How to use "bag" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "bag" in popular movie and book plots

  • Thinking his problems are over, Steven takes a shower, but Emily sees the empty bag that contained the money.  - A Perfect Murder
  • Charleen has her husband's cremated remains in a bag inside a box and tries to get rid of them but can't bring herself to do it.  - Time Indefinite
  • Shadow gives Odin Wednesday's glass eye, which Odin places in a leather bag as a keepsake.  - American Gods
  • At their first port in Spanish America, where they will sign on more crew, Silver steals a bag of money and escapes.  - Treasure Island
  • While speaking with the ticket agent, she notices a bag just like hers in the luggage pile behind her.  - Mirror Image (The Twilight Zone)
  • After killing the train driver, Payne attempts a bribe with the ransom money but is enraged when a paint bomb in the money bag goes off.  - Speed (1994 film)
  • McClane steals Heinrich's bag containing C-4 explosives and detonators.  - Die Hard
  • The key from Margot's bag does not work, so he uses the hidden key to open the door, proving his guilt.  - Dial M for Murder
  • Duff packs his bag and leaves their house, telling Josie that he will write her when he is on his feet again.  - Nothing But a Man
  • Junior newspaper reporter Hector Puncheon has a beer in a pub, and discovers later that someone put a bag of cocaine in his coat pocket.  - Murder Must Advertise
  • A blond woman sabotages their performance by placing a bag in the piano, which causes a fight with Hank.  - The Broadway Melody
  • When she comes to, she finds a bag of jewels overlooked in the confusion.  - The Good Earth (film)
  • Bob steals her bag and leaves just as Luc arrives.  - French Kiss (1995 film)
  • Jane and Ricky bond over what Ricky considers the most beautiful imagery he has filmed: a plastic bag being blown in the wind.  - American Beauty (1999 film)
  • One day when Léon heads out for an apparent assignment, Mathilda fills a bag with guns from Léon's collection and sets out to kill Stansfield.  - Léon: The Professional
  • When Winter bails them out, they discover that the bag containing the camera was taken from Claire while she was drugged with sleeping pills.  - Until the End of the World

Meaning of "bag" in English

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Meaning of "bag" in Hindi

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