How to use "binary" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "binary" in popular movie and book plots

  • Jones discusses finally how Gottfried Leibniz invented the binary system, which is the foundation for modern digital computers.  - The Story of 1
  • A fed-up Janeway jumps on the helm and sets Voyager on a course to fly between the binary stars at full speed.  - Scientific Method (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • The spinship Helix has not yet reached a suitable destination when it receives a distress signal from a binary star system.  - Orphans of the Helix
  • A brief binary code is listed in the album booklet to the left of the song lyrics.  - Room V
  • Originally believed to be a form of energy, Rynax are actually binary life forms that exist in Pairs.  - Kurau Phantom Memory
  • Indeed, whilst binary programming is taught at school, reading and writing have become obsolete.  - Someday (short story)
  • Eventually it becomes apparent that ship is heading towards Spica, a close binary pair in the constellation of Virgo.  - Pushing Ice
  • The Captain learns how vampires can be stopped and decides to steer the Demeter on a course towards a binary star system.  - Dracula 3000
  • Picard places a binary message using iron filings in Data's static memory to leave instructions for his crew in the future.  - Time's Arrow (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Once the pain starts she begins furiously writing in binary code.  - The Message (The Outer Limits)
  • In the past, Herb lived as a recluse in an isolated dome on a remote planet in the binary star system, CY30-CY30B.  - The Divine Invasion
  • Mamoru's jellyfish escapes its tank and reproduces in the drains of the city (possibly by binary fission, since there is only one).  - Bright Future
  • That something turns out to be CTX, a binary liquid explosive developed by the South Korean government.  - Shiri (film)
  • They name their new nation Zero One (or "01", the numerals used in binary notation).  - The Animatrix
  • There is also a digital version to which hackers are especially vulnerable as they are accustomed to processing information in binary form.  - Snow Crash
  • This area turns out to have a binary star system.  - Foundation and Earth

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