How to use "awareness" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "awareness" in popular movie and book plots

  • " which Soe would calmly respond with his awareness that freedom has a price tag that must be paid.  - Gie
  • " and starts to daydream, losing awareness of her surroundings.  - Shuffle!
  • He dons a pair of black eyeshades and practises (badly) his awareness of his surroundings by use of his other senses.  - Partners in Crime (short story collection)
  • At the hearing, Naylor admits to the dangers of smoking but argues that public awareness is already high enough without extra warnings.  - Thank You for Smoking
  • ” These boys are on the brink of sexual awareness and, awed by the mystery of the opposite sex, are hungry for knowledge.  - Araby (short story)
  • He also fails to raise civic awareness due to pervasive corruption and a general lack of seriousness.  - Anniyan
  • Content to die, she signs a document given to her by doctors at the nursing home with very little awareness as to what it is.  - Turnabout (Haddix novel)
  • The lawyer gives no indication of awareness that Siddhu had stolen an equal amount of money.  - Ghulam (film)
  • He takes a hidden time-bomb to a session with the children and tries to block their awareness of the bomb by visualizing a brick wall.  - Village of the Damned (1960 film)
  • This is a tale of growing up, falling in love, awareness of life and death, and desire to move forward.  - Full Moon o Sagashite
  • Vijay, the older brother, grows up with an acute awareness of his father's failure and is victimized for his father's supposed misdeeds.  - Deewaar
  • After attending a rape awareness rally with Taryn, Kristen asks to spend the night.  - Higher Learning
  • The new conscious being, now known as 'Ship', gains a level of awareness that allows it to manipulate space and time.  - The Jesus Incident
  • Novak reminds Deane of a painful memory to reawaken her awareness that she is in Stargher's mind.  - The Cell
  • Julie learns through direct lessons about balance, co-ordination, awareness and respect for all life.  - The Next Karate Kid
  • His and Jean's awareness of each other occurs as Lionel picks up Judith for a dinner date.  - As Time Goes By (TV series)

Meaning of "awareness" in English

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Meaning of "awareness" in Hindi

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