How to use "balance" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "balance" in popular movie and book plots

  • With his arm in a sling, he loses his balance and falls through a plate glass window.  - Everwood
  • To end the debate, a balance is brought in and each are told to tell a few lines into it.  - The Frogs
  • The balance of power then tipped.  - Mother Earth (novelette)
  • Agnes retorts, “There is a balance to be maintained.  - A Delicate Balance (play)
  • This revelation causes her to question her loyalty to the Dominion and could upset the balance of power within the galaxy.  - StarCraft: Ghost
  • But the balance of power in the country is shifting.  - Disgrace
  • In the end, the emperor decides that Riose is a threat to his status and to the balance of the Empire and recalls him to Trantor.  - Foundation and Empire
  • However, these aspects are included as part of a larger story, which in turn balance its educational content with entertainment.  - Turey El Taíno
  • Morgan's school grades begin to slip and she finds herself having difficulty finding a balance between her school work and a life of Wicca.  - Sweep (book series)
  • They also try to minimize their interaction with characters of other worlds to maintain a balance of separation.  - Kingdom Hearts (video game)
  • He watches keenly and calmly as this attack progresses, assessing the balance of the struggle and giving appropriate orders.  - Napoléon (1927 film)
  • Joe becomes Tom Jarrett and the cosmic balance is restored.  - Heaven Can Wait (1978 film)
  • His psychological balance is thrown off by a prank by fellow contender Ken Waller, who steals Katz's lucky shirt before the competition.  - Pumping Iron
  • Gollum gloats over getting his precious back, but he ends up losing his balance and falls to death and takes the Ring with him.  - The Return of the King
  • Marmee advises Meg on how to balance caring for her children and being with her husband.  - Little Women
  • McGoohan stated that the series aimed to demonstrate a balance between the two points.  - The Prisoner

Meaning of "balance" in English

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Meaning of "balance" in Hindi

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