How to use "beneficent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "beneficent" in popular movie and book plots

  • He enters and describes his beneficent ruling ("Hear.  - The Monks of Malabar
  • Eagles, which lived nearby, saw the dying babies and swooped down and carried them off, to deposit them in a nearby valley where they were then suckled by beneficent deer.  - The Cleft
  • The scientists are surprised to discover that McKenzie and some of the ship's residents are not interested in being "rescued", and that there are outcasts and rebels opposed to McKenzie's seemingly beneficent leadership, which also includes brutal discipline, mandatory contraception, euthanasia, and outright murder disguised as a mysterious disease.  - Goliath Awaits
  • To restore civilisation and social order in the afflicted Northern Hemisphere, a 'Black Attila', General Cicero Hood, leads an African army to beneficent if paternalist conquest of Europe and an apocalyptic war against the United States featuring the "vast, moving ziggurat of destruction" of the title.  - The Land Leviathan
  • (The townspeople are convinced that the beneficent intercession of the Virgin Mary has caused the area to flourish, and their belief seems to contain an element of truth for the drough began with the disappearance of the Blessed Mother's statue) The French return to the town and ravage the people.  - The Miracle (1959 film)
  • Instead the humans adopted the role of the beneficent Earthmen, with a distinctive appearance, for instance wearing beards, and created institutions like the School of Divine Law, which, over the years, would result in the disruption of the static society.  - The Dawning Light

Example sentences for "beneficent" in interesting articles

  • Competition is for suckers, and by now Negroponte’s notion of decentralization and harmony has been replaced by Thiel’s beneficent monopoly.But this does not account for the role of the Digital Bandits.  - Sleeping Through a Revolution
  • "This glorious invention was vouchsafed to mankind," he wrote, "that we might salute and converse with one another respectively stationed at remote and isolated points for a nominal sum."  But instead, he continued, "A wicked monopoly has seized hold of this beneficent capacity and design, and made it tributary, by exorbitant tariffs, to a most miserly and despicable greed." It's a largely forgotten story, but one that still has relevance today.  - How Robber Barons hijacked the "Victorian Internet"

Meaning of "beneficent" in English

  • doing or producing good
  • generous in assistance to the poor
    - eleemosynary relief
    - philanthropic contributions

Meaning of "beneficent" in Hindi

  • उपकारी ( Upakari, upakaaree)
  • लाभ उठाना या पहुँचाना ( Labh uthana ya pahunchana, laabh uthanaa yaa pahunchanaa)
  • उदार ( Udar, udaar)

Synonyms of "beneficent"

  • benevolent
  • eleemosynary
  • philanthropic

Antonyms of "beneficent"

  • maleficent

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