How to use "behemoth" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "behemoth" in popular movie and book plots

  • They both engage in close combat, but the fight is interrupted by a large behemoth creature.  - Kong: Skull Island
  • Victor and Igor outline a behemoth being known as "Prometheus", but Igor's deepening relationship with Lorelei soon causes a rift between them.  - Victor Frankenstein (film)
  • After another encounter with Besteel and meeting an alien named Rovender Kitt and a large behemoth Otto (identified as a giant water bear by the Omnipod), Eva reunites with Muthr in her (now demolished) home and convinces the Sanctuary computer to allow the robot to escort her to the next underground Sanctuary.  - The Search for WondLa
  • Once completed, the behemoth escapes from the lab and embarks on a killing spree.  - Frankenstein 80
  • Under the claim that the Earthlings' dishonorable, war-like and aggressive ways poses a potential threat to his people, he demands that Earth's greatest champion fight the greatest Scrubb fighter, the behemoth Hun'Ya.  - Superman vs. Muhammad Ali
  • While searching the area, however, they uncover giant mutated earth animals such as giant snakes and lizards, behemoth bugs, oversized mammals.  - The Cyclops (film)
  • Karnes and Bickford try to persuade authorities to close the River Thames, but the military believes their radar tracking systems will be enough to detect the behemoth and prevent it from getting near the city.  - The Giant Behemoth
  • Despite his position as a "Prince" (a ranking prisoner) amongst the Dirty White Boys, a white gang element of the prisoner populace, the rape was ordered as revenge for a slight made by Lamar's retarded, behemoth cousin Odell against the white gang chief.  - Dirty White Boys
  • The Trapper Keeper then absorbs her, but infusing with her ultimately makes the behemoth sick.  - Trapper Keeper (South Park)
  • The slaves, upon seeing Broly, also identify him as the one who destroyed their planet, but Broly again becomes fixated on Goku, and his rage erupts so much that he breaks free of the mind control device and transforms into a behemoth of a Super Saiyan: the Legendary Super Saiyan.  - Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Maruyama holds his own against the behemoth and tells Paifu to start learning how to whistle immediately before they are killed.  - Cowa!
  • Now sporting a line-up of the behemoth ZZ Gundam and the returning Zeta Gundam, Gundam Mk-II and the Hyaku Shiki, the group is nicknamed the Gundam Team.  - Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Example sentences for "behemoth" in interesting articles

  • And companies don't become "non startups" just because they have or acquire money or networks.Besides, I specifically said in the article that if you need some guarantee of steady money you should join companies which are smaller, newer and nimbler than the average services behemoth but still have money (or as you put it "deep pockets") and are prbeyond the "garage" stage.  - Why startups in India find it hard to hire devs
  • Without any fancy programming or a highly trained team, a college graduate (albeit one who is now interning at Google) with just a URL, was able to compromise the behemoth that is our educational system.Das seemed confused about how easy it was.  - College grad hacks ICSE, ISC results, shows up Indias cyber flaws
  • What was most insulting to a Facebooker was his studiously avoiding mentioning the social-media behemoth in public statements, as if the very raison d’être for his now towering presence at Google didn’t even exist.  - How Mark Zuckerberg Led Facebook’s War on Google Plus
  • Do they really trust the behemoth corporations that happily assisted the government in eavesdropping on everyone more than a government-imposed regulation that says nobody can control the Internet’s content? Hard-right nutjobs would allow corporate executives to rape and sodomize them in their own homes as long as Glenn Beck was there to tell them that it’s good for them while it happened. Reply SwwetKreaminIt July 6, 2015 at 7:02 am In reply to Chad.  - Comcast Declares War on Tor?
  • GAMBIT 1 carried about 3,000 feet (914 meters) of film, while GAMBIT 3 was packed with 12,241 feet (3,731 meters) of film, NRO records show. The behemoth HEXAGON was launched with 60 miles (320,000 feet) of film! This image shows the flight profile for the NRO's GAMBIT 3 spy satellite missions between 1966 and 1984.  - Declassified US Spy Satellites Reveal Rare Look at Secret Cold War Space Program
  • He says it’s the very construction of these behemoth ships that makes them so appealing to illegal salvagers.  - Thieves Who Steal Sunken Warships, Right Down to the Bolts
  • Ours is the Caiman model, a 6x6 behemoth that weighs in at over 15 tons and makes Humvees shrivel up with feelings of inadequacy." Hinds goes on to say that perhaps the vehicle was irresistible to school police officials who were taken with its price – nothing – and its promise of capability.  - San Diego School District's New 18-Ton Armored Vehicle
  • We did our shows at Roosevelt Stadium, a grungy behemoth that could hold 60,000, counting seats on the grass.  - The Pink Floyd Night School
  • Framed on the wall in the factory's reception is a typewritten letter - the company's very first furniture-making order from Ikea in 1952. Image copyright Gyllensvaans Mobler Ikea was not, back then, the global behemoth of today, with stores in dozens of countries and turnover in the tens of billions.  - How Ikea's Billy bookcase took over the world

Meaning of "behemoth" in English

  • a person of exceptional importance and reputation
  • someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful

Meaning of "behemoth" in Hindi

  • विशालकाय ( Vishalakay, vishaalakaay, wishalakay)
  • विशालकाय पशु ( Vishalakay pashu, vishaalakaay pashu, wishalakay pashu)

Synonyms of "behemoth"

  • heavyweight
  • monster
  • goliath
  • titan
  • giant
  • colossus

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