horrors
  • It has an aura about it that makes everyone acknowledge that it is sacred, but it is frightening as well.  - To a God Unknown
  • Yusuke collects the three treasures with the aid of his new technique, the "Rei Gun", a shot of aura or fired mentally from his index finger.  - Yu Yu Hakusho

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