How to use "banal" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "banal" in popular movie and book plots

  • Toshio (Furutachi), his wife Akie (Tsutsui), and their daughter Hotaru (Shinokawa) live a banal existence.  - Harmonium (film)
  • His is a "roman de quelques heures, d'une action banale, d'un personnage quelconque"—a novel whose narrative time is only a few hours, of a banal action, with a random [main] character.  - Les lauriers sont coupés
  • In this bitter comedy of errors, the life of middle-aged bank employee Fabio Bonetti is shaken up by the discovery that, due to a banal swap of identity, a private investigator has followed his wife Lidia (Monica Vitti) for the past five weeks, instead of the rich wife of the landlord, Elena Vitali.  - I Know That You Know That I Know
  • Late one night, the ghost of Julie appears to him, striking palpable terror into his banal existence.  - The Hagstone Demon
  • And it would all be utterly banal and unimportant were it not for fact that behind this tragedy lies the pure, true love of two people who find each other in this cruel world: Kuduz and Badema's five-year-old daughter Amela.  - Kuduz
  • The film begins as Marcia (Tatiana Saphir), a frumpy and overweight salesgirl who seems to lead a banal and dreary existence, goes to work one day.  - Tan de repente
  • Satyaveer, an aspiring writer whose only novel Manorama sank without a trace, laments about how he had once wished to be famous but is now resigned to a banal and unremarkable existence.  - Manorama Six Feet Under
  • The film begins with a dream sequence where Khosla sees his death, the irony being that nobody really cares about his demise; instead his children and neighbours are more occupied with banal small talk.  - Khosla Ka Ghosla
  • The apparently banal appearance of the mother at the fridge, on the other hand, is in fact fantasized by the grieving child.  - Cría Cuervos
  • The plot is initially the banal daily routine of a rich woman taking her son to piano lessons, and conversing with a working class man in a café, drinking wine all the way, then reaches a scandal at a dinner party in chapter 7, followed by a denouement in the final chapter.  - Moderato Cantabile
  • For Seo-hyun, life is a series of banal routines, but she is well provided with upper class comforts.  - An Affair
  • As the film ends, Domenico has obtained this 'job for life', committing himself to the desperation of a banal career.  - Il Posto
  • While he once thought of war as glorious, the narrator is forced to reassess his own patriotic ideals as his friends begin to die; this begins with the rather banal death of Brown.  - Generals Die in Bed
  • While Eilonwy is introduced to the ladies, the banal tedium of life at court, and the maxims of proper ladylike conduct, Taran meets his frequent companion Fflewddur Fflam - who, again having become wearied with the mundane duties of presiding over his peaceful but small hereditary kingdom, is living in the stables as a bard - and a traveling shoemaker, who turns out to be none other than Prince Gwydion.  - The Castle of Llyr
  • Unable to disclose the dreadful news, her banal and incoherent conversation shocks her prospective mother-in-law, who withdraws without seeking an explanation.  - Waterloo Bridge (1940 film)
  • All of the film's sexual interplay is banal instead of erotic, and one client, an American wearing a shirt with his country's flag, demands the women he has hired wear airline shopping bags over their heads.  - Two or Three Things I Know About Her
  • In other words, between someone who intensely lives the little time left to him and someone who is rich with time to spend idly and irresponsibly, waiting for the morning train and entirely absorbed by the banal contretemps.  - The Man with the Flower in His Mouth
  • Michael says that while he enjoys how he makes a lot more money now than he did as a starving artist, he finds the job itself to be emotionally banal and unrewarding.  - Tick, Tick... Boom!
  • The book ends as it began, with Bateman and his colleagues at a new club on a Friday night, engaging in banal conversation.  - American Psycho

Example sentences for "banal" in interesting articles

  • An industry that never stops lauding itself for its creativity and innovation has built its own success mythology by endlessly repackaging the same banal functions that have existed for about as long as the Web.It seems, though, that SnapChat will be the last big new player in “social” for awhile, at least until the kids get their dander up for something new.  - A critique of trends in tech
  • This would just mean that tech companies whose very mission is to create informational efficiency have coöperated with a technical program that streamlines compliance with legal court orders.If that banal implementation detail is in fact the whole truth of the program, why would Greenwald and MacAskill have alleged direct and unilateral access? When challenged on Twitter, Greenwald replied “Our story is 100% accurate and not a comma has been or will be changed.” He seemed to be sticking by his account.  - The PRISM Details Matter
  • The irony is that amateur innkeepers who couldn’t be trusted with the banal task of photographing and marketing their properties are expected to excel at hospitality’s most important rule: keeping guests safe and alive.The result: Airbnb is willing to send someone to make sure your trees look beautiful in their photos, but won’t deal with whether or not those trees will fall on your head.Disbelief is often the impetus to pull out a smartphone and snap a photo.  - Living and Dying on Airbnb
  • But usually time passed in a haze of banal images of rooftops, walled courtyards, or traffic-snarled intersections.Sitting in the darkness of the control station, Bryant watched people on the other side of the world go about their daily lives, completely unaware of his all-seeing presence wheeling in the sky above.  - Confessions of a Drone Warrior
  • The range of verbs is further cut down by means of the -ize and de- formations, and the banal statements are given an appearance of profundity by means of the not un- formation.  - George Orwell – Politics and the English Language (1946)
  • Is this deadly routine really necessary? And if so, for what? Don't hide behind reading, writing, and arithmetic as a rationale, because 2 million happy homeschoolers have surely put that banal justification to rest.  - Against School - John Taylor Gatto
  • Those untrained in the dark arts of colors, shapes & banal arguments about keming.  - Taking the Robots to Design School
  • So why do Wikileaks and their hacker source Anonymous seem to consider Stratfor, which appears to do little more than combine banal corporate research with media-style freelance researcher arrangements, to be a cross between CIA and Illuminati? The answer is probably a combination of naivete and desperation.  - Stratfor Is a Joke and So Is Wikileaks for Taking It Seriously
  • “Plus it’s not like drip coffee is tough to make.” Which would seem like a pretty banal sentiment, were Sylvan not the inventor of the K-Cup.Almost one in three American homes now has a pod-based coffee machine, even though Sylvan never imagined they would be used outside of offices.  - The K-Cup Coffee Pod Problem

Meaning of "banal" in English

  • repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
    - his remarks were trite and commonplace
    - hackneyed phrases
    - a stock answer
    - repeating threadbare jokes
    - parroting some timeworn axiom
    - the trite metaphor `hard as nails'

Meaning of "banal" in Hindi

  • साधारण ( Sadharan, saadhaaran)
  • मामूली ( Mamuli, maamoolee)
  • तुच्छ ( Tuchchh)
  • अधम ( Adham)
  • नीच ( Nich, neech)

Synonyms of "banal"

  • timeworn
  • hackneyed
  • stock
  • shopworn
  • commonplace
  • threadbare
  • tired
  • old hat
  • well worn
  • trite

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