How to use "brazen" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "brazen" in popular movie and book plots

  • On the eve of a search (equivalent to a brazen robbery) committed by "revolutionary" soldiers and sailors, Auguste and Polina hide gold and jewelry into a statue adorning the walls of their apartment.  - Hello, Fools!
  • However, Alice finds herself charmed by a brazen lie that Billy tells and considers accepting his stories.  - Bright Star (musical)
  • Three friends, Sam (Luke Mitchell), Mike (Jason Ritter) and Owen (Zane Holtz), are forced to commit a brazen robbery.  - 7 Minutes
  • A brazen Schmidt scoffs at Elam's accusations.  - Durant, Nebraska
  • After Rachel makes a brazen sexual pass at Stifler using lacrosse equipment-related innuendos, Rachel and Stifler proceed to have sex on the lacrosse field, while Rachel loudly and passionately agrees with Stifler's proclamations about his manliness.  - American Reunion
  • It began as a contest of strength - a brazen challenge to lure competitors from far away into the main arena of a Queen's castle.  - Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans
  • When Claude is unable to do so, Father Solomon locks him up in a large iron elephant brazen bull.  - Red Riding Hood (2011 film)
  • The company is still brazen enough to rig the tests.  - Orion Burger
  • In actuality, it is a brazen attempt by the groundskeeper to maneuver himself into the man’s house and his life.  - Mister Weed-Eater
  • He fails, and is forced to watch as a brazen bull capsule closes around Joyce and incinerates her.  - Saw 3D
  • Although she freebases, snorts coke throughout the school day, steals guns and sleeps with the town basketball star, she is immediately taken by admiration of Sequan and his brazen nonconformity.  - Rivers Wash Over Me
  • Jesse gets brazen and says he can beat him.  - A Game of Pool (1989 The Twilight Zone)
  • As he says of Waugh's diaries, there is no clear division from the youthful into the adult Waugh and this element of youthfulness always maintained a strong influence on his writing: 'This disconcerting, sometimes vengeful, sometimes pathetic, childishness gives all Waugh's writing an odd innocence, a kind of brazen incorruptibility.  - For Love & Money
  • Believing that only in fighting various martial arts masters can he improve his style, Bruce posts a sign at the gate of his school containing a brazen statement of challenge, "No matter the time, place or person, if I am challenged, I'll be there.  - The Legend of Bruce Lee
  • Carol makes one last brazen attempt to influence his choice and is surprised to learn that, while Jerry is Gifford's favorite, he will not get the job because of a fatal handicap.  - Woman's World (1954 film)
  • The show features the loud and brazen Mumbai Don, Akbar Anna and his intelligent, witty and ever-bankable right hand, Birbal Bhaiya.  - Akbar Birbal Remixed
  • Merde (French for "shit") is the name given to an unkempt, gibberish-spewing subterranean creature of the Tokyo sewers, played by Denis Lavant, who rises from the underground lair where he dwells to attack unsuspecting locals in increasingly brazen and terrifying ways.  - Tokyo!
  • Sir John and Jeremy are sent to East Anglia to investigate smuggling, but when the smugglers turn to murder, Sir John takes it as a brazen assault on the law.  - Smuggler's Moon
  • Both agents realise that this is effectively a death sentence in Afghanistan but consider their best action to brazen it out and travel back to Fort Ghazrael with their Afghan escort.  - Hawk of the Hills (short story)
  • This arrogance attributes to the brazen move to Gotham and a subsequent ninja attack on Batman, which indirectly leads to the discovery of a map of all the known Lazarus Pit locations across the globe.  - The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul
  • Marquis de Marignan is a brazen womanizer who spends most of his life escaping the wrath of husbands he has angered.  - A Gentleman of Paris (1927 film)
  • Ludlow arrogantly declares that Sharona had 'unfettered access', and that in her 'most brazen act' she told Lieutenant Dozier how she did it.  - Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants
  • Candy and Sniper brazen their way out of town and end up at a hotel in Cheyenne.  - Honky Tonk (1941 film)
  • Further thefts follow, leading up to the brazen theft of 1000 head, driven overland to Adelaide with Starlight.  - Robbery Under Arms
  • Even hawkish Butch is surprised, but Albie is the only one who shows reluctance and counsels against such a dangerously brazen move, saying they might lose respect from the other four families, yet Phil remains firmly adamant and orders them to "make it happen".  - The Blue Comet
  • Dinner is also accompanied by musicians playing "fiddles, fifes, trombones and a drum", and though they seem to entertain all the others present, the narrator likens the music to horrible noises (at one point even mentioning the torture and execution device known as the brazen bull).  - The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
  • (The brazen head speaks three times, saying "Time is," "Time was," and "Time is past" — then falls to the floor and shatters.  - Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay
  • The lies quickly spread, and soon the local gossips have distorted the story so much that everybody thinks that Ruth and Romer are having a brazen affair.  - Hot Saturday
  • The Rats then move on to a bowling alley and a movie theater and make their first brazen mass attack on the unsuspecting public.  - Deadly Eyes
  • While Nataraj wasn't sure whether Vasu is a friend or an enemy, he dislikes the company of Vasu because of his brazen actions.  - The Man-Eater of Malgudi
  • He is also admonished by Jane (Joanna Krupa), Christy's sister, for his brazen driving.  - Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon
  • Higgins is impressed by the man's honesty, his natural gift for language, and especially his brazen lack of morals.  - My Fair Lady (film)
  • They extort, beat, and murder their way to the top of the Miami underworld before their dream ends in a brazen shoot out, during which Teddy's thugs kill Wayne and shoot Max.  - Shottas
  • The plowshared guidance system of Item 202, a telepathic featureless brazen head named Ol' Orville, explains that this depression is merely a projection of his own fears of professional and physical impotence.  - The Zap Gun
  • Nick is so brazen that public outrage puts pressure on District Attorney Black (an uncredited Morgan Wallace), who is up for re-election soon.  - Smart Money (1931 film)
  • In an act of brazen hypocrisy Nayrok pleads with Picard to intervene.  - The Hunted (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • In retaliation for Pres refusing to drop his work and accompany her while she shops for a dress, she orders a brazen red one for the most important ball of the year, though an unmarried woman is expected to wear a white dress.  - Jezebel (film)
  • The show is postponed, but Gideon continues his antics from the hospital bed, in brazen denial of his mortality.  - All That Jazz (film)
  • Despite the increased police surveillance, McCauley's crew agrees to one last brazen bank robbery worth $12 million to secure their financial futures.  - Heat (1995 film)
  • Almost mirroring Kyoko's meeting of her husband, Godai catches the attention of precocious and brazen student Ibuki Yagami, who immediately begins pursuing him.  - Maison Ikkoku
  • Higgins is impressed by the man's natural gift for language and brazen lack of moral values.  - My Fair Lady

Example sentences for "brazen" in interesting articles

  • We’ll talk about the brazen monopolies who maneuver to lock down the internet, the scrappy idealists who fight to keep it open, and the vast majority of people who are completely oblivious to this battle for the future.In Part 1, we’ll explore what the open internet is and delve into the history of the technological revolutions that preceded it.In Part 2, we’ll talk about the atoms.  - The Invisible War for the Open Internet
  • A skilled attacker’s work might leave no visible signs — though the country might be surprised when results in several close states were off from pre-election polls.Could anyone be brazen enough to try such an attack? A few years ago, I might have said that sounds like science fiction, but 2016 has seen unprecedented cyberattacks aimed at interfering with the election.  - To Know If the Election Was Hacked, Look at the Ballots
  • Solar lighting in the evening, made possible with 100-watt panels and lead-acid batteries, has reduced these problems but not eliminated them; the leopards sometimes hunt by day as well as night, and the boars are brazen at all times.  - Can India modernize without relying heavily on coal?
  • Despite the fact that HSBC admitted to laundering billions of dollars for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels (among others) and violating a host of important banking laws (from the Bank Secrecy Act to the Trading With the Enemy Act), Breuer and his Justice Department elected not to pursue criminal prosecutions of the bank, opting instead for a "record" financial settlement of $1.9 billion, which as one analyst noted is about five weeks of income for the bank. The banks' laundering transactions were so brazen that the NSA probably could have spotted them from space.  - Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke
  • We’ll talk about the brazen monopolies who maneuver to lock down the internet, the scrappy idealists who fight to keep it open, and the vast majority of people who are completely oblivious to this battle for the future.In Part 1, we’ll explore what the open internet is and delve into the history of the technological revolutions that preceded it.In Part 2, we’ll talk about the atoms.  - The Invisible War for the Open Internet
  • BURNS and RAVI SOMAIYA Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, faces a variety of challenges after his most brazen disclosure yet: posting 391,832 secret Pentagon documents on the Iraq war.  - The War Logs: An archive of classified military documents
  • And they are doing some criminal activity using your name, your computer, your computer address.” This was a brazen lie; forensic examination would later conclude that the single connection displayed by netstat was in fact the remote access tool that Yakeen was using at that moment to control Novick’s machine. To complete his examination, Yakeen then told Novick that he would scan her computer for viruses.  - Inside the US government’s war on tech support scammers
  • So simple is the plot that it could have been lifted straight from a Hollywood flick: 15 employees of a country's leading cash management and ATM operations firm found a way to hoodwink the servers of a nationalized public bank repeatedly and committed brazen fraud from inside various ATMs across the city, right under the nose of the security guards and CCTV cameras.  - Thieves Use Simple Trick to Steal Millions Through ATM's in Bangalore

Meaning of "brazen" in English

  • unrestrained by convention or propriety
    - a barefaced hypocrite
    - the most bodacious display of tourism this side of Anaheim
    - bald-faced lies
    - brazen arrogance
    - the modern world with its quick material successes and insolent belief in the boundless possibilities of progress
  • made of or resembling brass (as in color or hardness)
  • face with defiance or impudence

Meaning of "brazen" in Hindi

  • पीतल के समान ( Pital ke saman, peetal ke saman)
  • पीतल का ( Pital ka, peetal kaa)
  • निर्लज ( Nirlaj, nirlaz)
  • बेशर्म ( Besharm)

Synonyms of "brazen"

  • audacious
  • barefaced
  • bald faced
  • bodacious
  • brazen faced
  • brassy
  • insolent

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