How to use "autonomous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "autonomous" in popular movie and book plots

  • When a group of friends sets out to use the abandoned Bodega Bay Inn as a party spot, they find out first-hand that the bizarre local folklore is more truth than fantasy as an army of twisted autonomous Puppets have their way with the trespassing teens.  - Puppet Master (Action Lab Comics)
  • After a dispute over he and his friend Freddie (Aaron Abrams) being shorted in their pay after completing work, Taylor finds himself in a confrontation with police officer Alex Park (Sung Kang) and the many autonomous robot drones backing up the officer.  - Code 8
  • The team, including Professor Anders, reach the Cartographer’s map room despite being attacked by autonomous machines (Sentinels) that maintain the Ark.  - Halo Wars 2
  • After Ooya's failed attempt to defeat Junerin, his boss, Shimada decides to fight her for real, only for Kana to stop worrying about being a coward and fight back by manually controlling Junerin, who was autonomous throughout her fights.  - Kirameki Project
  • The Ministry of Time is the best kept secret of the Spanish state: an autonomous government institution that reports directly to the Prime Minister.  - El ministerio del tiempo
  • To confront the hostile force, Instructor Walter Stingray selects Bren to pilot a prototype VS equipped with a next-generation AI, capable of even autonomous behaviour.  - E.X. Troopers
  • Joined by William Dunbar, who has finally been accepted as the sixth Lyoko warrior, and an unreliable girl-genius named Laura Gauthier, the seven heroes are bent on unraveling the reasons for such a return and to exterminateANA, the malevolently evil sentient, autonomous artificial intelligence/multi-agent system that is threatening the world once again.  - Code Lyoko: Evolution
  • The two Italian authors argue that the Dutch entourage of William of Orange was secretly funded by the Odescalchi family, a dynasty of bankers, before William was old enough to conceive and undertake an autonomous political strategy.  - Imprimatur (novel)
  • They are taken to the base of the Autobots, where their leader Optimus Prime explains he and his team (consisting of Ratchet, Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee) are autonomous alien robots from the planet Cybertron.  - Transformers: Prime
  • Kittel sees the punishment as demonstrative of autonomous and responsible Jewish rule in the ghetto, and promotes Gens to ruler of the ghetto, while dissolving the Jewish council.  - Ghetto (play)
  • There he encounters an autonomous civilization whose technological and architectural level Schuiten locates exactly at the segue between Medieval Gothic art and the early Renaissance period.  - La Tour (comics)
  • He announces his suspicion that a virus has infected the system while the museum was being converted to complete autonomous computer control.  - Museum Madness
  • SATO announces to Mortimer that he managed to create autonomous flying androids, such the Ryū seen at the airport and Ozu, a Dead Ringer for the cybernetician.  - Professor Sató's Three Formulae, Volume 1: Mortimer in Tokyo
  • Humanity, having established the Earth Sphere Federation, forms an autonomous peace-keeping force, A-Laws, separate from and above the formal Federation army.  - Mobile Suit Gundam 00
  • The first season of the series has a developing storyline which establishes the primary premise: the host of the lackluster “Cowboy Pat” show, a run-of-the-mill local children’s show that has been on the air for thirty years, disappears in a mysterious flash of light, the oddly autonomous puppet co-host Smilin’ Tom enlists the show’s apathetic late-teen technician to fill his role, a mysterious figure in black named Chip appears to take over the technician’s role, and a bumbling detective arrives to investigate the disappearance.  - Cowboy Who?
  • The autonomous machines they craft live on long after them, going on and evolving.  - In the Ocean of Night
  • Varzil also hints that the era of hundreds of autonomous kingdoms must come to an end if Darkover wants peace.  - Two to Conquer
  • The player then reunites with Liv's brother Eddy, though Eddy is soon injured by Scythe's Katana after gloating over his victory with an autonomous decoy.  - Custom Robo Arena
  • The stakes are raised at the end of the book, when it is revealed that the autonomous financial software has evolved into an intelligent form, which might cause the paranoid US/UN to make a "clean break" with Earth, knocking the planet back to the Stone Age with the orbital defense lasers.  - The Star Fraction
  • This isolated and largely autonomous island begins to be plagued by a string of gruesome murders.  - Blood Rain (film)
  • Soon there is no longer a single United States; California and Texas form de facto independent nations, with autonomous military forces and currencies.  - Warday
  • A set of autonomous female Jovians, similar to Joe but lacking a human controller such as Anglesey, has been launched from the satellite and will soon land on Jupiter.  - Call Me Joe
  • Robbins awakens inside the Insiders' camp, which is led by a terminally-ill doctor called 'The Father', who put together a cooperative autonomous community with laws opposed to the tyranny of the Outsiders.  - No Escape (1994 film)
  • Paul built a robot named BB (Charles Fleischer), which occasionally displays autonomous behavior, such as being protective of Paul.  - Deadly Friend
  • The autonomous fighter jet is placed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Philippine Sea to learn combat maneuvers from the pilots.  - Stealth (film)
  • Roscoe uses his father's computerized holographic equipment to create a sentient, autonomous humanoid hologram called Loretta to dance for the band.  - Pixel Perfect
  • Alex Harris (Weaver) is the developer of Proteus IV, an extremely advanced and autonomous artificial intelligence program.  - Demon Seed
  • The story portrays a future in which the only cars allowed on the road are those that contain positronic brains; these are autonomous cars and do not require a human driver.  - Sally (short story)
  • Nick Kang (voiced by Russell Wong) being recruited into the autonomous Elite Operations Division of the LAPD at the behest of Chief Wanda Parks (C.  - True Crime: Streets of LA
  • Meanwhile, Bean suspects that Peter is embezzling Ender's military pension to fund the FPE, so he requests that Ender's funds be placed under the control of an autonomous computer.  - Shadow of the Giant
  • As a result, hazardous elements such as the assemblers, the bacteria, and the nanobots were blown into the desert, evolving and eventually forming autonomous swarms.  - Prey (novel)
  • In the series finale, Sandworms of Dune (2007), it is revealed that the autonomous Face Dancers are creations of the reincarnated Omnius and Erasmus but seek to overthrow their machine "masters" as well.  - Bene Tleilax
  • After nearly two years of isolation, the culture shock experienced by the survivors highlights for them and the reader the pain and uncertainty of becoming an adult, by reversing the process abruptly—Each of the students goes from being a self-responsible member of an autonomous community back to being regarded as a youth.  - Tunnel in the Sky

Example sentences for "autonomous" in interesting articles

  • But the death of Akshay Singh, which brought the national spotlight on to the case, forced the government to ask for a probe by the notionally autonomous Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).  - The mystery of India’s deadly exam scam
  • It would be the first autonomous university, and would operate free from Indian politics.  - Why there are so many engineers in India
  • About a few minutes after takeoff, the first stage separates from the top of the rocket and makes a controlled descent back to Earth — either landing on solid ground or on one of the company’s autonomous drone ships in the ocean.  - SpaceX makes aerospace history with successful landing of a used rocket
  • It was meant to be a watershed moment — the upstart ride-hail company bringing autonomous driving to its city of origin, years before most experts predicted we’d begin to see self-driving cars en masse.  - Uber dismissed warnings about its illegal self-driving test for months
  • Urge Resistance Movement Caucasus and all liberation movements in Russia to step up their activities. Updated at 7.54pm GMT 4.30pm GMT Emergency UN security council meeting The UN security council will hold an urgent meeting on the crisis in Ukraine on Saturday after Russia announced plans to send armed forces into the autonomous Crimea region of the former Soviet republic. A diplomat from Luxembourg, president of the 15-nation council this month, said the meeting would take place at 2pm EST (7pm GMT) and was being convened at the request of Britain.  - Ukraine places forces on combat alert and threatens war
  • No matter how fast Level 3's own wires are, broadband consumers will only see speeds as fast as their broadband ISPs will allow — and Taylor says they're not allowing much. He bases his assertions on the fact that of Level 3's 51 direct interconnections around the world with other autonomous networks — big chunks of the Internet controlled by large companies — six are permanently at peak capacity, resulting in traffic congestion, lost data and slower speeds.  - The Case Against Time Warner-Comcast Just Got Stronger
  • Warehouses run by Gap, as well as Zappos and Staples now use autonomous robots to pluck products from their shelves and send them to you.  - Autonomous Robots Invade Retail Warehouses
  • San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Menu Skip to contentNewsEventsResourcesOur WorkAboutSearchGet InvolvedMembers Search for: Toggle Navigation Home > News > A Warning to People Who Bike: Self-Driving Ubers and Right Hook Turns A Warning to People Who Bike: Self-Driving Ubers and Right Hook Turns By Brian Wiedenmeier on December 15, 2016 Before the surprise launch of Uber’s autonomous vehicles on San Francisco streets this week, I rode in one.  - A Warning to People Who Bike: Self-Driving Ubers and Right Hook Turns
  • Church was basically mandatory and women weren’t allowed to speak or be autonomous people.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • Many residents in the northern parts of the autonomous region of Bougainville sought higher ground amid warnings that tsunami waves were possible."The town residents have vacated the whole place; those in the villages live higher up, so they're ok, it’s just those near the coast," local resident Christabel Biasu told Reuters by phone.Quakes are common in Papua New Guinea, which sits on the Pacific's "Ring of Fire", a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.  - Tsunami warning issued after magnitude 7.9 quake hits east of Papua New Guinea
  • The remaining 0.1 percent of the systems, involving ready, cold spares on shelves, autonomous computers on the South Pole, and similar systems, get 20 years to update stored tables rather than six months to do so.  - The One-second War (What Time Will You Die?)
  • Huge new cultural pressures, such as religions with moralizing gods, were needed to turn foragers into farmers. But at work farmers are mostly autonomous and treated as the equal of workers around them.  - School Is to Submit
  • Instead of spending their time in autonomous shifting make-believe, children were supplied with ever more specific toys for play and predetermined scripts.  - Standing Still Predicts School Success Better Than IQ
  • Church was basically mandatory and women weren’t allowed to speak or be autonomous people.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • The difference is you become an autonomous practitioner pretty much right out of school and have the ability to find your own job, negotiate a salary and work hours, and not go through 8 grueling years of internship, residency, and fellowship.  - Be a nurse or P.A. instead of a doctor: the underrated perils of medical school
  • Building an extremely affordable autonomous taxi service.Jul 15, 2013Reinventing the SchoolEducation is in trouble, let’s fix itThere is nothing more fundamental to a successful society than a well-educated population.  - Reinventing the School
  • Cities are already, partially autonomous states as their population and infrastructures many often exceed the countries in which they are located in.  - Are cities the new countries?
  • Image copyright MIT Image caption Riders of MIT's Persuasive Electric Vehicle do not need to wear a helmet "It's an autonomous bicycle that comes to you wherever you are, drops you off at your destination and goes on its way.  - The bicycle is making a comeback in US cities
  • Unmanned boats and submarines will travel 500km (300 miles) across an area off the southwestern tip of the UK.The aim is to test new technologies and to map marine life in a key fishing ground.In total, seven autonomous machines are being released in a trial heralded as a new era of robotic research at sea.  - Big robot fleet takes to UK waters

Meaning of "autonomous" in English

  • (of persons) free from external control and constraint in e.g. action and judgment
  • existing as an independent entity
  • (of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces
    - a sovereign state

Meaning of "autonomous" in Hindi

  • स्वायत्त ( Svayatt, svaayatt, swayatt)
  • स्वतन्त्र ( Svatantr, swatantr)
  • स्वायत्तशासी ( Svayattashasi, svaayattashaasee, swayattashasi)
  • स्वशासी ( Svashasi, svashaasee, swashasi)

Synonyms of "autonomous"

  • self directed
  • independent
  • sovereign
  • self governing
  • self reliant

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