How to use "bombastic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "bombastic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Returning to the tower's central core Peter puzzles over the incongruous elements that have no architectural explanation, but in doing so he recognises a similarity between Taut's glass pavilion and guesses he is looking at the magical equivalent of a drilling rig, or refinery, explaining the Faceless Man's interest in unlovable bombastic 1960's architectural overstatement.  - Broken Homes
  • No longer the bombastic conformist he appeared to be, he accepts that he must do what is right to allow his wife and Bruno to atone for their betrayal.  - Jitta's Atonement
  • He meets him at a garish and expensive restaurant, whereupon he is also confronted by Thad's equally bombastic cousin and bodyguard, Dick Dawg.  - Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland
  • Irreducible, Jonas, from the top of its 42 years of expertise, sets up a radical move and announces a bombastic decision: will transfer the seat of Marra to Brazil.  - Geração Brasil
  • Desperate to prevent Christmas from descending into chaos, Wayne seeks out (at the insistence of Magee) the foremost Naughty Kid expert to aid in the mission, a bombastic member of the Coal Elf Brigade who also happens to be his estranged younger (but larger) brother, Noel.  - Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice
  • Complicating matters is the fact that not only is Porter's fiance, Moose (Carlee Avers), in the dining club, but also her old flame, the bombastic and culinarily talented Danny Domenica (Daniel Franzese).  - Foodies (web series)
  • All these plus loads of bombastic twists and turns, literally and figuratively, await the hopefuls.  - Danz Showdown
  • Returning from lunch on an idle Monday, Maple Grove insurance agent Gayle Evans is approached by a bombastic stranger.  - In Gayle We Trust
  • Their childhood is disrupted by the bombastic Irishman who claims blood ties with Wellington and Queen Victoria and so gains uncanny influence over the girls' gross stupid stepmother, Tant Sannie.  - The Story of an African Farm (film)
  • With the help of bombastic director Mac (William Demarest), top-hatted villain portrayer Timmy (Billy De Wolfe), and imperious dramatics coach Julia (Constance Collier), Pearl soon becomes world-famous as the star of such cliffhanging, tied-to-the-railroad-tracks serials as The Perils of Pauline.  - The Perils of Pauline (1947 film)
  • Technical genius chimp Comet gets the scientists to pick them as astronauts to explore the planet and get the probe back, with the help of the fearless lt Luna, and their bombastic commander, Titan.  - Space Chimps
  • He begins to listen to the organ, whose tones anger him with their bombastic nature.  - In the Court of the Dragon
  • When Göring (Spengler) arrives, he first seems cheerful and friendly, but it is soon clear that he is sadistic, bombastic and mentally unstable.  - The Ogre (1996 film)
  • Among those involved in the ensuing shenanigans are Woody Mahoney, a ne'er-do-well dreamer who woos Sharon; his mute sister Susan, who expresses herself in dance; Woody's good friend and business partner Howard, an African-American botanist determined to grow mentholated tobacco; and bombastic Senator Billboard Rawkins, who wears his bigotry as if it were a badge of honor.  - Finian's Rainbow (film)
  • The modern version of the drama centers around the figure of Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, who has become the stereotypical bombastic hero of the kabuki stage, with red-and-white striped makeup and strong, energetic movement.  - Shibaraku
  • Amelia is up to her usual plotting and lists, Emerson is as bombastic as ever, Ramses plays the part of the action hero, and the assistance of Selim and Daoud becomes essential to the Father of Curses and the Sitt Hakim.  - Guardian of the Horizon
  • In seventeenth-century Paris, poet and supreme swordsman Cyrano de Bergerac (José Ferrer) stops a play from being shown because he ostensibly cannot stand the bombastic style of the principal actor, Montfleury (Arthur Blake).  - Cyrano de Bergerac (1950 film)
  • He is of the old, bombastic school of British acting, full of grand gestures and fine oratory.  - The Dresser (1983 film)

Example sentences for "bombastic" in interesting articles

  • “And these are the same people who, when asked, describe the Internet as a positive thing.”We’re now deep into the bombastic buildout of the on-demand economy— with investment in the apps, platforms and services surging exponentially.  - The Shut-In Economy
  • This has been reported in a variety of publications with bombastic headlines such as:Bacon, sausages and ham rank alongside smoking as cancer causes, says WHOBacon, ham and sausages rank alongside cigarettes as a major cause of cancer, the World Health Organisation has said…www.theguardian.comWe all know that smoking cigarettes is really bad for you.  - Processed meats as bad as cigarettes: bad reporting on good science
  • Namrata Damor, according to this postmortem, had killed herself because of a failed relationship. “I want everyone across the country to ask themselves one question,” the country’s most bombastic TV news presenter, Arnab Goswami, bellowed one night in July, waving copies of both postmortem reports on his popular nightly programme.  - The mystery of India’s deadly exam scam
  • One of a handful of areas in the game designed as a dank swamp environment, the Swamp suffers for being a small sliver of an area sandwiched between two zones with more bombastic scenery.  - Forgotten Corners of World of Warcraft
  • In its bombastic language, its omission of policy recommendations, its implication that black women were obstacles to black men’s assuming their proper station, and its unnecessarily covert handling, the Moynihan Report militated against its author’s aims.  - Examining the Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration
  • He is prone to bombastic pronouncements about Minerva, making broad claims about the state of higher education that are at times insightful and at times speculative at best.  - The Future of College?

Meaning of "bombastic" in English

  • ostentatiously lofty in style
    - tumid political prose

Meaning of "bombastic" in Hindi

  • शब्दाडम्बरयुक्त ( Shabdadambarayukt, shabdaadambarayukt)
  • बडे बडे शब्दों से भरा हुआ ( Bade bade shabdon se bhara hu, bade bade shabdon se bharaa huaa)
  • शब्दाडम्बरपूर्ण ( Shabdadambarapurn, shabdaadambarapoorn)
  • बड़े बड़े शब्दों से भरा हुआ
  • बड़े बड़े शब्दों से भरा हुआ ( Bade bade shabdon se bhara hu, bade bade shabdon se bharaa huaa)

Synonyms of "bombastic"

  • turgid
  • tumid
  • orotund
  • large
  • declamatory

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