How to use "belie" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "belie" in popular movie and book plots

  • Mac is proficient at cards which belie his youthful looks.  - Florida Straits (film)
  • Jun is enamored by the possibility of living in Panimdim, little suspecting that the tribesmen’s pacifistic exteriors belie a terrible secret.  - Dagim
  • They try to be nice to one another, but their thinly veiled snide comments and forced attitude belie their discomfiture.  - Divided We Stand

Example sentences for "belie" in interesting articles

  • Many Asian cuisines have been shown to belie the trend by favoring dishes with ingredients that don't overlap in flavor.  - Data-Crunching Indian Recipes
  • You pretend you know a lot about China, but these mistakes belie a biased ignorance. a censored twitter where you must register with your real name and passport number Only in certain cities, and only just recently (who knows if it will even stay around). shoddily and hastily assembled and have none of the quality or convenience the originals had. Another lie, and spoken like someone who has never really used them.  - Living in China, let me tell you what life is like with restricted internet
  • A frumpy beige Web-site palette and pragmatic voice belie a refreshingly frank, at times even raunchy, dialogue; postings in the comments section can swell into the high hundreds—interestingly, the majority of them from men.  - All the Single Ladies
  • A related concern is the “privacy paradox,” in which users’ voluntary actions online seem to belie their own stated values concerning privacy.  - Social Networking and Ethics (2015)

Meaning of "belie" in English

  • represent falsely
  • be in contradiction with

Meaning of "belie" in Hindi

  • झूठा करना ( Jhutha karana, jhoothaa karanaa, zhutha karana)
  • झुठलाना ( Jhuthalana, jhuthalanaa, zhuthalana)
  • मिथ्या प्रमाणित करना ( Mithya pramanit karana, mithyaa pramanit karanaa)
  • दोषारोपण करना ( Dosharopan karana, doshaaropan karanaa)
  • खोटा करना ( Khota karana, khotaa karanaa)
  • मिथ्या सिद्ध करना ( Mithya siddh karana, mithyaa siddh karanaa)
  • झूठा साबित करना ( Jhutha sabit karana, jhoothaa saabit karanaa, zhutha sabit karana)
  • मिथ्या साबित करना ( Mithya sabit karana, mithyaa saabit karanaa)

Synonyms of "belie"

  • contradict
  • negate
  • misrepresent

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